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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Unittests for config."""
from __future__ import print_function
import json
import mock
import re
import cPickle
from chromite.cbuildbot import builders
from chromite.cbuildbot import chromeos_config
from chromite.lib.const import waterfall
from chromite.lib import config_lib
from chromite.lib import config_lib_unittest
from chromite.lib import constants
from import generic_builders
from chromite.lib import cros_test_lib
from chromite.lib import git
from chromite.lib import osutils
from chromite.scripts import cros_show_waterfall_layout
# pylint: disable=protected-access
class ChromeosConfigTestBase(cros_test_lib.OutputTestCase):
"""Base class for tests of chromeos_config.."""
def setUp(self):
self.site_config = chromeos_config.GetConfig()
def isReleaseBranch(self):
ge_build_config = config_lib.LoadGEBuildConfigFromFile()
return ge_build_config['release_branch']
class ConfigDumpTest(ChromeosConfigTestBase):
"""Tests related to config_dump.json &"""
def testDump(self):
"""Ensure generated files are up to date."""
# config_dump.json
new_dump = self.site_config.SaveConfigToString()
old_dump = osutils.ReadFile(constants.CHROMEOS_CONFIG_FILE).rstrip()
if new_dump != old_dump:
if cros_test_lib.GlobalTestConfig.UPDATE_GENERATED_FILES:
osutils.WriteFile(constants.CHROMEOS_CONFIG_FILE, new_dump)
else:'config_dump.json does not match the '
'defined configs. Run '
'cbuildbot/chromeos_config_unittest --update')
# watefall_layout_dump.txt
with self.OutputCapturer() as output:
cros_show_waterfall_layout.main(['--format', 'text'])
new_dump = output.GetStdout()
old_dump = osutils.ReadFile(constants.WATERFALL_CONFIG_FILE)
if new_dump != old_dump:
if cros_test_lib.GlobalTestConfig.UPDATE_GENERATED_FILES:
osutils.WriteFile(constants.WATERFALL_CONFIG_FILE, new_dump)
else:'waterfall_layout_dump.txt does not match the '
'defined configs. Run '
'cbuildbot/chromeos_config_unittest --update')
def testSaveLoadReload(self):
"""Make sure that loading and reloading the config is a no-op."""
site_config_str = self.site_config.SaveConfigToString()
loaded = config_lib.LoadConfigFromString(site_config_str)
self.longMessage = True
for name in self.site_config.iterkeys():
self.assertDictEqual(loaded[name], self.site_config[name], name)
# This includes templates and the default build config.
self.assertEqual(self.site_config, loaded)
loaded_str = loaded.SaveConfigToString()
self.assertEqual(site_config_str, loaded_str)
# Cycle through save load again, just for completeness.
loaded2 = config_lib.LoadConfigFromString(loaded_str)
loaded2_str = loaded2.SaveConfigToString()
self.assertEqual(loaded_str, loaded2_str)
def testFullDump(self):
"""Make sure we can dump long content without crashing."""
# Note: This test takes ~ 1 second to run.
class FindConfigsForBoardTest(cros_test_lib.TestCase):
"""Test locating of official build for a board.
This test class used to live in config_lib_unittest, but was moved
here to help make lib/ hermetic and not depend on chromite/cbuildbot.
def setUp(self):
self.config = chromeos_config.GetConfig()
def _CheckFullConfig(
self, board, external_expected=None, internal_expected=None):
"""Check FindFullConfigsForBoard has expected results.
board: Argument to pass to FindFullConfigsForBoard.
external_expected: Expected config name (singular) to be found.
internal_expected: Expected config name (singular) to be found.
def check_expected(l, expected):
if expected is not None:
self.assertTrue(expected in [v['name'] for v in l])
external, internal = self.config.FindFullConfigsForBoard(board)
self.assertFalse(external_expected is None and internal_expected is None)
check_expected(external, external_expected)
check_expected(internal, internal_expected)
def _CheckCanonicalConfig(self, board, ending):
'-'.join((board, ending)),
def testExternal(self):
"""Test finding of a full builder."""
'amd64-generic', external_expected='amd64-generic-full')
def testInternal(self):
"""Test finding of a release builder."""
self._CheckFullConfig('lumpy', internal_expected='lumpy-release')
def testBoth(self):
"""Both an external and internal config exist for board."""
'daisy', external_expected='daisy-full',
def testExternalCanonicalResolution(self):
"""Test an external canonical config."""
self._CheckCanonicalConfig('amd64-generic', 'full')
def testInternalCanonicalResolution(self):
"""Test prefer internal over external when both exist."""
self._CheckCanonicalConfig('daisy', 'release')
def testAFDOCanonicalResolution(self):
"""Test prefer non-AFDO over AFDO builder."""
self._CheckCanonicalConfig('lumpy', 'release')
def testOneFullConfigPerBoard(self):
"""There is at most one 'full' config for a board."""
