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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module containing the AFDO stages."""
from __future__ import print_function
from chromite.cbuildbot import afdo
from chromite.lib import constants
from chromite.lib import alerts
from chromite.lib import cros_logging as logging
from chromite.lib import gs
from chromite.lib import path_util
from chromite.lib import portage_util
from chromite.cbuildbot.stages import generic_stages
class AFDODataGenerateStage(generic_stages.BoardSpecificBuilderStage,
"""Stage that generates AFDO profile data from a perf profile."""
def _GetCurrentArch(self):
"""Get architecture for the current board being built."""
return self._GetPortageEnvVar('ARCH', self._current_board)
def PerformStage(self):
"""Collect a 'perf' profile and convert it into the AFDO format."""
super(AFDODataGenerateStage, self).PerformStage()
board = self._current_board
if not afdo.CanGenerateAFDOData(board):
logging.warning('Board %s cannot generate its own AFDO profile.', board)
arch = self._GetCurrentArch()
buildroot = self._build_root
gs_context = gs.GSContext()
cpv = portage_util.BestVisible(constants.CHROME_CP,
afdo_file = None
# Generation of AFDO could fail for different reasons.
# We will ignore the failures and let the master PFQ builder try
# to find an older AFDO profile.
if afdo.WaitForAFDOPerfData(cpv, arch, buildroot, gs_context):
afdo_file = afdo.GenerateAFDOData(cpv, arch, board,
buildroot, gs_context)
assert afdo_file'Generated %s AFDO profile %s', arch, afdo_file)
raise afdo.MissingAFDOData('Could not find current "perf" profile. '
'Master PFQ builder will try to use stale '
'AFDO profile.')
# Will let system-exiting exceptions through.
except Exception:
logging.warning('AFDO profile generation failed with exception ',
alert_msg = ('Please triage. This will become a fatal error.\n\n'
'arch=%s buildroot=%s\n\nURL=%s' %
(arch, buildroot, self._run.ConstructDashboardURL()))
subject_msg = ('Failure in generation of AFDO Data for builder %s' %
# Re-raise whatever exception we got here. This stage will only
# generate a warning but we want to make sure the warning is
# generated.
class AFDOUpdateChromeEbuildStage(generic_stages.BuilderStage):
"""Updates the Chrome ebuild with the names of the AFDO profiles."""
def PerformStage(self):
buildroot = self._build_root
gs_context = gs.GSContext()
cpv = portage_util.BestVisible(constants.CHROME_CP,
version_number = cpv.version
# We need the name of one board that has been setup in this
# builder to find the Chrome ebuild. The chrome ebuild should be
# the same for all the boards, so just use the first one.
# If we don't have any boards, leave the called function to guess.
board = self._boards[0] if self._boards else None
bench_profiles = {}
cwp_profiles = {}
for arch in afdo.AFDO_ARCH_GENERATORS:
afdo_file = afdo.GetBenchmarkProfile(cpv, arch, buildroot, gs_context)
if not afdo_file:
raise afdo.MissingAFDOData('Could not find appropriate AFDO profile')
state = 'current' if version_number in afdo_file else 'previous''Found %s %s AFDO profile %s', state, arch, afdo_file)
bench_profiles[arch] = afdo_file
cwp_profile = afdo.GetCWPProfile(cpv, arch, buildroot, gs_context)
if not cwp_profile:
raise afdo.MissingAFDOData('Could not find appropriate cwp profile')
cwp_profiles[arch] = cwp_profile
# Now update the Chrome ebuild file with the AFDO profiles we found
# for each architecture.
afdo.UpdateChromeEbuildAFDOFile(board, bench_profiles, cwp_profiles)
class AFDOUpdateKernelEbuildStage(generic_stages.BuilderStage):
"""Updates the Kernel ebuild with the names of the AFDO profiles."""
def _WarnSheriff(self, versions):
subject_msg = ('Kernel AutoFDO profile too old for builder %s' %
alert_msg = ('AutoFDO profile too old for kernel %s. URL=%s' %
(versions, self._run.ConstructDashboardURL()))
alerts.SendEmailLog(subject_msg, afdo.AFDO_ALERT_RECIPIENTS,
def PerformStage(self):
version_info = self._run.GetVersionInfo()
build_version = map(int, version_info.VersionString().split('.'))
chrome_version = int(version_info.chrome_branch)
target_version = [chrome_version] + build_version
profile_versions = afdo.GetAvailableKernelProfiles()
candidates = sorted(afdo.FindKernelEbuilds())
expire_soon = set()
not_found = set()
expired = set()
for candidate, kver in candidates:
profile_version = None
if kver in profile_versions:
profile_version = afdo.FindLatestProfile(target_version,
if not profile_version:
if afdo.ProfileAge(profile_version) > afdo.KERNEL_ALLOWED_STALE_DAYS:
expired.add('%s: %s' % (kver, profile_version))
if afdo.ProfileAge(profile_version) > afdo.KERNEL_WARN_STALE_DAYS:
expire_soon.add('%s: %s' % (kver, profile_version))
afdo.PatchKernelEbuild(candidate, profile_version)
# If the *-9999.ebuild is not the last entry in its directory, Manifest
# will contain an unused line for previous profile which is still fine.
if candidate.endswith('-9999.ebuild'):
'Update profiles and manifests for Kernel.')
if not_found or expired:
raise afdo.NoValidProfileFound(
'Cannot find AutoFDO profiles: %s or expired: %s' %
(not_found, expired)
if expire_soon: