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The Ethiopic script is used for writing many of the languages of
Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ethiopic (U+1200..U+137F) was added to
Unicode 3.0. Ethiopic Supplement (U+1380..U+139F) and Ethiopic
Extended (U+2D80..U+2DDF) were added to Unicode 4.1. Abyssinica
SIL supports all Ethiopic characters which are in Unicode
including the Unicode 4.1 extensions. Some languages of Ethiopia
are not yet able to be fully represented in Unicode and, where
necessary, we have included non-Unicode characters in the Private
Use Area (see Private-use (PUA) characters supported by Abyssinica
Abyssinica SIL is based on Ethiopic calligraphic traditions. This
release is a regular typeface, with no bold or italic version
available or planned.