accounts: Add drm_dp_aux group and related users+groups.

drm_dp_aux group - will give access to /dev/drm_dp_aux*
fwupdate-drm_dp_aux user+group - for firmware updaters that use drm_dp_aux devices
fwupdate-drm_dp_aux-i2c user+group - for firmware updaters that use drm_dp_aux and i2c devices

A pending firmware updater will use the fwupdate-drm_dp_aux-i2c user
for access to both /dev/drm_dp_aux* and /dev/i2c-* devices.

While the fwupdate-drm_dp_aux user will initially be unused,
its existence should encourage selecting a fwupdate-<something> user with
the minimal necessary permissions, should a new firmware updater be added
that needs access to /dev/drm_dp_aux* but not /dev/i2c-* .

TEST=Built OS image with new firmware updater run under
fwupdate-drm_dp_aux-i2c user, installed on DUT, flashed non-target firmware
on DUT, rebooted to trigger firmware update, the firmware update succeeded
using fwupdate-drm_dp_aux-i2c user.

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