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  3. custom_results/
  4. metadata/
  5. plan/
  6. rtd/

This directory contains the API definitions for test metadata and execution a la go/cros-f20.

This API is currently at alpha stability level (

  • API definitions may be updated frequently. Changes must not break binary compatibility, but may be semantically breaking. Existing fields may be deprecated and then removed after a short waiting period.
  • All users must be whitelisted to depend on this API and be available for easy communication of any semantically breaking changes. If you depend on this API you should subscribe to g/cros-f20-discuss

Directory structure

The following high level directory structure is intended to aid understanding the API:

  • metadata/v1/ defines the schema used to generate test metadata used for scheduling, execution and analytics.
  • rtd/v1/ defines a generic API used to interact with Remote Test Drivers for test execution.
  • plan/v1/ defines the schema used to specify high-level test plans intended to capture the business needs of Chrome OS developers from hardware testing.