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  4. controller/
  5. gen/
  6. proto/

Build API

Welcome to the Build API.


This directory contains all of the raw .proto files. You will find message, service, and method definitions, and their configurations.

  • build_api.proto contains service and method option definitions.
  • common.proto contains well shared messages.


The generated protobuf messages.

Do not edit files in this package directly!

The proto can be compiled using the compile_build_api_proto script in the api directory. The protoc call is executed inside the chroot to ensure a standard protoc version is used.


This directory contains the entry point for all of the implemented services. The protobuf service module option (defined in build_api.proto) references the module in this package. The functions in this package should all operate as one would expect a controller to operate in an MVC application - translating the request into the internal representation that's passed along to the relevant service(s), then translates their output to a specified response format.