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<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
<flag name="rubytests">
Install ruby tests that can only be run after ruby is installed
<flag name="readline">
Use the <pkg>sys-libs/readline</pkg> library to provide the
readline extension, used for instance by the irb tool. This flag
is meaningful only if the libedit USE flag is disabled.
If neither libedit nor readline USE flags are enabled, the
readline extension will not be built (and irb will lose line
editing functionality).
<flag name="yaml">
Use the <pkg>dev-libs/libyaml</pkg> library to build the psych
extension, available since Ruby 1.9.2_rc2, in alternative to the
bundled syck-based parser.
<flag name="rdoc">
Install <pkg>dev-ruby/rdoc</pkg> after installing Ruby.
<flag name="jemalloc">
Use <pkg>dev-libs/jemalloc</pkg> for memory allocation.