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# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""cbuildbot logic for uploading prebuilts and managing binhosts."""
from __future__ import print_function
import glob
import os
from chromite.cbuildbot import commands
from chromite.cbuildbot import config_lib
from chromite.cbuildbot import constants
from chromite.lib import cros_logging as logging
from chromite.lib import portage_util
_BINHOST_PACKAGE_FILE = ('/usr/share/dev-install/portage/make.profile/'
_PRIVATE_BINHOST_CONF_DIR = ('src/private-overlays/chromeos-partner-overlay/'
_PUBLIC_BINHOST_CONF_DIR = 'src/third_party/chromiumos-overlay/chromeos/binhost'
def _AddPackagesForPrebuilt(filename):
"""Add list of packages for upload.
Process a file that lists all the packages that can be uploaded to the
package prebuilt bucket and generates the command line args for
filename: file with the package full name (category/name-version), one
package per line.
A list of parameters for upload_prebuilts. For example:
['--packages=net-misc/dhcp', '--packages=app-admin/eselect-python']
cmd = []
with open(filename) as f:
# Get only the package name and category as that is what upload_prebuilts
# matches on.
for line in f:
atom = line.split('#', 1)[0].strip()
cpv = portage_util.SplitCPV(atom)
except ValueError:
logging.warning('Could not split atom %r (line: %r)', atom, line)
if cpv:
cmd.extend(['--packages=%s/%s' % (cpv.category, cpv.package)])
return cmd
except IOError as e:
logging.warning('Problem with package file %s' % filename)
logging.warning('Skipping uploading of prebuilts.')
logging.warning('ERROR(%d): %s' % (e.errno, e.strerror))
return None
def UploadPrebuilts(category, chrome_rev, private_bucket, buildroot,
version=None, **kwargs):
"""Upload Prebuilts for non-dev-installer use cases.
category: Build type. Can be [binary|full|chrome|chroot|paladin].
chrome_rev: Chrome_rev of type constants.VALID_CHROME_REVISIONS.
private_bucket: True if we are uploading to a private bucket.
buildroot: The root directory where the build occurs.
version: Specific version to set.
board: Board type that was built on this machine.
extra_args: Extra args to pass to prebuilts script.
extra_args = ['--prepend-version', category]
extra_args.extend(['--upload', 'gs://chromeos-prebuilt'])
if private_bucket:
extra_args.extend(['--private', '--binhost-conf-dir',
extra_args.extend(['--binhost-conf-dir', _PUBLIC_BINHOST_CONF_DIR])
if version is not None:
extra_args.extend(['--set-version', version])
if category == constants.CHROOT_BUILDER_TYPE:
tarball_location = os.path.join(buildroot, 'built-sdk.tar.xz')
extra_args.extend(['--prepackaged-tarball', tarball_location])
# Remaining artifacts get uploaded into <year>/<month>/ subdirs so we don't
# start dumping even more stuff into the top level. Also, the following
# code handles any tarball suffix (.tar.*). For each of the artifact types
# below, we also generate a single upload path template to be filled by the
# uploading script. This has placeholders for the version (substituted
# first) and another qualifier (either board or target, substituted second
# and therefore uses a quoted %% modifier).
# TODO(garnold) Using a mix of quoted/unquoted template variables is
# confusing and error-prone, we should get rid of it.
# TODO(garnold) Be specific about matching file suffixes, like making sure
# there's nothing past the compression suffix (for example, .tar.xz.log).
subdir_prefix = os.path.join(*version.split('.')[0:2])
# Find toolchain overlay tarballs of the form
# built-sdk-overlay-toolchains-<toolchains_spec>.tar.* and create an upload
# specification for each of them. The upload path template has the form
# cros-sdk-overlay-toolchains-<toolchain_spec>-<version>.tar.*.
toolchains_overlay_prefix = 'built-sdk-overlay-toolchains-'
for tarball in glob.glob(os.path.join(
buildroot, constants.DEFAULT_CHROOT_DIR,
constants.SDK_OVERLAYS_OUTPUT, toolchains_overlay_prefix + '*.tar.*')):
tarball_name, tarball_suffix = os.path.basename(tarball).split('.', 1)
# Only add the upload path arg when processing the first tarball.
if '--toolchains-overlay-upload-path' not in extra_args:
subdir = os.path.join(
'cros-sdk-overlay-toolchains-%%(toolchains)s-%(version)s.' +
extra_args.extend(['--toolchains-overlay-upload-path', subdir])
toolchains = tarball_name[len(toolchains_overlay_prefix):]
'%s:%s' % (toolchains, tarball)])
# Find toolchain package tarballs of the form <target>.tar.* and create an
# upload specificion for each fo them. The upload path template has the
# form <target>-<version>.tar.*.
for tarball in glob.glob(os.path.join(
buildroot, constants.DEFAULT_CHROOT_DIR,
constants.SDK_TOOLCHAINS_OUTPUT, '*.tar.*')):
tarball_target, tarball_suffix = os.path.basename(tarball).split('.', 1)
# Only add the path arg when processing the first tarball. We do
# this to get access to the tarball suffix dynamically (so it can
# change and this code will still work).
if '--toolchain-upload-path' not in extra_args:
subdir = os.path.join(subdir_prefix,
'%%(target)s-%(version)s.' + tarball_suffix)
extra_args.extend(['--toolchain-upload-path', subdir])
'%s:%s' % (tarball_target, tarball)])
if category == constants.CHROME_PFQ_TYPE:
assert chrome_rev
key = '%s_%s' % (chrome_rev, _CHROME_BINHOST)
extra_args.extend(['--key', key.upper()])
elif config_lib.IsPFQType(category):
extra_args.extend(['--key', _PREFLIGHT_BINHOST])
assert category in (constants.BUILD_FROM_SOURCE_TYPE,
extra_args.extend(['--key', _FULL_BINHOST])
if category == constants.CHROME_PFQ_TYPE:
extra_args += ['--packages=%s' % x
for x in ([constants.CHROME_PN] +
kwargs.setdefault('extra_args', []).extend(extra_args)
return _UploadPrebuilts(buildroot=buildroot, **kwargs)
class PackageFileMissing(Exception):
"""Raised when the dev installer package file is missing."""
def UploadDevInstallerPrebuilts(binhost_bucket, binhost_key, binhost_base_url,
buildroot, board, **kwargs):
"""Upload Prebuilts for dev-installer use case.
binhost_bucket: bucket for uploading prebuilt packages. If it equals None
then the default bucket is used.
binhost_key: key parameter to pass onto upload_prebuilts. If it equals
None, then chrome_rev is used to select a default key.
binhost_base_url: base url for upload_prebuilts. If None the parameter
--binhost-base-url is absent.
buildroot: The root directory where the build occurs.
board: Board type that was built on this machine.
extra_args: Extra args to pass to prebuilts script.
extra_args = ['--prepend-version', constants.CANARY_TYPE]
extra_args.extend(['--binhost-base-url', binhost_base_url])
extra_args.extend(['--upload', binhost_bucket])
extra_args.extend(['--key', binhost_key])
filename = os.path.join(buildroot, 'chroot', 'build', board,
cmd_packages = _AddPackagesForPrebuilt(filename)
if cmd_packages:
raise PackageFileMissing()
kwargs.setdefault('extra_args', []).extend(extra_args)
return _UploadPrebuilts(buildroot=buildroot, board=board, **kwargs)
def _UploadPrebuilts(buildroot, board, extra_args):
"""Upload prebuilts.
buildroot: The root directory where the build occurs.
board: Board type that was built on this machine.
extra_args: Extra args to pass to prebuilts script.
cmd = ['upload_prebuilts', '--build-path', buildroot]
if board:
cmd.extend(['--board', board])
commands.RunBuildScript(buildroot, cmd, chromite_cmd=True)
class BinhostConfWriter(object):
"""Writes *BINHOST.conf commits on master, on behalf of slaves."""
# TODO(mtennant): This class represents logic spun out from
# UploadPrebuiltsStage that is specific to a master builder. This is
# currently used by the Commit Queue and the Master PFQ builder, but
# could be used by other master builders that upload prebuilts,
# e.g., x86-alex-pre-flight-branch. When completed the
# UploadPrebuiltsStage code can be thinned significantly.
def __init__(self, builder_run):
"""BinhostConfWriter constructor.
builder_run: BuilderRun instance of the currently running build.
self._run = builder_run
self._prebuilt_type = self._run.config.build_type
self._chrome_rev = (self._run.options.chrome_rev or
self._build_root = os.path.abspath(self._run.buildroot)
def _GenerateCommonArgs(self):
"""Generate common prebuilt arguments."""
generated_args = []
if self._run.options.debug:
generated_args.extend(['--debug', '--dry-run'])
profile = self._run.options.profile or self._run.config['profile']
if profile:
generated_args.extend(['--profile', profile])
# Generate the version if we are a manifest_version build.
if self._run.config.manifest_version:
version = self._run.GetVersion()
generated_args.extend(['--set-version', version])
return generated_args
def _AddOptionsForSlave(slave_config):
"""Private helper method to add upload_prebuilts args for a slave builder.
slave_config: The build config of a slave builder.
An array of options to add to upload_prebuilts array that allow a master
to submit prebuilt conf modifications on behalf of a slave.
args = []
if slave_config['prebuilts']:
for slave_board in slave_config['boards']:
args.extend(['--slave-board', slave_board])
slave_profile = slave_config['profile']
if slave_profile:
args.extend(['--slave-profile', slave_profile])
return args
def Perform(self):
"""Write and commit *BINHOST.conf files."""
# Common args we generate for all types of builds.
generated_args = self._GenerateCommonArgs()
# Args we specifically add for public/private build types.
public_args, private_args = [], []
# Gather public/private (slave) builders.
public_builders, private_builders = [], []
# Distributed builders that use manifest-versions to sync with one another
# share prebuilt logic by passing around versions.
assert config_lib.IsPFQType(self._prebuilt_type)
# Public pfqs should upload host preflight prebuilts.
# Update all the binhost conf files.
slave_configs = self._run.site_config.GetSlavesForMaster(
self._run.config, self._run.options)
for slave_config in slave_configs:
if slave_config['prebuilts'] == constants.PUBLIC:
elif slave_config['prebuilts'] == constants.PRIVATE:
# Upload the public prebuilts, if any.
if public_builders:
category=self._prebuilt_type, chrome_rev=self._chrome_rev,
private_bucket=False, buildroot=self._build_root, board=None,
extra_args=generated_args + public_args)
# Upload the private prebuilts, if any.
if private_builders:
category=self._prebuilt_type, chrome_rev=self._chrome_rev,
private_bucket=True, buildroot=self._build_root, board=None,
extra_args=generated_args + private_args)
# If we're the Chrome PFQ master, update our binhost JSON file.
if self._run.config.build_type == constants.CHROME_PFQ_TYPE: