Revert "cbuildbot: Use buildbucket for remote tryjobs by default."

This reverts commit fee287427456fba157a9d56fec9acb60898e4e8e.

Reason for revert: Break pre-cq-launcher #8925

Original change's description:
> cbuildbot: Use buildbucket for remote tryjobs by default.
> Remove --use-buildbucket option, and replace it with
> --do-not-use-buildbucket option.
> We want to use bucketbucket to schedule all tryjobs by default. We
> haven't been able to find out for certain if there is anyone who needs
> buildbucket permissions for this that doesn't already have them,
> so.... let's find out!
> A PSA has been sent out asking for feedback from anyone required to
> use --do-not-use-buildbucket to run a tryjob.
> This CL was submitted as CL:462518, and reverted as CL:464309.
> BUG=chromium:671848
> TEST=run_tests
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