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# Copyright (c) 2011-2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module that contains unittests for validation_pool module."""
import contextlib
import copy
import functools
import httplib
import itertools
import mox
import os
import pickle
import sys
import time
import unittest
import constants
sys.path.insert(0, constants.SOURCE_ROOT)
from chromite.buildbot import cbuildbot_results as results_lib
from chromite.buildbot import repository
from chromite.buildbot import validation_pool
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib_unittest
from chromite.lib import cros_test_lib
from chromite.lib import gerrit
from chromite.lib import gob_util
from chromite.lib import gs
from chromite.lib import osutils
from chromite.lib import partial_mock
from chromite.lib import patch as cros_patch
from chromite.lib import patch_unittest
import mock
_GetNumber = iter(itertools.count()).next
class MockPatch(mox.MockObject):
owner = ''
def __str__(self):
def __repr__(self):
return repr(
def __eq__(self, other):
return == getattr(other, 'id')
def PatchLink(self):
return 'CL:%s' % (,)
def GetTestJson(change_id=None):
"""Get usable fake Gerrit patch json data
change_id: If given, force this ChangeId
data = copy.deepcopy(patch_unittest.FAKE_PATCH_JSON)
if change_id is not None:
data['id'] = str(change_id)
return data
class MockManifest(object):
def __init__(self, path, **kwds):
self.root = path
for key, attr in kwds.iteritems():
setattr(self, key, attr)
def GetProjectPath(self, project, absolute=False):
if absolute:
return os.path.join(self.root, project)
return project
def GetProjectsTrackingBranch(self, _project):
return 'refs/remotes/cros/master'
def ProjectExists(self, _project):
return True
def ProjectIsContentMerging(self, _project):
return False
# pylint: disable=W0212,R0904
class Base(cros_test_lib.MockTestCase):
def setUp(self):
self.patch_mock = None
self._patch_counter = (itertools.count(1)).next
self.build_root = 'fakebuildroot'
self.PatchObject(gob_util, 'CreateHttpConn',
side_effect=AssertionError('Test should not contact GoB'))
self.PatchObject(cros_build_lib, 'TreeOpen', return_value=True)
def MockPatch(self, change_id=None, patch_number=None, is_merged=False,
project='chromiumos/chromite', remote=constants.EXTERNAL_REMOTE,
tracking_branch='refs/heads/master', approval_timestamp=0,
# pylint: disable=W0201
if patch is None:
patch = MockPatch(cros_patch.GerritPatch)
patch.remote = remote
patch.internal = (remote == constants.INTERNAL_REMOTE)
if change_id is None:
change_id = self._patch_counter()
patch.gerrit_number = str(change_id)
patch.gerrit_number_str = patch.gerrit_number
# Strip off the leading 0x, trailing 'l'
change_id = hex(change_id)[2:].rstrip('L').lower()
patch.change_id = = 'I%s' % change_id.rjust(40, '0')
patch.patch_number = (patch_number if patch_number is not None else
patch.url = 'fake_url/%s' % (change_id,)
patch.project = project
patch.sha1 = hex(_GetNumber())[2:].rstrip('L').lower().rjust(40, '0')
patch.status = 'NEW'
patch.revision = patch.sha1
patch.IsAlreadyMerged = lambda:is_merged
patch.LookupAliases = functools.partial(
self._LookupAliases, patch)
patch.tracking_branch = tracking_branch
patch.approval_timestamp = approval_timestamp
return patch
def _LookupAliases(patch):
aliases = [getattr(patch, x) for x in ('change_id', 'sha1', 'gerrit_number')
if hasattr(patch, x)]
if patch.internal:
aliases = ['*%s' % x for x in aliases]
return aliases
def GetPatches(self, how_many=1, always_use_list=False, **kwargs):
"""Get a sequential list of patches.
how_many: How many patches to return.
always_use_list: Whether to use a list for a single item list.
**kwargs: Keyword arguments for self.MockPatch.
patches = [self.MockPatch(**kwargs) for _ in xrange(how_many)]
if self.patch_mock:
for i, patch in enumerate(patches):
self.patch_mock.SetGerritDependencies(patch, patches[:i + 1])
if how_many == 1 and not always_use_list:
return patches[0]
return patches
class MoxBase(Base, cros_test_lib.MoxTestCase):
def setUp(self):
self.mox.StubOutWithMock(validation_pool, '_RunCommand')
self.mox.StubOutWithMock(time, 'sleep')
# Suppress all gerrit access; having this occur is generally a sign
# the code is either misbehaving, or that the tests are bad.
self.mox.StubOutWithMock(gerrit.GerritOnBorgHelper, 'Query')
self.PatchObject(gs.GSContext, 'Cat', side_effect=gs.GSNoSuchKey())
self.PatchObject(gs.GSContext, 'Copy')
self.PatchObject(gs.GSContext, 'Exists', return_value=False)
self.PatchObject(gs.GSCounter, 'Increment')
def MakeHelper(self, cros_internal=None, cros=None):
# pylint: disable=W0201
if cros_internal:
cros_internal = self.mox.CreateMock(gerrit.GerritOnBorgHelper)
cros_internal.version = '2.2'
cros_internal.remote = constants.INTERNAL_REMOTE
if cros:
cros = self.mox.CreateMock(gerrit.GerritOnBorgHelper)
cros.remote = constants.EXTERNAL_REMOTE
cros.version = '2.2'
return validation_pool.HelperPool(cros_internal=cros_internal,
def MockPatch(self, *args, **kwargs):
# We use a custom mock class to fix a pymox bug where multiple mocks
# sometimes equal each other (depending on stubs used).
patch = MockPatch(cros_patch.GerritPatch)
# pylint: disable=W0201
patch.HasApproval = lambda _cat, _value: True
mox_ = getattr(self, 'mox', None)
if mox_:
kwargs['patch'] = patch
return Base.MockPatch(self, *args, **kwargs)
class IgnoredStagesTest(Base):
"""Tests for functions that calculate what stages to ignore."""
