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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# @ECLASS: autotest-external-dep.eclass
# ChromiumOS Build Team
# The Chromium OS Authors <>
# Please report bugs via (with label Build)
# @BLURB: Eclass for handling minimal external autotest-dep packages
# Since all autotest dep package requires basic fake test during compile stage,
# each package needs a ${PACKAGE}.py for setup. However, we have many dep
# packages that simply fetches src from external packages and thus don't need
# additional setup. This eclass handles the common jobs that has to be done by
# these autotest-dep ebuilds.
inherit autotest-deponly cros-constants
# The name of the autotest-dep package being build. MUST be set by the
# inheriting ebuild. If empty, build fails.
autotest-external-dep_src_prepare() {
# Check if PACKAGE is set, abort if not set.
[[ -z "${PACKAGE}" ]] && die "PACKAGE is not set"
# Use customized ${PACKAGE}.py if available, use default otherwise.
if [[ -e "${FILESDIR}/${PACKAGE}.py" ]]; then
cp "${FILESDIR}/${PACKAGE}.py" "${WORKDIR}/${PACKAGE}.py" || die
cat << EOF > "${WORKDIR}/${PACKAGE}.py"
import logging
import os
# Setup autotest_lib path by importing common.
import common
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
version = 1
def setup(setup_dir):
""" An empty setup function
@param setup_dir: the target directory
"""'setup(%s)', setup_dir)
pwd = os.getcwd()
utils.update_version(pwd, True, version, setup, pwd)
chmod a+x "${WORKDIR}/${PACKAGE}.py"
autotest-external-dep_src_compile() {
if [[ ! -e "${AUTOTEST_WORKDIR}/client/deps/${PACKAGE}" ]]; then
mkdir -p "${AUTOTEST_WORKDIR}/client/deps"
ln -s "${WORKDIR}" "${AUTOTEST_WORKDIR}/client/deps/${PACKAGE}" || die
if [[ -e "${ROOT}/${AUTOTEST_BASE}/client/deps/${PACKAGE}/.version" ]]; then
cp "${ROOT}/${AUTOTEST_BASE}/client/deps/${PACKAGE}/.version" "${WORKDIR}/" || die
# Clean up autotest workdir which we don't need in final package.
autotest-external-dep_src_install() {
insinto "${AUTOTEST_BASE}"/client/deps/${PACKAGE}
doins -r .
EXPORT_FUNCTIONS src_prepare src_compile src_install