test: custom_results: graphics: Performance testing protobufs.

Protobufs to allow individual developers to record results of traces
that are not executing actual tests on non-standard builds, including
non Chrome OS environments like Crouton or from Linux Desktops.

Protobufs can be written out to bigquery for further analysis.

Messages exist to model
- Machine is gathering the result.
- Package identifies a particular version of software running.
- Result is the actual result allowing multiple metrics of interest.
- SoftwareConfig is the set of software running on a device for both
  Chrome OS and Debian based systems.
- SoftwareOverridesConfig is the set of software that was overriden
  from the standard system software for a particular run.
- Trace is general information about an apitrace trace.

TEST=bqschemauploader, generate data, post results, query via plx

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