def testBadConfigFile(self):
"""Test if we can handle an incorrectly formatted config file."""
with osutils.TempDir(set_global=True) as tempdir:
path = os.path.join(tempdir, 'foo.ini')
osutils.WriteFile(path, 'foobar')
ignored = validation_pool.GetStagesToIgnoreFromConfigFile(path)
self.assertEqual([], ignored)
def testMissingConfigFile(self):
"""Test if we can handle a missing config file."""
with osutils.TempDir(set_global=True) as tempdir:
path = os.path.join(tempdir, 'foo.ini')
ignored = validation_pool.GetStagesToIgnoreFromConfigFile(path)
self.assertEqual([], ignored)
def testGoodConfigFile(self):
"""Test if we can handle a good config file."""
with osutils.TempDir(set_global=True) as tempdir:
path = os.path.join(tempdir, 'foo.ini')
osutils.WriteFile(path, '[GENERAL]\nignored-stages: bar baz\n')
ignored = validation_pool.GetStagesToIgnoreFromConfigFile(path)
self.assertEqual(['bar', 'baz'], ignored)
class TestPatchSeries(MoxBase):
"""Tests resolution and applying logic of validation_pool.ValidationPool."""
def _ValidateTransactionCall(self, _changes):
def GetPatchSeries(self, helper_pool=None, force_content_merging=False):
if helper_pool is None:
helper_pool = self.MakeHelper(cros_internal=True, cros=True)
series = validation_pool.PatchSeries(self.build_root, helper_pool,
# Suppress transactions.
series._Transaction = self._ValidateTransactionCall
series.GetGitRepoForChange = \
lambda change, **kwargs: os.path.join(self.build_root, change.project)
series._IsContentMerging = lambda change: False
return series
def assertPath(self, _patch, return_value, path):
self.assertEqual(path, os.path.join(self.build_root, _patch.project))
if isinstance(return_value, Exception):
raise return_value
return return_value
def SetPatchDeps(self, patch, parents=(), cq=()):
patch.GerritDependencies = lambda: parents
patch.PaladinDependencies = functools.partial(
self.assertPath, patch, cq)
patch.Fetch = functools.partial(
self.assertPath, patch, patch.sha1)
def _ValidatePatchApplyManifest(self, value):
self.assertTrue(isinstance(value, MockManifest))
self.assertEqual(value.root, self.build_root)
return True
def SetPatchApply(self, patch, trivial=True):
return patch.ApplyAgainstManifest(
def assertResults(self, series, changes, applied=(), failed_tot=(),
failed_inflight=(), frozen=True, dryrun=False):
# Convenience; set the content pool as necessary.
for remote in set(x.remote for x in changes):
helper = series._helper_pool.GetHelper(remote)
series._content_merging_projects.setdefault(helper, frozenset())
except validation_pool.GerritHelperNotAvailable:
manifest = MockManifest(self.build_root)
result = series.Apply(changes, dryrun=dryrun,
frozen=frozen, manifest=manifest)
_GetIds = lambda seq:[ for x in seq]
_GetFailedIds = lambda seq: _GetIds(x.patch for x in seq)
applied_result = _GetIds(result[0])
failed_tot_result, failed_inflight_result = map(_GetFailedIds, result[1:])
applied = _GetIds(applied)
failed_tot = _GetIds(failed_tot)
failed_inflight = _GetIds(failed_inflight)
[applied, failed_tot, failed_inflight],
[applied_result, failed_tot_result, failed_inflight_result])
return result
def testApplyWithDeps(self):
"""Test that we can apply changes correctly and respect deps.
This tests a simple out-of-order change where change1 depends on change2
but tries to get applied before change2. What should happen is that
we should notice change2 is a dep of change1 and apply it first.
series = self.GetPatchSeries()
patch1, patch2 = patches = self.GetPatches(2)
self.SetPatchDeps(patch1, [])
self.assertResults(series, patches, [patch2, patch1])
def testSha1Deps(self):
"""Test that we can apply changes correctly and respect sha1 deps.
This tests a simple out-of-order change where change1 depends on change2
but tries to get applied before change2. What should happen is that
we should notice change2 is a dep of change1 and apply it first.
series = self.GetPatchSeries()
patch1, patch2, patch3 = patches = self.GetPatches(3)
patch2.change_id = = patch2.sha1
patch3.change_id = = '*' + patch3.sha1
patch3.remote = constants.INTERNAL_REMOTE
self.SetPatchDeps(patch1, [patch2.sha1])
self.SetPatchDeps(patch2, ['*%s' % patch3.sha1])
self.assertResults(series, patches, [patch3, patch2, patch1])
def testGerritNumberDeps(self):
"""Test that we can apply changes correctly and respect gerrit number deps.
This tests a simple out-of-order change where change1 depends on change2
but tries to get applied before change2. What should happen is that
we should notice change2 is a dep of change1 and apply it first.
series = self.GetPatchSeries()
patch1, patch2, patch3 = patches = self.GetPatches(3)
self.SetPatchDeps(patch3, cq=[patch1.gerrit_number])
self.SetPatchDeps(patch2, cq=[patch3.gerrit_number])
self.SetPatchDeps(patch1, cq=[])
self.assertResults(series, patches, patches)
def testGerritLazyMapping(self):
"""Given a patch lacking a gerrit number, via gerrit, map it to that change.
Literally, this ensures that local patches pushed up- lacking a gerrit
number- are mapped back to a changeid via asking gerrit for that number,
then the local matching patch is used if available.
series = self.GetPatchSeries()
patch1 = self.MockPatch()
del patch1.gerrit_number
del patch1.url
patch2 = self.MockPatch(change_id=int(patch1.change_id[1:]))
patch3 = self.MockPatch()
self.SetPatchDeps(patch3, cq=[patch2.gerrit_number])
self._SetQuery(series, patch2, query=patch2.gerrit_number).AndReturn(patch2)
applied = self.assertResults(series, [patch1, patch3], [patch3, patch1])[0]
self.assertTrue(applied[0] is patch3)
self.assertTrue(applied[1] is patch1)
def testCrosGerritDeps(self, cros_internal=True):
"""Test that we can apply changes correctly and respect deps.
This tests a simple out-of-order change where change1 depends on change3
but tries to get applied before change2. What should happen is that
we should notice change2 is a dep of change1 and apply it first.
helper_pool = self.MakeHelper(cros_internal=cros_internal, cros=True)
series = self.GetPatchSeries(helper_pool=helper_pool)
patch1 = self.MockPatch(remote=constants.EXTERNAL_REMOTE)
patch2 = self.MockPatch(remote=constants.INTERNAL_REMOTE)
patch3 = self.MockPatch(remote=constants.EXTERNAL_REMOTE)
patches = [patch1, patch2, patch3]
applied_patches = patches[::-1] if cros_internal else [patch3, patch1]
self.SetPatchDeps(patch1, [])
self.SetPatchDeps(patch3, cq=['*%s' %])
if cros_internal:
self.assertResults(series, patches, applied_patches)
def testExternalCrosGerritDeps(self):
"""Test that we exclude internal deps on external trybot."""
def _SetQuery(series, change, query=None):
helper = series._helper_pool.GetHelper(change.remote)
query = if query is None else query
return helper.QuerySingleRecord(query, must_match=True)
def testApplyMissingDep(self):
"""Test that we don't try to apply a change without met dependencies.
Patch2 is in the validation pool that depends on Patch1 (which is not)
Nothing should get applied.
series = self.GetPatchSeries()
patch1, patch2 = self.GetPatches(2)
self.SetPatchDeps(patch2, [])
self._SetQuery(series, patch1).AndReturn(patch1)
self.assertResults(series, [patch2],
[], [patch2])
def testApplyWithCommittedDeps(self):
"""Test that we apply a change with dependency already committed."""
series = self.GetPatchSeries()
# Use for basic commit check.
patch1 = self.GetPatches(1, is_merged=True)
patch2 = self.GetPatches(1)
self.SetPatchDeps(patch2, [])
self._SetQuery(series, patch1).AndReturn(patch1)
# Used to ensure that an uncommitted change put in the lookup cache
# isn't invalidly pulled into the graph...
patch3, patch4, patch5 = self.GetPatches(3)
self._SetQuery(series, patch3).AndReturn(patch3)
self.SetPatchDeps(patch4, [])
self.SetPatchDeps(patch5, [])
self.assertResults(series, [patch2, patch4, patch5], [patch2],
[patch4, patch5])
def testCyclicalDeps(self):
"""Verify that the machinery handles cycles correctly."""
series = self.GetPatchSeries()
patch1, patch2 = patches = self.GetPatches(2)
self.SetPatchDeps(patch1, [])
self.SetPatchDeps(patch2, cq=[])
self.assertResults(series, patches, patches[::-1])
def testApplyPartialFailures(self):
"""Test that can apply changes correctly when one change fails to apply.
This tests a simple change order where 1 depends on 2 and 1 fails to apply.
Only 1 should get tried as 2 will abort once it sees that 1 can't be
applied. 3 with no dependencies should go through fine.
Since patch1 fails to apply, we should also get a call to handle the
series = self.GetPatchSeries()
patch1, patch2, patch3, patch4 = patches = self.GetPatches(4)
self.SetPatchDeps(patch2, [])
cros_patch.ApplyPatchException(patch1, inflight=True))
self.assertResults(series, patches,
[patch3], [patch2, patch1], [patch4])
def testComplexApply(self):
"""More complex deps test.
This tests a total of 2 change chains where the first change we see
only has a partial chain with the 3rd change having the whole chain i.e.
1->2, 3->1->2. Since we get these in the order 1,2,3,4,5 the order we
should apply is 2,1,3,4,5.
This test also checks the patch order to verify that Apply re-orders
correctly based on the chain.
series = self.GetPatchSeries()
patch1, patch2, patch3, patch4, patch5 = patches = self.GetPatches(5)
self.SetPatchDeps(patch1, [])
self.SetPatchDeps(patch3, [,])
self.SetPatchDeps(patch4, cq=[])
for patch in (patch2, patch1, patch3, patch4, patch5):
series, patches, [patch2, patch1, patch3, patch4, patch5])
def testApplyStandalonePatches(self):
"""Simple apply of two changes with no dependent CL's."""
series = self.GetPatchSeries()
patches = self.GetPatches(3)
for patch in patches:
for patch in patches:
self.assertResults(series, patches, patches)
def MakePool(overlays=constants.PUBLIC_OVERLAYS, build_number=1,
builder_name='foon', is_master=True, dryrun=True, **kwds):
"""Helper for creating ValidationPool objects for tests."""
kwds.setdefault('changes', [])
build_root = kwds.pop('build_root', '/fake_root')
pool = validation_pool.ValidationPool(
overlays, build_root, build_number, builder_name, is_master,
dryrun, **kwds)
return pool
class MockPatchSeries(partial_mock.PartialMock):
"""Mock the PatchSeries functions."""
TARGET = 'chromite.buildbot.validation_pool.PatchSeries'
ATTRS = ('GetDepsForChange', '_GetGerritPatch', '_LookupHelper',)
def __init__(self):
self.deps = {}
self.cq_deps = {}
def SetGerritDependencies(self, patch, deps):
"""Add |deps| to the Gerrit dependencies of |patch|."""
self.deps[patch] = deps
def SetCQDependencies(self, patch, deps):
"""Add |deps| to the CQ dependencies of |patch|."""
self.cq_deps[patch] = deps
def GetDepsForChange(self, _inst, patch):
return self.deps.get(patch, []), self.cq_deps.get(patch, [])
def _GetGerritPatch(self, _inst, dep, **_kwargs):
return dep
_LookupHelper = mock.MagicMock()
class TestCoreLogic(MoxBase):
"""Tests resolution and applying logic of validation_pool.ValidationPool."""
def setUp(self):
self.mox.StubOutWithMock(validation_pool.PatchSeries, 'Apply')
self.patch_mock = self.StartPatcher(MockPatchSeries())
funcs = ['SendNotification', '_SubmitChange']
for func in funcs:
self.mox.StubOutWithMock(validation_pool.ValidationPool, func)
self.PatchObject(validation_pool.ValidationPool, 'ReloadChanges',
side_effect=lambda x: x)
def MakePool(self, *args, **kwds):
"""Helper for creating ValidationPool objects for Mox tests."""
handlers = kwds.pop('handlers', False)
kwds['build_root'] = self.build_root
pool = MakePool(*args, **kwds)
funcs = ['_HandleApplySuccess', '_HandleApplyFailure',
'_HandleCouldNotApply', '_HandleCouldNotSubmit']
if handlers:
for func in funcs:
self.mox.StubOutWithMock(pool, func)
return pool
def MakeFailure(self, patch, inflight=True):
return cros_patch.ApplyPatchException(patch, inflight=inflight)
def GetPool(self, changes, applied=(), tot=(),
inflight=(), dryrun=True, **kwds):
pool = self.MakePool(changes=changes, **kwds)
applied = list(applied)
tot = [self.MakeFailure(x, inflight=False) for x in tot]
inflight = [self.MakeFailure(x, inflight=True) for x in inflight]
# pylint: disable=E1120,E1123
changes, dryrun=dryrun, manifest=mox.IgnoreArg()
).AndReturn((applied, tot, inflight))
for patch in applied:
if tot:
# We stash this on the pool object so we can reuse it during validation.
# We could stash this in the test instances, but that would break
# for any tests that do multiple pool instances.
pool._test_data = (changes, applied, tot, inflight)
return pool
def runApply(self, pool, result):
self.assertEqual(result, pool.ApplyPoolIntoRepo())
self.assertEqual(pool.changes, pool._test_data[1])
failed_inflight = pool.changes_that_failed_to_apply_earlier
expected_inflight = set(pool._test_data[3])
# Intersect the results, since it's possible there were results failed
# results that weren't related to the ApplyPoolIntoRepo call.
self.assertEqual(pool.changes, pool._test_data[1])
def testPatchSeriesInteraction(self):
"""Verify the interaction between PatchSeries and ValidationPool.
Effectively, this validates data going into PatchSeries, and coming back
out; verifies the hand off to _Handle* functions, but no deeper.
patches = self.GetPatches(3)
apply_pool = self.GetPool(patches, applied=patches, handlers=True)
all_inflight = self.GetPool(patches, inflight=patches, handlers=True)
all_tot = self.GetPool(patches, tot=patches, handlers=True)
mixed = self.GetPool(patches, tot=patches[0:1], inflight=patches[1:2],
applied=patches[2:3], handlers=True)
self.runApply(apply_pool, True)
self.runApply(all_inflight, False)
self.runApply(all_tot, False)
self.runApply(mixed, True)
def testHandleApplySuccess(self):
"""Validate steps taken for successfull application."""
patch = self.GetPatches(1)
pool = self.MakePool()
pool.SendNotification(patch, mox.StrContains('has picked up your change'))
def testHandleApplyFailure(self):
failures = [cros_patch.ApplyPatchException(x) for x in self.GetPatches(4)]
notified_patches = failures[:2]
unnotified_patches = failures[2:]
master_pool = self.MakePool(dryrun=False)
slave_pool = self.MakePool(is_master=False)
self.mox.StubOutWithMock(gerrit.GerritOnBorgHelper, 'RemoveCommitReady')
for failure in notified_patches:
mox.StrContains('failed to apply your change'),
# This pylint suppressin shouldn't be necessary, but pylint is invalidly
# thinking that the first arg isn't passed in; we suppress it to suppress
# the pylnt bug.
# pylint: disable=E1120
gerrit.GerritOnBorgHelper.RemoveCommitReady(failure.patch, dryrun=False)
def _setUpSubmit(self):
pool = self.MakePool(dryrun=False, handlers=True)
patches = self.GetPatches(3)
failed = self.GetPatches(3)
pool.changes = patches[:]
# While we don't do anything w/ these patches, that's
# intentional; we're verifying that it isn't submitted
# if there is a failure.
pool.changes_that_failed_to_apply_earlier = failed[:]
return (pool, patches, failed)
def testSubmitPoolFailures(self):
pool, patches, _failed = self._setUpSubmit()
patch1, patch2, patch3 = patches
pool._HandleCouldNotSubmit(patch2, mox.IgnoreArg()).InAnyOrder()
pool._HandleCouldNotSubmit(patch3, mox.IgnoreArg()).InAnyOrder()
def testSubmitPool(self):
pool, patches, failed = self._setUpSubmit()
for patch in patches:
def testSubmitNonManifestChanges(self):
"""Simple test to make sure we can submit non-manifest changes."""
pool, patches, _failed = self._setUpSubmit()
pool.non_manifest_changes = patches[:]
for patch in patches:
@unittest.skip('Broken by GoB transition')
def testGerritSubmit(self):
"""Tests submission review string looks correct."""
pool = self.MakePool(dryrun=False)
self.mox.StubOutWithMock(cros_build_lib, 'RunCommand')
patch = self.GetPatches(1)
# Force int conversion of gerrit_number to ensure the test is sane.
cmd = ('ssh -p 29418 gerrit review '
'--submit %i,%i' % (int(patch.gerrit_number), patch.patch_number))
def testUnhandledExceptions(self):
"""Test that CQ doesn't loop due to unhandled Exceptions."""
pool, patches, _failed = self._setUpSubmit()
class MyException(Exception):
def VerifyCQError(patch, error):
cq_error = validation_pool.InternalCQError(patch, error.message)
return str(error) == str(cq_error)
# pylint: disable=E1120,E1123
patches, dryrun=False, manifest=mox.IgnoreArg()).AndRaise(
errors = [mox.Func(functools.partial(VerifyCQError, x)) for x in patches]
self.assertRaises(MyException, pool.ApplyPoolIntoRepo)
def testFilterDependencyErrors(self):
"""Verify that dependency errors are correctly filtered out."""
failures = [cros_patch.ApplyPatchException(x) for x in self.GetPatches(2)]
failures += [cros_patch.DependencyError(x, y) for x, y in
zip(self.GetPatches(2), failures)]
failures[0].patch.approval_timestamp = time.time()
failures[-1].patch.approval_timestamp = time.time()
result = validation_pool.ValidationPool._FilterDependencyErrors(failures)
self.assertEquals(set(failures[:-1]), set(result))
def testFilterNonCrosProjects(self):
"""Runs through a filter of own manifest and fake changes.
This test should filter out the tacos/chromite project as its not real.
base_func = itertools.cycle(['chromiumos', 'chromeos']).next
patches = self.GetPatches(8)
for patch in patches:
patch.project = '%s/%i' % (base_func(), _GetNumber())
patch.tracking_branch = str(_GetNumber())
non_cros_patches = self.GetPatches(2)
for patch in non_cros_patches:
patch.project = str(_GetNumber())
filtered_patches = patches[:4]
allowed_patches = []
projects = {}
for idx, patch in enumerate(patches[4:]):
fails = bool(idx % 2)
# Vary the revision so we can validate that it checks the branch.
revision = ('monkeys' if fails
else 'refs/heads/%s' % patch.tracking_branch)
if fails:
projects.setdefault(patch.project, {})['revision'] = revision
manifest = MockManifest(self.build_root, projects=projects)
for patch in allowed_patches:
patch.GetCheckout = lambda *_args, **_kwargs: True
for patch in filtered_patches:
patch.GetCheckout = lambda *_args, **_kwargs: False
results = validation_pool.ValidationPool._FilterNonCrosProjects(
patches + non_cros_patches, manifest)
def compare(list1, list2):
mangle = lambda c:(, c.project, c.tracking_branch)
self.assertEqual(list1, list2,
msg="Comparison failed:\n list1: %r\n list2: %r"
% (map(mangle, list1), map(mangle, list2)))
compare(results[0], allowed_patches)
compare(results[1], filtered_patches)
class TestPickling(cros_test_lib.TempDirTestCase):
"""Tests to validate pickling of ValidationPool, covering CQ's needs"""
def testSelfCompatibility(self):
"""Verify compatibility of current git HEAD against itself."""
def testToTCompatibility(self):
"""Validate that ToT can use our pickles, and that we can use ToT's data."""
repo = os.path.join(self.tempdir, 'chromite')
reference = os.path.abspath(__file__)
reference = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(reference, '../../'))
'%s/chromiumos/chromite' % constants.GIT_HTTP_URL,
code = """
import sys
from chromite.buildbot import validation_pool_unittest
if not hasattr(validation_pool_unittest, 'TestPickling'):
# Verify ToT can take our pickle.
['python', '-c', code % '_CheckTestData('],
cwd=self.tempdir, print_cmd=False,
# Verify we can handle ToT's pickle.
ret = cros_build_lib.RunCommandCaptureOutput(
['python', '-c', code % '_GetTestData()'],
cwd=self.tempdir, print_cmd=False)
def _GetCrosInternalPatch(patch_info):
return cros_patch.GerritPatch(
def _GetCrosPatch(patch_info):
return cros_patch.GerritPatch(
def _GetTestData(cls):
ids = [cros_patch.MakeChangeId() for _ in xrange(3)]
changes = [cls._GetCrosInternalPatch(GetTestJson(ids[0]))]
non_os = [cls._GetCrosPatch(GetTestJson(ids[1]))]
conflicting = [cls._GetCrosInternalPatch(GetTestJson(ids[2]))]
conflicting = [cros_patch.PatchException(x)for x in conflicting]
pool = validation_pool.ValidationPool(
'/fake/pathway', 1,
'testing', True, True,
changes=changes, non_os_changes=non_os,
return pickle.dumps([pool, changes, non_os, conflicting])
def _CheckTestData(data):
results = pickle.loads(data)
pool, changes, non_os, conflicting = results
def _f(source, value, getter=None):
if getter is None:
getter = lambda x: x
assert len(source) == len(value)
for s_item, v_item in zip(source, value):
assert getter(s_item).id == getter(v_item).id
assert getter(s_item).remote == getter(v_item).remote
_f(pool.changes, changes)
_f(pool.non_manifest_changes, non_os)
_f(pool.changes_that_failed_to_apply_earlier, conflicting,
getter=lambda s:getattr(s, 'patch', s))
return ''
class TestFindSuspects(MoxBase):
"""Tests validation_pool.ValidationPool._FindSuspects"""
def setUp(self):
overlay = 'chromiumos/overlays/chromiumos-overlay'
self.overlay_patch = self.GetPatches(project=overlay)
self.power_manager = 'chromiumos/platform/power_manager'
self.power_manager_pkg = 'chromeos-base/power_manager'
self.power_manager_patch = self.GetPatches(project=self.power_manager)
self.kernel = 'chromiumos/third_party/kernel'
self.kernel_pkg = 'sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel'
self.kernel_patch = self.GetPatches(project=self.kernel)
self.secret = 'chromeos/secret'
self.secret_patch = self.GetPatches(project=self.secret,
def _GetBuildFailure(pkg):
"""Create a PackageBuildFailure for the specified |pkg|.
