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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This helper script is sourced by init and postinstall scripts.
# cr50_get_name
# Find out which if the two available Cr50 images should be used. The only
# required command line parameter is the string, a command used to communicate
# with Cr50 (different invocations are used in case of init and postinstall).
# The output is the file name of the Cr50 image to use printed to stdout.
cr50_get_name() {
local board_flags
local board_id
local cr50_image_base_name="/opt/google/cr50/firmware/cr50.bin"
local ext="prod" # Prod is a safer default option.
local logger_tag="cr50_get_name"
local updater="$1"
logger -t "${logger_tag}" "updater is ${updater}"
# Determine the type of the Cr50 image to use based on the H1's board ID
# flags. The hexadecimal value of flags is reported by 'gsctool -i' in the
# last element of a colon separated string of values.
# Depending on the interface used, gsctool -i output could be a muli line
# text, make sure to pay attention to the relevant line only, which is
# guaranteed to be the last and contains text formatted as follows:
# Board ID space: 5a5a4146:a5a5beb9:00007f80
output=$(${updater} -i 2>&1) || exit_status="$?"
board_id="$(echo "${output}" | awk '/Board ID/ {gsub(/.*: /,""); print}')"
board_flags="0x$(echo "${board_id}" | sed 's/.*://')"
if [ "${exit_status}" != "0" ]; then
logit "exit status: ${exit_status}"
logit "output: ${output}"
elif [ -z "${board_flags}" ]; then
# Any error in detecting board flags will force using the prod image,
# which the safe option.
logger -t "${logger_tag}" "error detecting board ID flags"
elif [ "${board_id}" = "ffffffff:ffffffff:ffffffff" ]; then
logger -t "${logger_tag}" "board ID is erased using ${ext} image"
local pre_pvt
# Flag bit 0x10 is the indication that this is a pre-pvt device.
pre_pvt=$(( board_flags & 0x10 ))
if [ "${pre_pvt}" = "16" ]; then
logger -t "${logger_tag}" \
"board_id: '${board_id}' board_flags: '${board_flags}', extension: '${ext}'"
printf "${cr50_image_base_name}.${ext}"