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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module to manage a setup of moblab and its DUT VMs."""
from __future__ import print_function
import collections
import contextlib
import json
import os
import random
import shutil
from chromite.lib import constants
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import cros_logging as logging
from chromite.lib import osutils
from chromite.lib import path_util
from chromite.lib import retry_util
_CONFIG_FILE_NAME = 'moblabvm.json'
# Keys into the config dict persisted to disk
_CONFIG_INITIALIZED = 'initialized'
_CONFIG_STARTED = 'started'
_CONFIG_MOBLAB_IMAGE = 'image_path_moblab'
_CONFIG_DUT_IMAGE = 'image_path_dut'
_CONFIG_MOBLAB_DISK = 'disk_path_moblab'
_CONFIG_MOBLAB_KVM_PID = 'kvm_pid_moblab'
_CONFIG_DUT_KVM_PID = 'kvm_pid_dut'
_CONFIG_MOBLAB_SSH_PORT = 'ssh_port_moblab'
_CONFIG_DUT_SSH_PORT = 'ssh_port_dut'
_CONFIG_NETWORK_BRIDGE = 'network_bridge'
_CONFIG_MOBLAB_TAP_DEV = 'tap_moblab'
_CONFIG_DUT_TAP_DEV = 'tap_dut'
_CONFIG_MOBLAB_TAP_MAC = 'mac_tap_moblab'
_CONFIG_DUT_TAP_MAC = 'mac_tap_dut'
# Paths within the workspace
_WORKSPACE_MOBLAB_DIR = 'moblab_image'
_WORKSPACE_DUT_DIR = 'dut_image'
class MoblabVmError(Exception):
"""Base exception for all ya folks who want to catch-all."""
class RetriableError(MoblabVmError):
"""Some error happened where the best option is perhaps to retry."""
class SetupError(MoblabVmError):
"""Some error happened while setting up the VMs."""
class StartError(MoblabVmError):
"""Some error happened while setting up the VMs."""
class MoblabVm(object):
"""Manage a setup of VMs required for a VM-only moblab setup.
See cli/cros/ for details about the setup.
def __init__(self, workspace_dir):
"""Initialize us.
workspace_dir: An existing directory to be used for to drop files
necessary for the setup.
self.workspace = workspace_dir
self._config_path = os.path.join(self.workspace, _CONFIG_FILE_NAME)
self._config = self._LoadConfig()
def initialized(self):
"""Is this MoblabVm initialized? Returns bool."""
return bool(self._config[_CONFIG_INITIALIZED])
def running(self):
"""Is this MoblabVm running? Returns bool."""
return (bool(self._config[_CONFIG_STARTED]) and
def moblab_ssh_port(self):
"""The (str) SSH port to connect to the moblab VM."""
return self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_SSH_PORT]
def moblab_internal_mac(self):
"""The MAC address used by moblab VM for the internal network.
This is the network that moblab uses to connect to its DUTs.
return self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_TAP_MAC]
def dut_running(self):
"""Is the sub-DUT VM running? Returns bool.
A moblabvm may be launched without any sub-DUTs.
return (bool(self._config[_CONFIG_STARTED]) and
def dut_ssh_port(self):
"""The (str) SSH port to connect to the sub-DUT VM."""
return self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_SSH_PORT]
def dut_internal_mac(self):
"""The MAC address used by sub-DUT VM for the internal network.
This is the network that moblab uses to connect to its DUTs.
return self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_TAP_MAC]
def Create(self, moblab_image_dir, dut_image_dir='', create_vm_images=True):
"""Create a new moblabvm setup.
moblab_image_dir: A directory containing the image for moblab. This
directory should ideally contain all the files output by build_image
because they are needed to manipulate the image properly.
dut_image_dir: A directory containing the image for the sub-DUT. Only
required if a DUT should be attached to the moblab VM. This directory
should ideally contain all the files output by build_image because
they are needed to manipulate the image properly.
create_vm_images: If True, the source directories contain test images that
need to be converted to vm images. If False, the source directories
should already contain VM images to be used directly.
if self._config[_CONFIG_INITIALIZED]:
raise SetupError('Cannot overwrite existing setup at %s' %
logging.notice('Initializing workspace in %s', self.workspace)
logging.notice('This involves creating some VM images. '
'May take a few minutes.')
logging.notice('Preparing moblab image...')
moblab_dir = os.path.join(self.workspace, _WORKSPACE_MOBLAB_DIR)
if create_vm_images:
self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_IMAGE] = _CreateVMImage(
moblab_image_dir, moblab_dir)
self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_IMAGE] = self._CopyVMImage(
moblab_image_dir, moblab_dir)
logging.notice('Generating moblab external disk...')
moblab_disk = _CreateMoblabDisk(moblab_dir)
self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_DISK] = moblab_disk
if dut_image_dir:
logging.notice('Preparing dut image...')
dut_dir = os.path.join(self.workspace, _WORKSPACE_DUT_DIR)
if create_vm_images:
self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_IMAGE] = _CreateVMImage(
dut_image_dir, dut_dir)
self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_IMAGE] = self._CopyVMImage(
dut_image_dir, dut_dir)
self._config[_CONFIG_INITIALIZED] = 'true'
logging.notice('All Done!')
def Start(self):
"""Launch the VM(s) in this setup.
This involves grabbing some global resources on the host for networking
between the launched VMs.
if not self._config[_CONFIG_INITIALIZED]:
raise StartError('No moblabvm initialized at %s' % self.workspace)
if self._config[_CONFIG_STARTED]:
raise StartError('Can not start (partially) started VMs. '
'Pelase call Stop first.')
# Start grabs system global resources. Try hard to persist even partial
# attempts so that Stop can cleanup everything we do setup correctly.
self._config[_CONFIG_STARTED] = 'true'
def Stop(self):
"""Stop the VM(s) in this setup.
Also releases global network resources.
# These should strictly be in LIFO order of setup done in Start.
# Moreover, it should be able to cleanup after Start fails after partial
# setup.
if self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_KVM_PID]:
del self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_KVM_PID]
if self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_KVM_PID]:
del self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_KVM_PID]
if self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_TAP_DEV]:
del self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_TAP_DEV]
if self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_TAP_DEV]:
del self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_TAP_DEV]
if self._config[_CONFIG_NETWORK_BRIDGE]:
del self._config[_CONFIG_NETWORK_BRIDGE]
if self._config[_CONFIG_STARTED]:
del self._config[_CONFIG_STARTED]
def Destroy(self):
"""Completely destroy this moblabvm setup. Cleans out workspace_dir."""
osutils.EmptyDir(self.workspace, ignore_missing=True, sudo=True)
self._config = collections.defaultdict(str)
# Don't self._Persist since the workspace is now clean.
def _LoadConfig(self):
"""Attempts to load the config from workspace, or sets up defaults."""
config = collections.defaultdict(str)
if os.path.isfile(self._config_path):
with open(self._config_path, 'r') as config_file:
config_data = json.load(config_file)
return config
def _Persist(self):
"""Dump our config to disk for later MoblabVm objects."""
with open(self._config_path, 'w') as config_file:
json.dump(self._config, config_file, sort_keys=True, indent=4,
separators=(',', ': '))
def _Start(self):
"""Actually start the VM(s), without persisting the updated config."""
# Mulitple moblabvms should be able to run in parallel. At the same time, we
# want to minimize flaky failures due to unavailable system global
# resources. We attempt to create a bridge device a few times. Once we get a
# hold of that, we base all other system global constants off of that to not
# step our other moblabvms' toes.
for _ in xrange(5):
next_num, bridge_name = _TryCreateBridgeDevice()
except RetriableError:
raise SetupError('Failed to create bridge device. '
'You seem to have many moblabvms running in parallel.')
self._config[_CONFIG_NETWORK_BRIDGE] = bridge_name
self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_TAP_DEV] = _CreateTapDevice(next_num)
next_num += 1
self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_TAP_DEV] = _CreateTapDevice(next_num)
next_num += 1
next_num = self._StartMoblabVm(next_num)
if self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_IMAGE]:
next_num = self._StartDutVm(next_num)
def _CopyVMImage(self, source_dir, target_dir):
"""Converts or copies VM images from source_dir to target_dir."""
source_path = os.path.join(source_dir, constants.VM_IMAGE_BIN)
if not os.path.isfile(source_path):
raise SetupError('Could not find VM image at %s' % source_path)
target_path = os.path.join(target_dir, constants.VM_IMAGE_BIN)
shutil.copyfile(source_path, target_path)
return target_path
def _StartMoblabVm(self, next_num):
"""Starts a VM running moblab.
next_num: A counter used to generate names without conflict.
updated next_num.
ssh_port = str(next_num)
next_num += 1
# We want a unicast, locally configured address with an obviously bogus
# organisation id.
tap_mac_addr = '02:00:00:99:99:01'
disk_path = self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_DISK]
_WriteToDiskImage(disk_path, 'private-network-macaddr.conf', [tap_mac_addr])
qemu_args = ['-usb', '-drive', 'id=usb_disk,if=none,file=%s' % disk_path,
'-device', 'usb-storage,drive=usb_disk']
# moblab grabs some extra consecutive ports for forwarding AFE and devserver
# to the host.
next_num += 10
kvm_pid = _StartKvm(
os.path.join(self.workspace, _WORKSPACE_MOBLAB_DIR),
# Update config _after_ we've successfully launched the VM so that we don't
# _Persist incorrect information.
self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_KVM_PID] = kvm_pid
self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_SSH_PORT] = ssh_port
self._config[_CONFIG_MOBLAB_TAP_MAC] = tap_mac_addr
return next_num
def _StartDutVm(self, next_num):
"""Starts a VM running the sub-DUT image.
next_num: A counter used to generate names without conflict.
updated next_num.
ssh_port = str(next_num)
next_num += 1
# We want a unicast, locally configured address with an obviously bogus
# organisation id.
tap_mac_addr = '02:00:00:99:99:51'
kvm_pid = _StartKvm(
os.path.join(self.workspace, _WORKSPACE_DUT_DIR),
# Update config _after_ we've successfully launched the VM so that we don't
# _Persist incorrect information.
self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_KVM_PID] = kvm_pid
self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_SSH_PORT] = ssh_port
self._config[_CONFIG_DUT_TAP_MAC] = tap_mac_addr
return next_num
def _CreateVMImage(src_dir, dest_dir):
"""Creates a VM image from a given chromiumos image.
src_dir: Path to the directory containing (non-VM) image. Defaults to None
to use the latest image for the board.
dest_dir: Path to the directory where the VM image should be written.
The path of the created VM image.
# only runs in chroot, but src_dir / dest_dir may not be
# reachable from chroot. Also, needs all the contents of
# src_dir to work correctly (it silently does the wrong thing if some files
# are missing).
# So, create a tempdir reachable from chroot, copy everything to that path,
# create vm image there and finally move it all to dest_dir.
with _TempDirInChroot() as tempdir:
logging.debug('Copying images from %s to %s.', src_dir, tempdir)
osutils.CopyDirContents(src_dir, tempdir)
# doesn't let us provide arbitrary names for the input image.
# Instead, it picks the name based on whether we pass in --test_image or not
# (and doesn't use that flag for anything else).
cmd = [
os.path.join(constants.CROSUTILS_DIR, '')),
'--from=%s' % path_util.ToChrootPath(tempdir),
cros_build_lib.RunCommand(cmd, enter_chroot=True,
except cros_build_lib.RunCommandError as e:
raise SetupError('Failed to create VM image for %s: %s' % (src_dir, e))
# Preserve all content, although we should need only the generated VM
# image. Other files like boot.desc might be needed elsewhere.
osutils.CopyDirContents(tempdir, dest_dir)
# The exact name of the output image is hard-coded in
return os.path.join(dest_dir, constants.VM_IMAGE_BIN)
def _CreateMoblabDisk(dest_dir):
"""Creates an empty moblab virtual disk at the given path.
dest_dir: Directory where the disk image should be created.
Path to the created disk image.
dest_path = os.path.join(dest_dir, 'moblab_disk')
['qemu-img', 'create', '-f', 'raw', dest_path, '35g'])
cros_build_lib.RunCommand(['mkfs.ext4', '-F', dest_path])
cros_build_lib.RunCommand(['e2label', dest_path, 'MOBLAB-STORAGE'])
return dest_path
def _WriteToDiskImage(disk_image_path, target_path, lines):
"""Write a file into an image file.
disk_image_path: The path to the disk image to modify.
target_path: Path within the mounted disk to write. This path will be
lines: An iterator of lines to write.
with osutils.TempDir() as tempdir:
osutils.MountDir(disk_image_path, tempdir, 'ext4', skip_mtab=True)
osutils.WriteFile(os.path.join(tempdir, target_path), lines, sudo=True)
def _TryCreateBridgeDevice():
"""Creates a bridge device named moblabvmbrXX, generating XX randomly.
num, name: Counter to be used to generate unique names, name of the bridge.
# Keep this number between 1024-49151 (with padding) because:
# - We use it to reserve networking ports, so stay within user range.
# - We use it to name kernel devices, which has length restrictions.
num = random.randint(10000, 30000)
# device names can only be 16 char long. So suffix can be between 0 - 10^9.
name = 'brmob%s' % num
cros_build_lib.SudoRunCommand(['ip', 'link', 'add', name, 'type', 'bridge'],
return num + 1, name
def _CreateTapDevice(suffix):
"""Create a tap device using the suffix provided."""
# device names can only be 16 char long. So suffix can be between 0 - 10^10.
name = 'tapmob%s' % suffix
cros_build_lib.SudoRunCommand(['ip', 'tuntap', 'add', 'mode', 'tap', name])
# Creating the device can take some time, and trying to create another device
# in the meantime returns 'Device or resource busy'. So, wait for device
# creation to complete.
@retry_util.WithRetry(max_retry=3, sleep=0.2, exception=RetriableError)
def _VerifyDeviceCreated(name):
result = cros_build_lib.RunCommand(['ip', 'tuntap', 'show'],
if name not in result.output:
raise RetriableError('Device %s not found in output "%s".' %
(name, result.output))
return name
def _ConnectDeviceToBridge(device, bridge):
"""Connects link device to network bridge."""
cros_build_lib.SudoRunCommand(['ip', 'link', 'set', device, 'master', bridge])
def _DeviceUp(device):
"""Bring up the given link device."""
cros_build_lib.SudoRunCommand(['ip', 'link', 'set', 'dev', device, 'up'])
def _StartKvm(workdir, image_path, ssh_port, tap_dev, tap_mac_addr, is_moblab,
"""Starts a KVM instance.
workdir: A directory to drop temporary files in.
image_path: Path to the OS image to use.
ssh_port: (str) port to use for SSH.
tap_dev: Name of the tap device to use for secondary network.
tap_mac_addr: The MAC address of the secondary network device.
is_moblab: Whether we're starting a moblab VM.
qemu_args: A list of args to be passed through to qemu.
The path to the pidfile for launch KVM instance.
kvm_pid = os.path.join(workdir, 'kvm_pid')
cmd = [
os.path.join(constants.CROSUTILS_DIR, 'bin', 'cros_start_vm'),
'--image_path', image_path,
'--kvm_pid', kvm_pid,
'--ssh_port', ssh_port,
if is_moblab:
extra_args = list(qemu_args)
extra_args += [
'-net', 'nic,macaddr=%s' % tap_mac_addr,
'-net', 'tap,ifname=%s' % tap_dev,
cmd = cmd + ['--'] + extra_args
return kvm_pid
def _RemoveNetworkBridgeIgnoringErrors(name):
"""Removes a previously created network bridge. Ignores errors."""
_RunIgnoringErrors(['ip', 'link', 'del', name, 'type', 'bridge'])
def _RemoveTapDeviceIgnoringErrors(name):
"""Removes a previously created tap device. Ignores errors."""
_RunIgnoringErrors(['ip', 'tuntap', 'del', 'mode', 'tap', name])
def _StopKvmIgnoringErrors(kvm_pid):
"""Stops a running KVM instance. Ignores errors."""
logging.notice('Stopping KVM. This may take a minute.')
os.path.join(constants.CROSUTILS_DIR, 'bin', 'cros_stop_vm'),
'--kvm_pid', kvm_pid,
def _RunIgnoringErrors(cmd):
"""Runs the given command, ignores errors but warns user."""
cros_build_lib.SudoRunCommand(cmd, quiet=True)
except cros_build_lib.RunCommandError as e:
logging.error('Cleanup operation failed. Please run "%s" manually.',
' '.join(cmd))
logging.debug('Encountered error: %s', e)
def _TempDirInChroot():
"""A context to create and use a tempdir inside the chroot.
A host path (not chroot path) to a tempdir inside the chroot. This tempdir
is cleaned up when exiting the context.
chroot_tempdir = cros_build_lib.RunCommand(
['mktemp', '-d'],
tempdir = path_util.FromChrootPath(chroot_tempdir)
yield tempdir
osutils.RmDir(tempdir, ignore_missing=True)