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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Helpers for interacting with sheriff-o-matic."""
from __future__ import print_function
import json
from chromite.lib import auth
from chromite.lib import cros_logging as logging
from chromite.lib import retry_util
from chromite.cbuildbot import topology
# Methods
# Sheriff-o-Matic tree which Chrome OS alerts are posted to.
_SOM_TREE = 'chromeos'
# The following classes are intended to marshal into json matching
# the structures in
# # pylint: disable=line-too-long
class Alert(object):
"""JSON structure for a single Sheriff-o-matic Alert."""
def __init__(self, key, title, body, severity, time, start_time, links, tags,
atype, extension):
self.key = key
self.title = title
self.body = body
self.severity = severity
self.time = time
self.start_time = start_time
self.links = links
self.tags = tags
self.type = atype
self.extension = extension
class AlertsSummary(object):
"""JSON structure for full set of Sheriff-o-matic alerts."""
def __init__(self, alerts, revision_summaries, timestamp):
self.alerts = alerts
self.revision_summaries = revision_summaries
self.timestamp = timestamp
class Link(object):
"""JSON structure for a link within an alert."""
def __init__(self, title, href):
self.title = title
self.href = href
class AlertedBuilder(object):
"""JSON structure for a a single failing builder within an alert."""
def __init__(self, name, url, start_time, first_failure, latest_failure): = name
self.url = url
self.start_time = start_time
self.first_failure = first_failure
self.latest_failure = latest_failure
# The following classes do not directly map into go structures but are
# parsed by code within
# # pylint: disable=line-too-long
class CrosStageFailure(object):
"""JSON structure with details on a stage that failed."""
def __init__(self, name, status, logs, links, notes): = name
self.status = status
self.logs = logs
self.links = links
self.notes = notes
class CrosBuildFailure(object):
"""JSON structure with details on a build that failed."""
def __init__(self, notes, stages, builders):
self.notes = notes
self.stages = stages = builders
class SheriffOMaticResponseException(Exception):
"""Exception got from Sheriff-o-Matic Response."""
class SheriffOMaticClient(object):
"""Sheriff-o-Matic client to interact with the Sheriff-o-Matic frontend."""
def __init__(self, service_account=None, insecure=False, host=None):
"""Init a SheriffOMaticClient instance.
service_account: The path to the service account json file.
insecure: Fall-back to insecure HTTP connection.
host: The Sheriff-o-Matic instance to interact with.
self.http = auth.AuthorizedHttp(
self.insecure = insecure = (self._GetHost() if host is None else host).strip()
def _GetHost(self):
"""Get Sheriff-o-matic Server host from topology."""
return topology.topology.get(topology.SHERIFFOMATIC_HOST_KEY)
def SendRequest(self, url, method, body, dryrun):
"""Generic Sheriff-o-Matic request.
url: Sheriff-o-Matic url to send requests.
method: HTTP method to perform, such as GET, POST, DELETE.
body: The entity body to be sent with the request (a string object).
See httplib2.Http.request for details.
dryrun: Whether a dryrun.
A dict of response entity body if the request succeeds; else, None.
See httplib2.Http.request for details.
SheriffOMaticResponseException when response['status'] is invalid.
if dryrun:'Dryrun mode is on; Would have made a request '
'with url %s method %s body:\n%s', url, method, body)
def try_method():
response, content = self.http.request(
headers={'Content-Type': 'application/json'},
if int(response['status']) // 100 != 2:
raise SheriffOMaticResponseException(
'Got a %s response from Sheriff-o-Matic with url: %s\n'
'content: %s' % (response['status'], url, content))
return content
return retry_util.GenericRetry(lambda e: isinstance(e, Exception), 3,
def SendAlerts(self, summary_json, tree=_SOM_TREE, dryrun=False):
"""Upload alerts summary to Sheriff-o-matic.
summary_json: JSON version of AlertsSummary structure.
tree: Sheriff-o-Matic tree to send alerts to.
dryrun: Whether a dryrun.
Results of HTTP request.
url = '%(scheme)s://%(hostname)s/api/v1/alerts/%(tree)s' % {
'scheme': 'http' if self.insecure else 'https',
'tree': tree,
return self.SendRequest(url, POST_METHOD, summary_json, dryrun=dryrun)
def SendAlert(self, alert_json, key=None, tree=_SOM_TREE, dryrun=False):
"""Upload alert to Sheriff-o-matic.
alert_json: JSON version of Alert structure.
key: Key for alert, defaults to alert.key if None.
tree: Sheriff-o-Matic tree to send alerts to.
dryrun: Whether a dryrun.
Results of HTTP request.
if key is None:
key = json.loads(alert_json)['key']
url = '%(scheme)s://%(hostname)s/api/v1/alert/%(tree)s/%(key)s' % {
'scheme': 'http' if self.insecure else 'https',
'tree': tree,
'key': key,
return self.SendRequest(url, POST_METHOD, alert_json, dryrun=dryrun)
def ResolveAlert(self, key, resolved=True, xsrf_token=None,
tree=_SOM_TREE, dryrun=False):
"""Resolve alert in Sheriff-o-matic.
key: Key for alert.
resolved: Should the alert be resolved or unresolved.
xsrf_token: XSRF token to include with request.
tree: Sheriff-o-Matic tree of alerts.
dryrun: Whether a dryrun.
Results of HTTP request.
url = '%(scheme)s://%(hostname)s/api/v1/resolve/%(tree)s/%(key)s' % {
'scheme': 'http' if self.insecure else 'https',
'tree': tree,
'key': key,
if xsrf_token is None:
xsrf_token = self.XSRFToken()
request = {
'xsrf_token': xsrf_token,
'data': {
'resolved': resolved,
return self.SendRequest(url, POST_METHOD, json.dumps(request),
def XSRFToken(self, dryrun=False):
"""Retrieve XSRF token from Sheriff-o-matic.
dryrun: Whether a dryrun.
XSRF token, None if response cannot be parsed.
url = '%(scheme)s://%(hostname)s/api/v1/xsrf_token' % {
'scheme': 'http' if self.insecure else 'https',
response = json.loads(self.SendRequest(url, GET_METHOD, '', dryrun=dryrun))
return response.get('token')