Revert "[chromite] Capture job_name and git timing for ts_mon in cbuildbot runs."

This reverts commit 7657336de212e6dba55511f3f07457f9add6e3e3.

Reason for revert: Suspected to have blown out our metric memory quota

Original change's description:
> [chromite] Capture job_name and git timing for ts_mon in cbuildbot runs.
> Simple overload of existing configuration to provide a means to capture
> the builder config as part of the metric schema.  It is easy to overload
> the schema but using the Task schema limits options for capturing more
> fields.  Will need to examine options for passing metric fields to the
> lower level calls.
> Wraps RunGit command in SecondsTimer metric to collect overall durations
> of git calls in metric distributions.
> BUG=chromium:829289
> TEST=`./cbuildbot/run_tests` PASS
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> Commit-Ready: Mike Nichols <>
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Bug: chromium:829289
Change-Id: I23497c75a6803b7274d9a40e5584c43aa3bf0616
Commit-Ready: Ben Pastene <>
Tested-by: Ben Pastene <>
Reviewed-by: Jason Clinton <>
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