# Verifies that there is one external 'full' and one internal 'release'
# build per board. This is to ensure that we fail any new configs that
# wrongly have names like *-bla-release or *-bla-full. This case can also
# be caught if the new suffix was added to
# (see testNonOverlappingConfigTypes), but that's not guaranteed to happen.
def AtMostOneConfig(board, label, configs):
if len(configs) > 1:
'Found more than one %s config for %s: %r'
% (label, board, [c['name'] for c in configs]))
boards = set()
for build_config in self.config.itervalues():
# Sanity check of the boards.
for b in boards:
external, internal = self.config.FindFullConfigsForBoard(b)
AtMostOneConfig(b, 'external', external)
AtMostOneConfig(b, 'internal', internal)
class UnifiedBuildConfigTestCase(object):
"""Base test class that builds a fake config model based on unified builds"""
def setUp(self):
# Code assumes at least one non-unified build exists, so we're accommodating
# that by keeping the non-unified reef board.
self._fake_ge_build_config_json = '''
"metadata_version": "1.0",
"release_branch": true,
"reference_board_unified_builds": [
"name": "coral",
"reference_board_name": "coral",
"builder": "RELEASE",
"experimental": true,
"arch": "X86_INTERNAL",
"models" : [
"name": "coral",
"board_name": "coral"
"name": "robo",
"board_name": "robo",
"test_suites": ["sanity"],
"cq_test_enabled": true
"boards": [
"name": "reef",
"configs": [
"builder": "RELEASE",
"experimental": false,
"leader_board": true,
"board_group": "reef",
"arch": "X86_INTERNAL"
self._fake_ge_build_config = json.loads(self._fake_ge_build_config_json)
site_params = chromeos_config.SiteParameters()
defaults = chromeos_config.DefaultSettings(site_params)
self._site_config = config_lib.SiteConfig(defaults=defaults,
self._ge_build_config = config_lib.LoadGEBuildConfigFromFile()
self._boards_dict = chromeos_config.GetBoardTypeToBoardsDict(
self._site_config, self._fake_ge_build_config)
self._site_config, self._boards_dict, self._fake_ge_build_config)
self._site_config, self._boards_dict, self._fake_ge_build_config)
class UnifiedBuildReleaseBuilders(
cros_test_lib.OutputTestCase, UnifiedBuildConfigTestCase):
"""Tests that verify how unified builder configs are generated"""
def setUp(self):
def testUnifiedReleaseBuilders(self):
coral_release = self._site_config['coral-release']
models = coral_release['models']
self.assertIn(config_lib.ModelTestConfig('coral', 'coral', []), models)
config_lib.ModelTestConfig('robo', 'robo', ['sanity']), models)
master_release = self._site_config['master-release']
self.assertIn('coral-release', master_release['slave_configs'])
class UnifiedBuildCqBuilders(
cros_test_lib.OutputTestCase, UnifiedBuildConfigTestCase):
"""Tests that verify how unified builder CQ configs are generated"""
def setUp(self):
def testUnifiedCqBuilders(self):
coral_paladin = self._site_config['coral-paladin']
models = coral_paladin['models']
self.assertEquals(len(models), 1)
self.assertIn(config_lib.ModelTestConfig('robo', 'robo'), models)
master_paladin = self._site_config['master-paladin']
self.assertIn('coral-paladin', master_paladin['slave_configs'])
class ConfigPickleTest(ChromeosConfigTestBase):
"""Test that a config object is pickleable."""
def testPickle(self):
bc1 = self.site_config['x86-mario-paladin']
bc2 = cPickle.loads(cPickle.dumps(bc1))
self.assertEquals(bc1.boards, bc2.boards)
class ConfigClassTest(ChromeosConfigTestBase):
"""Tests of the config class itself."""
def testAppendUseflags(self):
base_config = config_lib.BuildConfig(useflags=[])
inherited_config_1 = base_config.derive(
['foo', 'bar', '-baz']))
inherited_config_2 = inherited_config_1.derive(
useflags=chromeos_config.append_useflags(['-bar', 'baz']))
self.assertEqual(base_config.useflags, [])
self.assertEqual(inherited_config_1.useflags, ['-baz', 'bar', 'foo'])
self.assertEqual(inherited_config_2.useflags, ['-bar', 'baz', 'foo'])
class CBuildBotTest(ChromeosConfigTestBase):
"""General tests of chromeos_config."""
def _GetBoardTypeToBoardsDict(self):
"""Get boards dict.
A dict mapping a board type to a collections of board names.
ge_build_config = config_lib.LoadGEBuildConfigFromFile()
return chromeos_config.GetBoardTypeToBoardsDict(ge_build_config)
def testConfigsKeysMismatch(self):
"""Verify that all configs contain exactly the default keys.
This checks for mispelled keys, or keys that are somehow removed.
expected_keys = set(self.site_config.GetDefault().iterkeys())
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
config_keys = set(config.keys())
extra_keys = config_keys.difference(expected_keys)
self.assertFalse(extra_keys, ('Config %s has extra values %s' %
(build_name, list(extra_keys))))
missing_keys = expected_keys.difference(config_keys)
self.assertFalse(missing_keys, ('Config %s is missing values %s' %
(build_name, list(missing_keys))))
def testConfigsHaveName(self):
"""Configs must have names set."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
self.assertTrue(build_name == config['name'])
def testConfigsHaveValidDisplayLabel(self):
"""Configs must have names set."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
self.assertIn(config.display_label, config_lib.ALL_DISPLAY_LABEL,
'Invalid display_label "%s" on "%s"' %
(config.display_label, build_name))
def testMasterSlaveConfigsExist(self):
"""Configs listing slave configs, must list valid configs."""
for config in self.site_config.itervalues():
if config.master:
# Any builder with slaves must set both of these.
# If a builder lists slave config names, ensure they are all valid, and
# have an assigned waterfall.
for slave_name in config.slave_configs:
self.assertIn(slave_name, self.site_config)
'"%s" is not in an active waterfall' % slave_name)
def testMasterSlaveConfigsSorted(self):
"""Configs listing slave configs, must list valid configs."""
for config in self.site_config.itervalues():
if config.slave_configs is not None:
expected = sorted(config.slave_configs)
self.assertEqual(config.slave_configs, expected)
def testConfigUseflags(self):
"""Useflags must be lists.
Strings are interpreted as arrays of characters for this, which is not
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
useflags = config.get('useflags')
if not useflags is None:
isinstance(useflags, list),
'Config %s: useflags should be a list.' % build_name)
def testBoards(self):
"""Verify 'boards' is explicitly set for every config."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
self.assertTrue(isinstance(config['boards'], (tuple, list)),
"Config %s doesn't have a list of boards." % build_name)
self.assertEqual(len(set(config['boards'])), len(config['boards']),
'Config %s has duplicate boards.' % build_name)
if config['builder_class_name'] in (
self.assertTrue(len(config['boards']) >= 1,
'Config %s requires 1 or more boards.' % build_name)
def testOverlaySettings(self):
"""Verify overlays and push_overlays have legal values."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
overlays = config['overlays']
push_overlays = config['push_overlays']
self.assertTrue(overlays in [None, 'public', 'private', 'both'],
'Config %s: has unexpected overlays value.' % build_name)
push_overlays in [None, 'public', 'private', 'both'],
'Config %s: has unexpected push_overlays value.' % build_name)
if overlays == None:
subset = [None]
elif overlays == 'public':
subset = [None, 'public']
elif overlays == 'private':
subset = [None, 'private']
elif overlays == 'both':
subset = [None, 'public', 'private', 'both']
push_overlays in subset,
('Config %s: push_overlays should be a subset of overlays.' %
def testOverlayMaster(self):
"""Verify that only one master is pushing uprevs for each overlay."""
masters = {}
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
overlays = config['overlays']
push_overlays = config['push_overlays']
if (overlays and push_overlays and config['uprev'] and config['master']
and not config['branch']):
other_master = masters.get(push_overlays)
err_msg = 'Found two masters for push_overlays=%s: %s and %s'
other_master, err_msg % (push_overlays, build_name, other_master))
masters[push_overlays] = build_name
if 'both' in masters:
self.assertEquals(len(masters), 1, 'Found too many masters.')
def testChromeRev(self):
"""Verify chrome_rev has an expected value"""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
config['chrome_rev'] in constants.VALID_CHROME_REVISIONS + [None],
'Config %s: has unexpected chrome_rev value.' % build_name)
config['chrome_rev'] == constants.CHROME_REV_LOCAL,
'Config %s: has unexpected chrome_rev_local value.' % build_name)
if config['chrome_rev']:
'Config %s: has chrome_rev but is not a PFQ.' % build_name)
def testValidVMTestType(self):
"""Verify vm_tests has an expected value"""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config['vm_tests'] is None:
for vm_test in config['vm_tests']:
vm_test.test_type in constants.VALID_VM_TEST_TYPES,
'Config %s: has unexpected vm test type value.' % build_name)
if vm_test.test_type == constants.VM_SUITE_TEST_TYPE:
vm_test.test_suite is not None,
'Config %s: has unexpected vm test suite value.' % build_name)
def testValidGCETestType(self):
"""Verify gce_tests has an expected value"""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config['gce_tests'] is None:
for gce_test in config['gce_tests']:
gce_test.test_type == constants.GCE_SUITE_TEST_TYPE,
'Config %s: has unexpected gce test type value.' % build_name)
gce_test.test_suite in constants.VALID_GCE_TEST_SUITES,
'Config %s: has unexpected gce test suite value.' % build_name)
def testImageTestMustHaveBaseImage(self):
"""Verify image_test build is only enabled with 'base' in images."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config.get('image_test', False):
'base' in config['images'],
'Build %s runs image_test but does not have base image' %
def testDisableHWQualWithoutTestImage(self):
"""Don't run steps that need a test image, without a test image."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config.hwqual and config.upload_hw_test_artifacts:
self.assertIn('test', config.images,
'Build %s must create a test image '
'to enable hwqual' % build_name)
def testBuildType(self):
"""Verifies that all configs use valid build types."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
# For builders that have explicit classes, this check doesn't make sense.
if config['builder_class_name']:
self.assertIn(config['build_type'], constants.VALID_BUILD_TYPES,
'Config %s: has unexpected build_type value.' % build_name)
def testGCCGitHash(self):
"""Verifies that gcc_githash is not set without setting latest_toolchain."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config['gcc_githash']:
'Config %s: has gcc_githash but not latest_toolchain.' % build_name)
def testBuildToRun(self):
"""Verify we don't try to run tests without building them."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
isinstance(config['useflags'], list) and
'-build_tests' in config['useflags'] and config['vm_tests'],
'Config %s: has vm_tests and use -build_tests.' % build_name)
def testSyncToChromeSdk(self):
"""Verify none of the configs build chrome sdk but don't sync chrome."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config['sync_chrome'] is not None and not config['sync_chrome']:
'Config %s: has chrome_sdk but not sync_chrome.' % build_name)
def testOverrideVmTestsOnly(self):
"""VM/unit tests listed should also be supported."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config.vm_tests_override is not None:
for test in config.vm_tests:
test, config.vm_tests_override,
'Config %s: has %s VM test, not in override (%s, %s).' % \
(build_name, test, config.vm_tests, config.vm_tests_override))
def testVmTestsOnlyOnVmTestBoards(self):
"""Verify that only VM capable boards run VM tests."""
for _, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config['vm_tests'] or config['vm_tests_override']:
for board in config['boards']:
self.assertIn(board, chromeos_config._vmtest_boards,
'Board %s not able to run VM tests.' % board)
for child_config in config.child_configs:
if child_config['vm_tests'] or child_config['vm_tests_override']:
for board in config['boards']:
self.assertIn(board, chromeos_config._vmtest_boards,
'Board %s not able to run VM tests.' % board)
def testHWTestsArchivingHWTestArtifacts(self):
"""Make sure all configs upload artifacts that need them for hw testing."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config.hw_tests or config.hw_tests_override:
"%s is trying to run hw tests without uploading payloads." %
def testTryjobConfigsDontDefineOverrides(self):
"""Make sure that no tryjob safe configs define test overrides."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config.display_label not in config_lib.TRYJOB_DISPLAY_LABEL:
'Config %s: is tryjob safe, but defines vm_tests_override.' % \
'Config %s: is tryjob safe, but defines hw_tests_override.' % \
def testHWTestsReleaseBuilderRequirement(self):
"""Make sure all release configs run hw tests."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if (config.build_type == 'canary' and 'test' in config.images and
config.upload_hw_test_artifacts and config.hwqual):
"Release builder %s must run hw tests." % build_name)
def testValidUnifiedMasterConfig(self):
"""Make sure any unified master configurations are valid."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
error = 'Unified config for %s has invalid values' % build_name
# Unified masters must be internal and must rev both overlays.
if config['master']:
config['internal'] and config['manifest_version'], error)
elif not config['master'] and config['manifest_version']:
# Unified slaves can rev either public or both depending on whether
# they are internal or not.
if not config['internal']:
self.assertEqual(config['overlays'], constants.PUBLIC_OVERLAYS, error)
elif config_lib.IsCQType(config['build_type']):
self.assertEqual(config['overlays'], constants.BOTH_OVERLAYS, error)
def testGetSlaves(self):
"""Make sure every master has a sane list of slaves"""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config.master:
configs = self.site_config.GetSlavesForMaster(config)
len(map(repr, configs)), len(set(map(repr, configs))),
'Duplicate board in slaves of %s will cause upload prebuilts'
' failures' % build_name)
# Our logic for calculating what slaves have completed their critical
# stages will break if the master is considered a slave of itself,
# because db.GetSlaveStages(...) doesn't include master stages.
if config.build_type == constants.PALADIN_TYPE:
config.boards, [],
'Master paladin %s cannot have boards.' % build_name)
build_name, [ for x in configs],
'Master paladin %s cannot be a slave of itself.' % build_name)
def testMasterBuildTypes(self):
"""Test that all masters are of a whitelisted unique build type."""
# Note: This is a whitelist of build type that are allowed to have a
# master config. Do not add entries to this list without consulting with the
# chrome-infra team.
# TODO(akeshet): Remove this whitelist requirement once buildbot master
# logic is fully chromite-driven.
found_types = set()
for _, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config.display_label in config_lib.TRYJOB_DISPLAY_LABEL:
if config.master:
self.assertTrue(config.build_type in BUILD_TYPE_WHITELIST,
'Config %s has build_type %s, which is not an allowed '
'type for a master build. Please consult with '
'chrome-infra before adding this config.' %
(, config.build_type))
# We have multiple masters for Android PFQ.
self.assertTrue(config.build_type not in found_types or
config.build_type in ('pfq', 'android'),
'Duplicate master configs of build type %s' %
def _getSlaveConfigsForMaster(self, master_config_name):
"""Helper to fetch the configs for all slaves of a given master."""
master_config = self.site_config[master_config_name]
# Get a list of all active Paladins.
return [self.site_config[n] for n in master_config.slave_configs]
def testPreCQHasVMTests(self):
"""Make sure that at least one pre-cq builder enables VM tests."""
pre_cq_configs = constants.PRE_CQ_DEFAULT_CONFIGS
have_vm_tests = any([self.site_config[name].vm_tests
for name in pre_cq_configs])
self.assertTrue(have_vm_tests, 'No Pre-CQ builder has VM tests enabled')
def testPfqsHavePaladins(self):
"""Make sure that every active PFQ has an associated Paladin.
This checks that every configured active PFQ on the external or internal
main waterfall has an associated active Paladin config.
# Get a list of all active Paladins boards.
paladin_boards = set()
for slave_config in self._getSlaveConfigsForMaster('master-paladin'):
for pfq_master in (constants.PFQ_MASTER,
pfq_configs = self._getSlaveConfigsForMaster(pfq_master)
failures = set()
for config in pfq_configs:
self.assertEqual(len(config.boards), 1)
if config.boards[0] not in paladin_boards:
if failures:"Some active PFQ configs don't have active Paladins: %s" % (
', '.join(sorted(failures))))
def testGetSlavesOnTrybot(self):
"""Make sure every master has a sane list of slaves"""
mock_options = mock.Mock()
mock_options.remote_trybot = True
for _, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config['master']:
configs = self.site_config.GetSlavesForMaster(config, mock_options)
self.assertEqual([], configs)
def testFactoryFirmwareValidity(self):
"""Ensures that firmware/factory branches have at least 1 valid name."""
tracking_branch = git.GetChromiteTrackingBranch()
for branch in ['firmware', 'factory']:
if tracking_branch.startswith(branch):
saw_config_for_branch = False
for build_name in self.site_config:
if build_name.endswith('-%s' % branch):
self.assertFalse('release' in build_name,
'Factory|Firmware release builders should not '
'contain release in their name.')
saw_config_for_branch = True
saw_config_for_branch, 'No config found for %s branch. '
'As this is the %s branch, all release configs that are being used '
'must end in %s.' % (branch, tracking_branch, branch))
def testNeverUseBackgroundBuildFlag(self):
"""build_packages_in_background is deprecated.
Make sure nobody uses it, until we can remove it without breaking
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
'Deprecated flag build_packages_in_background used: %s' %
def testNoNewBuildersOnlyGroups(self):
"""Grouped builders are deprecated.
Ensure now new users are created. See
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
# These group builders are whitelisted, for now.
if not (build_name in ('test-ap-group',
'mixed-wificell-pre-cq') or
build_name.endswith('release-afdo') or
'Unexpected group builder found: %s' % build_name)
def testGroupBuildersHaveMaximumConfigs(self):
"""Verify that release group builders don't exceed a maximum board count.
The count ignores variant boards (detected as "chrome_sdk" == False), since
they don't add significant build time.
msg = 'Group config %s has %d child configurations (maximum is %d).'
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if build_name.endswith('-release-group'):
child_count = 0
for child in config.child_configs:
if not child.chrome_sdk:
child_count += 1
self.assertLessEqual(child_count, constants.MAX_RELEASE_GROUP_BOARDS,
msg % (build_name, child_count,
def testAFDOSameInChildConfigs(self):
"""Verify that 'afdo_use' is the same for all children in a group."""
msg = ('Child config %s for %s should have same value for afdo_use '
'as other children')
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if build_name.endswith('-group'):
prev_value = None
'Config %s should have child configs' % build_name)
for child_config in config.child_configs:
if prev_value is None:
prev_value = child_config.afdo_use
self.assertEqual(child_config.afdo_use, prev_value,
msg % (, build_name))
def testReleaseAFDOConfigs(self):
"""Verify that <board>-release-afdo config have generate and use children.
These configs should have a 'generate' and a 'use' child config. Also,
any 'generate' and 'use' configs should be children of a release-afdo
msg = 'Config %s should have %s as a parent'
parent_suffix = config_lib.CONFIG_TYPE_RELEASE_AFDO
generate_suffix = '%s-generate' % parent_suffix
use_suffix = '%s-use' % parent_suffix
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if build_name.endswith(parent_suffix):
len(config.child_configs), 2,
'Config %s should have 2 child configs' % build_name)
for child_config in config.child_configs:
child_name =
self.assertTrue(child_name.endswith(generate_suffix) or
'Config %s has wrong %s child' %
(build_name, child_config))
if build_name.endswith(generate_suffix):
parent_config_name = build_name.replace(generate_suffix,
self.assertTrue(parent_config_name in self.site_config,
msg % (build_name, parent_config_name))
if build_name.endswith(use_suffix):
parent_config_name = build_name.replace(use_suffix,
self.assertTrue(parent_config_name in self.site_config,
msg % (build_name, parent_config_name))
def testNoGrandChildConfigs(self):
"""Verify that no child configs have a child config."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
for child_config in config.child_configs:
for grandchild_config in child_config.child_configs:'Config %s has grandchild %s' % (build_name,
def testUseChromeLKGMImpliesInternal(self):
"""Currently use_chrome_lkgm refers only to internal manifests."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config['use_chrome_lkgm']:
'Chrome lkgm currently only works with an internal manifest: %s' % (
def _HasValidSuffix(self, config_name, config_types):
"""Given a config_name, see if it has a suffix in config_types.
config_name: Name of config to compare.
config_types: A tuple/list of config suffixes.
True, if the config has a suffix matching one of the types.
for config_type in config_types:
if config_name.endswith('-' + config_type) or config_name == config_type:
return True
return False
def testCantBeBothTypesOfLKGM(self):
"""Using lkgm and chrome_lkgm doesn't make sense."""
for config in self.site_config.values():
self.assertFalse(config['use_lkgm'] and config['use_chrome_lkgm'])
def testNoDuplicateSlavePrebuilts(self):
"""Test that no two same-board paladin slaves upload prebuilts."""
for cfg in self.site_config.values():
if cfg['build_type'] == constants.PALADIN_TYPE and cfg['master']:
slaves = self.site_config.GetSlavesForMaster(cfg)
prebuilt_slaves = [s for s in slaves if s['prebuilts']]
# Dictionary from board name to builder name that uploads prebuilt
prebuilt_slave_boards = {}
for slave in prebuilt_slaves:
for board in slave['boards']:
'Configs %s and %s both upload prebuilts for '
'board %s.' % (prebuilt_slave_boards.get(board),
prebuilt_slave_boards[board] = slave['name']
def testNoDuplicateWaterfallNames(self):
"""Tests that no two configs specify same waterfall name."""
waterfall_names = set()
for config in self.site_config.values():
wn = config['buildbot_waterfall_name']
if wn is not None:
self.assertNotIn(wn, waterfall_names,
'Duplicate waterfall name %s.' % wn)
def testCantBeBothTypesOfAFDO(self):
"""Using afdo_generate and afdo_use together doesn't work."""
for config in self.site_config.values():
self.assertFalse(config['afdo_use'] and config['afdo_generate'])
self.assertFalse(config['afdo_use'] and config['afdo_generate_min'])
self.assertFalse(config['afdo_generate'] and config['afdo_generate_min'])
def testValidPrebuilts(self):
"""Verify all builders have valid prebuilt values."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
msg = 'Config %s: has unexpected prebuilts value.' % build_name
valid_values = (False, constants.PRIVATE, constants.PUBLIC)
self.assertTrue(config['prebuilts'] in valid_values, msg)
def testInternalPrebuilts(self):
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if (config['internal'] and
config['build_type'] not in [constants.CHROME_PFQ_TYPE,
msg = 'Config %s is internal but has public prebuilts.' % build_name
self.assertNotEqual(config['prebuilts'], constants.PUBLIC, msg)
def testValidHWTestPriority(self):
"""Verify that hw test priority is valid."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
for test_config in config['hw_tests']:
if isinstance(test_config.priority, (int, long)):
self.assertTrue(0 <= test_config.priority <= 100)
test_config.priority in constants.HWTEST_VALID_PRIORITIES,
'%s has an invalid hwtest priority.' % build_name)
def testAllBoardsExist(self):
"""Verifies that all config boards are in _all_boards."""
boards_dict = self._GetBoardTypeToBoardsDict()
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
'Config %s has boards = None' % build_name)
for board in config['boards']:
self.assertIn(board, boards_dict['all_boards'],
'Config %s has unknown board %s.' %
(build_name, board))
def testPushImagePaygenDependancies(self):
"""Paygen requires PushImage."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
# paygen can't complete without push_image, except for payloads
# where --channel arguments meet the requirements.
if config['paygen']:
self.assertTrue(config['push_image'] or
config['build_type'] == constants.PAYLOADS_TYPE,
'%s has paygen without push_image' % build_name)
def testPaygenTestDependancies(self):
"""paygen testing requires upload_hw_test_artifacts."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
# This requirement doesn't apply to payloads builds. Payloads are
# using artifacts from a previous build.
if build_name.endswith('-payloads'):
if config['paygen'] and not config['paygen_skip_testing']:
'%s is not upload_hw_test_artifacts, but also not'
' paygen_skip_testing' % build_name)
def testPayloadImageIsBuilt(self):
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config.payload_image is not None:
self.assertNotEqual('recovery', config.payload_image,
'%s wants to generate payloads from recovery '
'images, which is not allowed.' % build_name)
self.assertIn(config.payload_image, config.images,
'%s builds payloads from %s, which is not in images '
'list %s' % (build_name, config.payload_image,
def testBuildPackagesForRecoveryImage(self):
"""Tests that we build the packages required for recovery image."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if 'recovery' in config.images:
if not config.packages:
# No packages are specified. Defaults to build all packages.
'%s does not build chromeos-initramfs, which is required '
'for creating the recovery image' % build_name)
def testBuildRecoveryImageFlags(self):
"""Ensure the right flags are disabled when building the recovery image."""
incompatible_flags = ['paygen', 'signer_tests']
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
for flag in incompatible_flags:
if config[flag] and config.build_type != constants.PAYLOADS_TYPE:
self.assertIn('recovery', config.images,
'%s does not build the recovery image, which is '
'incompatible with %s=True' % (build_name, flag))
def testBuildBaseImageForRecoveryImage(self):
"""Tests that we build the packages required for recovery image."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if 'recovery' in config.images:
self.assertIn('base', config.images,
'%s does not build the base image, which is required for '
'building the recovery image' % build_name)
def testChildConfigsNotImportantInReleaseGroup(self):
"""Verify that configs in an important group are not important."""
msg = ('Child config %s for %s should not be important because %s is '
'already important')
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if build_name.endswith('-release-group') and config['important']:
for child_config in config.child_configs:
msg % (, build_name, build_name))
def testExternalConfigsDoNotUseInternalFeatures(self):
"""External configs should not use chrome_internal, or official.xml."""
msg = ('%s is not internal, so should not use chrome_internal, or an '
'internal manifest')
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if not config['internal']:
self.assertFalse('chrome_internal' in config['useflags'],
msg % build_name)
msg % build_name)
def testNoShadowedUseflags(self):
"""Configs should not have both useflags x and -x."""
msg = ('%s contains useflag %s and -%s.')
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
useflag_set = set(config['useflags'])
for flag in useflag_set:
if not flag.startswith('-'):
self.assertFalse('-' + flag in useflag_set,
msg % (build_name, flag, flag))
def testHealthCheckEmails(self):
"""Configs should only have valid email addresses or aliases"""
msg = ('%s contains an invalid tree alias or email address: %s')
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
health_alert_recipients = config['health_alert_recipients']
for recipient in health_alert_recipients:
self.assertTrue(re.match(r'[^@]+@[^@]+\.[^@]+', recipient) or
recipient in constants.SHERIFF_TYPE_TO_URL.keys(),
msg % (build_name, recipient))
def testCheckBuilderClass(self):
"""Verify builder_class_name is a valid value."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
builder_class_name = config['builder_class_name']
if builder_class_name is None:
cls = builders.GetBuilderClass(builder_class_name)
self.assertTrue(issubclass(cls, generic_builders.Builder),
msg=('config %s has a broken builder_class_name' %
def testDistinctBoardSets(self):
"""Verify that distinct board sets are distinct."""
boards_dict = self._GetBoardTypeToBoardsDict()
# Every board should be in exactly one of the distinct board sets.
for board in boards_dict['all_boards']:
found = False
for s in boards_dict['distinct_board_sets']:
if board in s:
if found:
assert False, '%s in multiple board sets.' % board
found = True
if not found:
assert False, '%s in no board sets' % board
for s in boards_dict['distinct_board_sets']:
for board in s - boards_dict['all_boards']:
assert False, ('%s in distinct_board_sets but not in all_boards' %
def testCanaryBuildTimeouts(self):
"""Verify we get the expected timeout values."""
msg = ("%s doesn't have expected timout: (%s != %s)")
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
if config.build_type != constants.CANARY_TYPE:
if self.isReleaseBranch():
expected = 12 * 60 * 60
expected = (7 * 60 + 50) * 60
config.build_timeout, expected,
msg % (build_name, config.build_timeout, expected))
def testBuildTimeouts(self):
"""Verify that timeout values are sane."""
for build_name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
# Chrome infra has a hard limit of 24h.
config.build_timeout, 24 * 60 * 60,
'%s timeout %s is greater than 24h'
% (build_name, config.build_timeout))
class OverrideForTrybotTest(ChromeosConfigTestBase):
"""Test config override functionality."""
def testVmTestOverride(self):
"""Verify that vm_tests override for trybots pay heed to original config."""
mock_options = mock.Mock()
old = self.site_config['betty-paladin']
new = config_lib.OverrideConfigForTrybot(old, mock_options)
self.assertEquals(new['vm_tests'], [
test_suite='smoke', retry=True),
# Don't override vm tests for arm boards.
old = self.site_config['daisy-paladin']
new = config_lib.OverrideConfigForTrybot(old, mock_options)
self.assertEquals(new['vm_tests'], old['vm_tests'])
# Don't override vm tests for brillo boards.
old = self.site_config['whirlwind-paladin']
new = config_lib.OverrideConfigForTrybot(old, mock_options)
self.assertEquals(new['vm_tests'], old['vm_tests'])
def testWaterfallManualConfigIsValid(self):
"""Verify the correctness of the manual waterfall configuration."""
# TODO: Start setting this value for the test, instead of just reading.
if self.isReleaseBranch():
all_build_names = set(self.site_config.iterkeys())
redundant = set()
seen = set()
for wfall, names in chromeos_config._waterfall_config_map.iteritems():
for build_name in names:
# Every build in the configuration map must be valid.
self.assertTrue(build_name in all_build_names,
"Invalid build name in manual waterfall config: %s" % (
# No build should appear in multiple waterfalls.
self.assertFalse(build_name in seen,
"Duplicate manual config for board: %s" % (
# The manual configuration must be applied and override any default
# configuration.
config = self.site_config[build_name]
self.assertEqual(config['active_waterfall'], wfall,
"Manual waterfall membership is not in the "
"configuration for: %s" % (build_name,))
default_waterfall = chromeos_config.GetDefaultWaterfall(config, False)
if config['active_waterfall'] == default_waterfall:
# No configurations should be redundant with defaults.
"Manual waterfall membership in "
"`_waterfall_config_map` is redundant for these "
"configs: %s" % (sorted(redundant),))
def testNoDuplicateCanaryBuildersOnWaterfall(self):
seen = {}
for config in self.site_config.itervalues():
wfall = config['active_waterfall']
btype = config['build_type']
if not (wfall and config_lib.IsCanaryType(btype)):
waterfall_seen = seen.setdefault(wfall, set())
stack = [config]
while stack:
current_config = stack.pop()
self.assertNotIn(current_config['name'], waterfall_seen,
"Multiple builders for '%s' on '%s' waterfall" % (
current_config['name'], wfall))
stack += current_config['child_configs']
def testBinhostTest(self):
"""Builders with the binhost_test setting shouldn't have boards."""
for config in self.site_config.values():
if config.binhost_test:
self.assertEqual(config.boards, [])
class TemplateTest(ChromeosConfigTestBase):
"""Tests for templates."""
def testConfigNamesMatchTemplate(self):
"""Test that all configs have names that match their templates."""
for name, config in self.site_config.iteritems():
# Tryjob configs should be tested based on what they are mirrored from.
if name.endswith('-tryjob'):
name = name[:-len('-tryjob')]
template = config._template
if template:
# We mix '-' and '_' in various name spaces.
name = name.replace('_', '-')
template = template.replace('_', '-')
child_configs = config.child_configs
if not child_configs:
msg = '%s should end with %s to match its template'
self.assertTrue(name.endswith(template), msg % (name, template))
msg = 'Child config of %s has name that does not match its template'
msg % name)
for other in self.site_config.GetTemplates():
if name.endswith(other) and other != template:
if template:
msg = '%s has more specific template: %s' % (name, other)
self.assertGreater(len(template), len(other), msg)
msg = '%s should have %s as template' % (name, other)
self.assertFalse(name, msg)
class BoardConfigsTest(ChromeosConfigTestBase):
"""Tests for the per-board templates."""
def setUp(self):
ge_build_config = config_lib.LoadGEBuildConfigFromFile()
boards_dict = chromeos_config.GetBoardTypeToBoardsDict(ge_build_config)
self.external_board_configs = chromeos_config.CreateBoardConfigs(
self.site_config, boards_dict, ge_build_config)
self.internal_board_configs = chromeos_config.CreateInternalBoardConfigs(
self.site_config, boards_dict, ge_build_config)
def testBoardConfigsSuperset(self):
"""Ensure all external boards are listed as internal, also."""
for board in self.external_board_configs.keys():
self.assertIn(board, self.internal_board_configs)
def verifyNoTests(self, board_configs_iter):
"""Defining tests in board specific templates doesn't work as expected."""
for board, template in board_configs_iter:
'vm_tests' in template and template.vm_tests,
'Per-board template for %s defining vm_tests' % board)
'vm_tests_override' in template and template.vm_tests_override,
'Per-board template for %s defining vm_tests_override' % board)
'gce_tests' in template and template.gce_tests,
'Per-board template for %s defining gce_tests' % board)
'hw_tests' in template and template.hw_tests,
'Per-board template for %s defining hw_tests' % board)
'hw_tests_override' in template and template.hw_tests_override,
'Per-board template for %s defining hw_tests_override' % board)
def testExternalsDontDefineTests(self):
"""Verify no external boards define tests at the board level."""
def testInternalsDontDefineTests(self):
"""Verify no internal boards define tests at the board level."""
class SiteInterfaceTest(ChromeosConfigTestBase):
"""Test enforcing site parameters for a chromeos SiteConfig."""
def testAssertSiteParameters(self):
"""Test that a chromeos SiteConfig contains the necessary parameters."""
# Check that our config contains site-independent parameters.
# Enumerate the necessary chromeos site parameter keys.
chromeos_params = config_lib.DefaultSiteParameters().keys()
# Check that our config contains all chromeos specific site parameters.
site_params = self.site_config.params
self.assertTrue(all([x in site_params for x in chromeos_params]))