Enable highdpi everywhere.

This also ensures consistency amongst our build configurations.
Currently several configs are building Chrome with both highdpi enabled
and disabled which can lead to flaky builds:

- rambi-freon-b-release-group: quawks_freon has highdpi enabled but
gnawty_freon, kip_freon, and glimmer_freon have it disabled. This needs
to be corrected somehow.

- rambi-c-release-group: swanky has highdpi enabled but squawks, winky,
and candy have it disabled.

- peach-release-group: peach_pi has highdpi but peach_pit doesn't.

- rambi-b-release-group: quawks has highdpi but the rest of the group

- rambi-freon-c-release-group: swanky_freon has highdpi enabled but the
rest of the group doesn't.

BUG=chromium:463748, chromium:463754
TEST=Confirm highdpi is enabled everywhere.

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