pkg: Package that failed to build.
ex = cros_build_lib.RunCommandError('foo', cros_build_lib.CommandResult())
return results_lib.PackageBuildFailure(ex, 'bar', [pkg])
def _AssertSuspects(self, patches, suspects, pkgs=(), exceptions=(),
"""Run _FindSuspects and verify its output.
patches: List of patches to look at.
suspects: Expected list of suspects returned by _FindSuspects.
pkgs: List of packages that failed with exceptions in the build.
exceptions: List of other exceptions that occurred during the build.
remote: Whether the failures occurred on an internal bot.
all_exceptions = list(exceptions) + [self._GetBuildFailure(x) for x in pkgs]
tracebacks = []
for ex in all_exceptions:
tracebacks.append(results_lib.RecordedTraceback('Build', 'Build', ex,
message = validation_pool.ValidationFailedMessage(
'foo bar %r' % tracebacks, tracebacks, internal)
results = validation_pool.CalculateSuspects.FindSuspects(patches, [message])
self.assertEquals(set(suspects), results)
def testFailSameProject(self):
"""Patches to the package that failed should be marked as failing."""
suspects = [self.kernel_patch]
patches = suspects + [self.power_manager_patch, self.secret_patch]
self._AssertSuspects(patches, suspects, [self.kernel_pkg])
def testFailSameProjectPlusOverlay(self):
"""Patches to the overlay should be marked as failing."""
suspects = [self.overlay_patch, self.kernel_patch]
patches = suspects + [self.power_manager_patch, self.secret_patch]
self._AssertSuspects(patches, suspects, [self.kernel_pkg])
def testFailUnknownPackage(self):
"""If no patches changed the package, all patches should fail."""
suspects = [self.overlay_patch, self.power_manager_patch]
changes = suspects + [self.secret_patch]
self._AssertSuspects(changes, suspects, [self.kernel_pkg])
def testFailUnknownException(self):
"""An unknown exception should cause all [public] patches to fail."""
suspects = [self.kernel_patch, self.power_manager_patch]
changes = suspects + [self.secret_patch]
self._AssertSuspects(changes, suspects, exceptions=[Exception('foo bar')])
def testFailUnknownInternalException(self):
"""An unknown exception should cause all [internal] patches to fail."""
suspects = [self.kernel_patch, self.power_manager_patch, self.secret_patch]
self._AssertSuspects(suspects, suspects, exceptions=[Exception('foo bar')],
def testFailUnknownCombo(self):
"""Unknown exceptions should cause all patches to fail.
Even if there are also build failures that we can explain.
suspects = [self.kernel_patch, self.power_manager_patch]
changes = suspects + [self.secret_patch]
self._AssertSuspects(changes, suspects, [self.kernel_pkg],
[Exception('foo bar')])
def testFailNoExceptions(self):
"""If there are no exceptions, all patches should be failed."""
suspects = [self.kernel_patch, self.power_manager_patch]
changes = suspects + [self.secret_patch]
self._AssertSuspects(changes, suspects)
class SimplePatch(object):
remote = constants.EXTERNAL_REMOTE
internal = False
def __init__(self): = _GetNumber()
self.change_id = "I%s" % str(, "0")
self.gerrit_number_str =
def __str__(self):
return str(
class TestCreateValidationFailureMessage(Base):
"""Tests validation_pool.ValidationPool._CreateValidationFailureMessage"""
def _AssertMessage(self, change, suspects, messages):
"""Call the _CreateValidationFailureMessage method.
change: The change we are commenting on.
suspects: List of suspected changes.
messages: List of messages to include in comment.
msg = validation_pool.ValidationPool._CreateValidationFailureMessage(
False, change, set(suspects), messages)
for x in messages:
self.assertTrue(x in msg)
return msg
def testSuspectChange(self):
"""Test case where 1 is the only change and is suspect."""
patch = self.GetPatches(1)
self._AssertMessage(patch, [patch], ['%s failed' % patch])
def testInnocentChange(self):
"""Test case where 1 is innocent."""
patch1, patch2 = self.GetPatches(2)
self._AssertMessage(patch1, [patch2], ['%s failed' % patch2])
def testSuspectChanges(self):
"""Test case where 1 is suspected, but so is 2."""
patches = self.GetPatches(2)
self._AssertMessage(patches[0], patches,
['%s and %s failed' % tuple(patches)])
def testInnocentChangeWithMultipleSuspects(self):
"""Test case where 2 and 3 are suspected."""
patches = self.GetPatches(3)
self._AssertMessage(patches[0], patches[1:],
['%s and %s failed' % tuple(patches[1:])])
def testNoSuspects(self):
"""Test case where there are no suspects."""
self._AssertMessage(self.GetPatches(1), [], ['Internal error'])
def testNoMessages(self):
"""Test case where there are no messages."""
patch1 = self.GetPatches(1)
self._AssertMessage(patch1, [patch1], [])
class TestCreateDisjointTransactions(Base):
"""Test the CreateDisjointTransactions function."""
def setUp(self):
self.patch_mock = self.StartPatcher(MockPatchSeries())
def GetPatches(self, how_many, **kwargs):
return Base.GetPatches(self, how_many, always_use_list=True, **kwargs)
def verifyTransactions(self, txns, max_txn_length=None, circular=False):
"""Verify the specified list of transactions are processed correctly.
txns: List of transactions to process.
max_txn_length: Maximum length of any given transaction. This is passed
to the CreateDisjointTransactions function.
circular: Whether the transactions contain circular dependencies.
remove = self.PatchObject(gerrit.GerritOnBorgHelper, 'RemoveCommitReady')
patches = list(itertools.chain.from_iterable(txns))
expected_plans = txns
if max_txn_length is not None:
# When max_txn_length is specified, transactions should be truncated to
# the specified length, ignoring any remaining patches.
expected_plans = [txn[:max_txn_length] for txn in txns]
pool = MakePool(changes=patches)
plans = pool.CreateDisjointTransactions(None, max_txn_length=max_txn_length)
# If the dependencies are circular, the order of the patches is not
# guaranteed, so compare them in sorted order.
if circular:
plans = [sorted(plan) for plan in plans]
expected_plans = [sorted(plan) for plan in expected_plans]
# Verify the plans match, and that no changes were rejected.
self.assertEqual(set(map(str, plans)), set(map(str, expected_plans)))
self.assertEqual(0, remove.call_count)
def testPlans(self, max_txn_length=None):
"""Verify that independent sets are distinguished."""
for num in range(0, 5):
txns = [self.GetPatches(num) for _ in range(0, num)]
self.verifyTransactions(txns, max_txn_length=max_txn_length)
def runUnresolvedPlan(self, changes, max_txn_length=None):
"""Helper for testing unresolved plans."""
notify = self.PatchObject(validation_pool.ValidationPool,
remove = self.PatchObject(gerrit.GerritOnBorgHelper, 'RemoveCommitReady')
pool = MakePool(changes=changes)
plans = pool.CreateDisjointTransactions(None, max_txn_length=max_txn_length)
self.assertEqual(plans, [])
self.assertEqual(remove.call_count, notify.call_count)
return remove.call_count
def testUnresolvedPlan(self):
"""Test plan with old approval_timestamp."""
changes = self.GetPatches(5)[1:]
with cros_test_lib.LoggingCapturer():
call_count = self.runUnresolvedPlan(changes)
self.assertEqual(4, call_count)
def testRecentUnresolvedPlan(self):
"""Test plan with recent approval_timestamp."""
changes = self.GetPatches(5, approval_timestamp=time.time())[1:]
with cros_test_lib.LoggingCapturer():
call_count = self.runUnresolvedPlan(changes)
self.assertEqual(0, call_count)
def testTruncatedPlan(self):
"""Test that plans can be truncated correctly."""
# Long lists of patches should be truncated, and we should not see any
# errors when this happens.
def testCircularPlans(self):
"""Verify that circular plans are handled correctly."""
# It is not possible to truncate a circular plan. Verify that an error
# is reported in this case.
patches = self.GetPatches(5)
self.patch_mock.SetGerritDependencies(patches[0], [patches[-1]])
self.verifyTransactions([patches], circular=True)
with cros_test_lib.LoggingCapturer():
call_count = self.runUnresolvedPlan(patches, max_txn_length=3)
self.assertEqual(5, call_count)
class MockValidationPool(partial_mock.PartialMock):
"""Mock out a ValidationPool instance."""
TARGET = 'chromite.buildbot.validation_pool.ValidationPool'
ATTRS = ('ReloadChanges', 'RemoveCommitReady', '_SubmitChange',
def __init__(self):
self.submit_results = {}
self.max_submits = None
def GetSubmittedChanges(self):
calls = []
for call in self.patched['_SubmitChange'].call_args_list:
call_args, _ = call
return calls
def _SubmitChange(self, _inst, change):
result = self.submit_results.get(change, True)
if isinstance(result, Exception):
raise result
if result and self.max_submits is not None:
if self.max_submits <= 0:
return False
self.max_submits -= 1
return result
def ReloadChanges(self, _inst, changes):
return changes
RemoveCommitReady = None
SendNotification = None
class BaseSubmitPoolTestCase(Base, cros_build_lib_unittest.RunCommandTestCase):
"""Test full ability to submit and reject CL pools."""
def setUp(self):
self.pool_mock = self.StartPatcher(MockValidationPool())
self.patch_mock = self.StartPatcher(MockPatchSeries())
self.PatchObject(gerrit.GerritOnBorgHelper, 'QuerySingleRecord')
self.patches = self.GetPatches(2)
# By default, don't ignore any errors.
self.ignores = dict((patch, []) for patch in self.patches)
def SetUpPatchPool(self, failed_to_apply=False):
pool = MakePool(changes=self.patches, dryrun=False)
if failed_to_apply:
# Create some phony errors and add them to the pool.
errors = []
for patch in self.GetPatches(2):
errors.append(validation_pool.InternalCQError(patch, str('foo')))
pool.changes_that_failed_to_apply_earlier = errors[:]
return pool
def GetTracebacks(self):
return []
def SubmitPool(self, submitted=(), rejected=(), **kwargs):
"""Helper function for testing that we can submit a pool successfully.
submitted: List of changes that we expect to be submitted.
rejected: List of changes that we expect to be rejected.
**kwargs: Keyword arguments for SetUpPatchPool.
# self.ignores maps changes to a list of stages to ignore. Use it.
validation_pool, 'GetStagesToIgnoreForChange',
side_effect=lambda _, change: self.ignores[change])
# Set up our pool and submit the patches.
pool = self.SetUpPatchPool(**kwargs)
tracebacks = self.GetTracebacks()
if tracebacks:
actually_rejected = sorted(pool.SubmitPartialPool(self.GetTracebacks()))
actually_rejected = pool.SubmitChanges(self.patches)
# Check that the right patches were submitted and rejected.
self.assertItemsEqual(list(rejected), list(actually_rejected))
actually_submitted = self.pool_mock.GetSubmittedChanges()
self.assertEqual(list(submitted), actually_submitted)
class SubmitPoolTest(BaseSubmitPoolTestCase):
def GetNotifyArg(self, change, key):
"""Look up a call to notify about |change| and grab |key| from it.
change: The change to look up.
key: The key to look up. If this is an integer, look up a positional
argument by index. Otherwise, look up a keyword argument.
names = []
for call in self.pool_mock.patched['SendNotification'].call_args_list:
call_args, call_kwargs = call
if change == call_args[1]:
if isinstance(key, int):
return call_args[key]
return call_kwargs[key]
# Verify that |change| is present at all. This should always fail.
self.assertIn(change, names)
def assertEqualNotifyArg(self, value, change, idx):
"""Verify that |value| equals self.GetNotifyArg(|change|, |idx|)."""
self.assertEqual(str(value), str(self.GetNotifyArg(change, idx)))
def testSubmitPool(self):
"""Test that we can submit a pool successfully."""
def testRejectCLs(self):
"""Test that we can reject a CL successfully."""
self.SubmitPool(submitted=self.patches, failed_to_apply=True)
def testSubmitCycle(self):
"""Submit a cyclic set of dependencies"""
self.patch_mock.SetCQDependencies(self.patches[0], [self.patches[1]])
def testSubmitReverseCycle(self):
"""Submit a cyclic set of dependencies, specified in reverse order."""
self.patch_mock.SetCQDependencies(self.patches[1], [self.patches[0]])
self.patch_mock.SetGerritDependencies(self.patches[1], [])
self.patch_mock.SetGerritDependencies(self.patches[0], [self.patches[1]])
def testSubmitPartialCycle(self):
"""Submit a failed cyclic set of dependencies"""
self.pool_mock.max_submits = 1
self.patch_mock.SetCQDependencies(self.patches[0], [self.patches[1]])
self.SubmitPool(submitted=self.patches, rejected=[self.patches[1]])
(submitted, rejected) = self.pool_mock.GetSubmittedChanges()
failed_submit = validation_pool.PatchFailedToSubmit(
rejected, validation_pool.ValidationPool.INCONSISTENT_SUBMIT_MSG)
bad_submit = validation_pool.PatchSubmittedWithoutDeps(
submitted, failed_submit)
self.assertEqualNotifyArg(failed_submit, rejected, 'error')
self.assertEqualNotifyArg(bad_submit, submitted, 'failure')
def testSubmitFailedCycle(self):
"""Submit a failed cyclic set of dependencies"""
self.pool_mock.max_submits = 0
self.patch_mock.SetCQDependencies(self.patches[0], [self.patches[1]])
self.SubmitPool(submitted=[self.patches[0]], rejected=self.patches)
(attempted,) = self.pool_mock.GetSubmittedChanges()
(rejected,) = [x for x in self.patches if x != attempted]
failed_submit = validation_pool.PatchFailedToSubmit(
attempted, validation_pool.ValidationPool.INCONSISTENT_SUBMIT_MSG)
dep_failed = cros_patch.DependencyError(rejected, failed_submit)
self.assertEqualNotifyArg(failed_submit, attempted, 'error')
self.assertEqualNotifyArg(dep_failed, rejected, 'error')
def testConflict(self):
"""Submit a change that conflicts with TOT."""
error = gob_util.GOBError(httplib.CONFLICT, 'Conflict')
self.pool_mock.submit_results[self.patches[0]] = error
self.SubmitPool(submitted=[self.patches[0]], rejected=self.patches[::-1])
notify_error = validation_pool.PatchConflict(self.patches[0])
self.assertEqualNotifyArg(notify_error, self.patches[0], 'error')
def testServerError(self):
"""Test case where GOB returns a server error."""
error = gerrit.GerritException('Internal server error')
self.pool_mock.submit_results[self.patches[0]] = error
self.SubmitPool(submitted=[self.patches[0]], rejected=self.patches[::-1])
notify_error = validation_pool.PatchFailedToSubmit(self.patches[0], error)
self.assertEqualNotifyArg(notify_error, self.patches[0], 'error')
class SubmitPartialPoolTest(BaseSubmitPoolTestCase):
"""Test the SubmitPartialPool function."""
def setUp(self):
# Set up each patch to be in its own project, so that we can easily
# request to ignore failures for the specified patch.
for patch in self.patches:
patch.project = str(patch)
self.stage_name = 'MyHWTest'
def GetTracebacks(self):
"""Return a list containing a single traceback."""
traceback = results_lib.RecordedTraceback(
self.stage_name, self.stage_name, Exception(), '')
return [traceback]
def IgnoreFailures(self, patch):
"""Set us up to ignore failures for the specified |patch|."""
self.ignores[patch] = [self.stage_name]
def testSubmitNone(self):
"""Submit no changes."""
self.SubmitPool(submitted=(), rejected=self.patches)
def testSubmitAll(self):
"""Submit all changes."""
self.SubmitPool(submitted=self.patches, rejected=[])
def testSubmitFirst(self):
"""Submit the first change in a series."""
self.SubmitPool(submitted=[self.patches[0]], rejected=[self.patches[1]])
def testSubmitSecond(self):
"""Attempt to submit the second change in a series."""
self.SubmitPool(submitted=[], rejected=[self.patches[0]])
if __name__ == '__main__':