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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Unittests for"""
import ctypes
import logging
import os
import sys
import urllib2
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)),
'..', '..'))
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import cros_test_lib
from chromite.lib import osutils
from chromite.lib import parallel
from chromite.lib import parallel_unittest
from chromite.scripts import upload_symbols
# TODO(build): Finish test wrapper (
# Until then, this has to be after the chromite imports.
import mock
class UploadSymbolsTest(cros_test_lib.MockTempDirTestCase):
"""Tests for UploadSymbols()"""
def setUp(self):
for d in ('foo', 'bar', 'some/dir/here'):
d = os.path.join(self.tempdir, d)
for f in ('ignored', 'real.sym', ''):
f = os.path.join(d, f)
def _testUploadURL(self, official, expected_url):
"""Helper for checking the url used"""
m = upload_symbols.UploadSymbol = mock.Mock(return_value=0)
with parallel_unittest.ParallelMock():
ret = upload_symbols.UploadSymbols('', official=official, retry=False,
breakpad_dir=self.tempdir, sleep=0)
self.assertEqual(ret, 0)
self.assertEqual(m.call_count, 3)
for call_args in m.call_args_list:
sym_file, url = call_args[0]
self.assertEqual(url, expected_url)
def testOfficialUploadURL(self):
"""Verify we upload to the real crash server for official builds"""
self._testUploadURL(True, upload_symbols.OFFICIAL_UPLOAD_URL)
def testUnofficialUploadURL(self):
"""Verify we upload to the staging crash server for unofficial builds"""
self._testUploadURL(False, upload_symbols.STAGING_UPLOAD_URL)
def testUploadSymbolFailureSimple(self):
"""Verify that when UploadSymbol fails, the error count is passed up"""
def UploadSymbol(*_args, **kwargs):
kwargs['num_errors'].value = 4
upload_symbols.UploadSymbol = mock.Mock(side_effect=UploadSymbol)
with parallel_unittest.ParallelMock():
ret = upload_symbols.UploadSymbols('', breakpad_dir=self.tempdir, sleep=0,
self.assertEquals(ret, 4)
def testUploadCount(self):
"""Verify we can limit the number of uploaded symbols"""
m = upload_symbols.UploadSymbol = mock.Mock(return_value=0)
for c in xrange(3):
with parallel_unittest.ParallelMock():
ret = upload_symbols.UploadSymbols('', breakpad_dir=self.tempdir,
sleep=0, upload_count=c)
self.assertEquals(ret, 0)
self.assertEqual(m.call_count, c)
class UploadSymbolTest(cros_test_lib.MockTempDirTestCase):
"""Tests for UploadSymbol()"""
def setUp(self):
self.sym_file = os.path.join(self.tempdir, 'foo.sym')
self.url = 'http://eatit'
def testUploadSymbolNormal(self):
"""Verify we try to upload on a normal file"""
m = upload_symbols.SymUpload = mock.Mock()
ret = upload_symbols.UploadSymbol(self.sym_file, self.url)
self.assertEqual(ret, 0)
m.assert_called_with(self.sym_file, self.url)
self.assertEqual(m.call_count, 1)
def testUploadSymbolErrorCountExceeded(self):
"""Verify that when the error count gets too high, we stop uploading"""
errors = ctypes.c_int(10000)
# Pass in garbage values so that we crash if num_errors isn't handled.
ret = upload_symbols.UploadSymbol(None, None, sleep=None, num_errors=errors)
self.assertEqual(ret, 0)
def testUploadRetryErrors(self, side_effect=None):
"""Verify that we retry errors (and eventually give up)"""
if not side_effect:
side_effect = urllib2.HTTPError('http://', 400, 'fail', {}, None)
m = upload_symbols.SymUpload = mock.Mock(side_effect=side_effect)
errors = ctypes.c_int()
ret = upload_symbols.UploadSymbol('/dev/null', self.url, num_errors=errors)
self.assertEqual(ret, 1)
m.assert_called_with('/dev/null', self.url)
self.assertTrue(m.call_count >= upload_symbols.MAX_RETRIES)
def testConnectRetryErrors(self):
"""Verify that we retry errors (and eventually give up) w/connect errors"""
side_effect = urllib2.URLError('foo')
def testTruncateTooBigFiles(self):
"""Verify we shrink big files"""
def SymUpload(sym_file, _url):
content = osutils.ReadFile(sym_file)
self.assertEqual(content, 'some junk\n')
m = upload_symbols.SymUpload = mock.Mock(side_effect=SymUpload)
content = (
'STACK CFI 1234',
'some junk',
'STACK CFI 1234',
osutils.WriteFile(self.sym_file, '\n'.join(content))
ret = upload_symbols.UploadSymbol(self.sym_file, self.url, file_limit=1)
self.assertEqual(ret, 0)
self.assertNotEqual(m.call_args[0][1], self.sym_file)
self.assertEqual(m.call_count, 1)
def testTruncateReallyLargeFiles(self):
"""Verify we try to shrink really big files"""
warn_mock = self.PatchObject(cros_build_lib, 'PrintBuildbotStepWarnings')
m = upload_symbols.SymUpload = mock.Mock()
with open(self.sym_file, 'w+b') as f:
f.truncate(upload_symbols.CRASH_SERVER_FILE_LIMIT + 100)
f.write('STACK CFI 1234\n\n')
ret = upload_symbols.UploadSymbol(self.sym_file, self.url)
self.assertEqual(ret, 0)
self.assertNotEqual(m.call_args[0][1], self.sym_file)
self.assertEqual(m.call_count, 1)
self.assertEqual(warn_mock.call_count, 1)
class SymUploadTest(cros_test_lib.MockTempDirTestCase):
"""Tests for SymUpload()"""
SYM_URL = 'http://localhost/post/it/here'
SYM_CONTENTS = """MODULE Linux arm 123-456 blkid
PUBLIC 1471 0 main"""
def setUp(self):
self.sym_file = os.path.join(self.tempdir, 'test.sym')
osutils.WriteFile(self.sym_file, self.SYM_CONTENTS)
def testPostUpload(self):
"""Verify HTTP POST has all the fields we need"""
m = self.PatchObject(urllib2, 'urlopen', autospec=True)
upload_symbols.SymUpload(self.sym_file, self.SYM_URL)
self.assertEquals(m.call_count, 1)
req = m.call_args[0][0]
self.assertEquals(req.get_full_url(), self.SYM_URL)
data = ''.join([x for x in req.get_data()])
fields = {
'code_file': 'blkid',
'debug_file': 'blkid',
'debug_identifier': '123456',
'os': 'Linux',
'cpu': 'arm',
for key, val in fields.iteritems():
line = 'Content-Disposition: form-data; name="%s"\r\n' % key
self.assertTrue(line in data)
line = '%s\r\n' % val
self.assertTrue(line in data)
line = ('Content-Disposition: form-data; name="symbol_file"; '
self.assertTrue(line in data)
self.assertTrue(self.SYM_CONTENTS in data)
if __name__ == '__main__':
# pylint: disable=W0212
# Set timeouts small so that if the unit test hangs, it won't hang for long.
parallel._BackgroundTask.STARTUP_TIMEOUT = 5
parallel._BackgroundTask.EXIT_TIMEOUT = 5
# We want to test retry behavior, so make sure we don't sleep.
upload_symbols.INITIAL_RETRY_DELAY = 0
# Run the tests.