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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module containing the base class for the stages that a builder runs."""
import os
import re
import sys
import time
import traceback
from chromite.buildbot import cbuildbot_config
from chromite.buildbot import cbuildbot_results as results_lib
from chromite.buildbot import constants
from chromite.buildbot import portage_utilities
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
class NonBacktraceBuildException(Exception):
class BuilderStage(object):
"""Parent class for stages to be performed by a builder."""
name_stage_re = re.compile('(\w+)Stage')
# TODO(sosa): Remove these once we have a SEND/RECIEVE IPC mechanism
# implemented.
overlays = None
push_overlays = None
# Class variable that stores the branch to build and test
_target_manifest_branch = None
# Class should set this if they have a corresponding no<stage> option that
# skips their stage.
option_name = None
# Class should set this if they have a corresponding setting in
# self._build_config that skips their stage.
config_name = None
def SetManifestBranch(branch):
BuilderStage._target_manifest_branch = branch
def StageNamePrefix(cls):
return cls.name_stage_re.match(cls.__name__).group(1)
def __init__(self, options, build_config, suffix=None):
self._bot_id = build_config['name']
self._options = options
self._build_config = build_config = self.StageNamePrefix()
if suffix: += suffix
self._boards = self._build_config['boards']
self._build_root = os.path.abspath(self._options.buildroot)
self._prebuilt_type = None
if self._options.prebuilts and self._build_config['prebuilts']:
self._prebuilt_type = self._build_config['build_type']
# Determine correct chrome_rev.
self._chrome_rev = self._build_config['chrome_rev']
if self._options.chrome_rev:
self._chrome_rev = self._options.chrome_rev
def _ExtractOverlays(self):
"""Extracts list of overlays into class."""
overlays = portage_utilities.FindOverlays(
self._build_root, self._build_config['overlays'])
push_overlays = portage_utilities.FindOverlays(
self._build_root, self._build_config['push_overlays'])
# Sanity checks.
# We cannot push to overlays that we don't rev.
assert set(push_overlays).issubset(set(overlays))
# Either has to be a master or not have any push overlays.
assert self._build_config['master'] or not push_overlays
return overlays, push_overlays
def _PrintLoudly(self, msg):
"""Prints a msg with loudly."""
border_line = '*' * 60
edge = '*' * 2
print border_line
msg_lines = msg.split('\n')
# If the last line is whitespace only drop it.
if not msg_lines[-1].rstrip():
del msg_lines[-1]
for msg_line in msg_lines:
print '%s %s' % (edge, msg_line)
print border_line
def _GetPortageEnvVar(self, envvar, board):
"""Get a portage environment variable for the configuration's board.
envvar: The environment variable to get. E.g. 'PORTAGE_BINHOST'.
The value of the environment variable, as a string. If no such variable
can be found, return the empty string.
cwd = os.path.join(self._build_root, 'src', 'scripts')
if board:
portageq = 'portageq-%s' % board
portageq = 'portageq'
binhost = cros_build_lib.RunCommand(
[portageq, 'envvar', envvar], cwd=cwd, redirect_stdout=True,
enter_chroot=True, error_ok=True)
return binhost.output.rstrip('\n')
# pylint: disable=W0102
def _GetSlavesForMaster(self, configs=cbuildbot_config.config):
"""Gets the important builds corresponding to this master builder.
Given that we are a master builder, find all corresponding slaves that
are important to me. These are those builders that share the same
build_type and manifest_version url.
builders = []
build_type = self._build_config['build_type']
branch_config = self._build_config['branch']
overlay_config = self._build_config['overlays']
assert not self._build_config['unified_manifest_version']
assert self._build_config['manifest_version']
assert self._build_config['master']
for build_name, config in configs.iteritems():
if (config['important'] and config['manifest_version'] and
not config['unified_manifest_version'] and
config['build_type'] == build_type and
config['chrome_rev'] == self._chrome_rev and
config['overlays'] == overlay_config and
config['branch'] == branch_config):
return builders
# pylint: disable=W0102
def _GetSlavesForUnifiedMaster(self, configs=cbuildbot_config.config):
"""Gets the important builds corresponding to this unified master.
A unified master has both private and public slaves that read from two
separate manifest_versions repositories.
A tuple consisting of the public slaves and private slaves for this
unified builder.
public_builders = []
private_builders = []
build_type = self._build_config['build_type']
branch_config = self._build_config['branch']
assert self._build_config['unified_manifest_version']
assert self._build_config['manifest_version']
assert self._build_config['master']
for build_name, config in configs.iteritems():
if (config['important'] and config['unified_manifest_version'] and
config['manifest_version'] and
config['build_type'] == build_type and
config['chrome_rev'] == self._chrome_rev and
config['branch'] == branch_config):
if config['internal']:
return public_builders, private_builders
def _Begin(self):
"""Can be overridden. Called before a stage is performed."""
# Tell the buildbot we are starting a new step for the waterfall
print '\n@@@BUILD_STEP %s@@@\n' %
self._PrintLoudly('Start Stage %s - %s\n\n%s' % (, time.strftime('%H:%M:%S'), self.__doc__))
def _Finish(self):
"""Can be overridden. Called after a stage has been performed."""
self._PrintLoudly('Finished Stage %s - %s' %
(, time.strftime('%H:%M:%S')))
def _PerformStage(self):
"""Subclassed stages must override this function to perform what they want
to be done.
def _HandleExceptionAsSuccess(self, _exception):
"""Use instead of HandleStageException to ignore an exception."""
return results_lib.Results.SUCCESS, None
def _HandleExceptionAsWarning(self, _exception):
"""Use instead of HandleStageException to treat an exception as a warning.
This is used by the ForgivingBuilderStage's to treat any exceptions as
warnings instead of stage failures.
print '\n%s' % constants.STEP_WARNINGS
description = traceback.format_exc()
print >> sys.stderr, description
return results_lib.Results.FORGIVEN, None
def _HandleStageException(self, exception):
"""Called when _PerformStages throws an exception. Can be overriden.
Should return result, description. Description should be None if result
is not an exception.
# Tell the user about the exception, and record it
print '\n%s' % constants.STEP_FAILURE
description = None
if isinstance(exception, NonBacktraceBuildException):
description = str(exception)
description = traceback.format_exc()
print >> sys.stderr, description
return exception, description
def HandleSkip(self):
"""Run if the stage is skipped."""
def Run(self):
"""Have the builder execute the stage."""
if (self.option_name and not getattr(self._options, self.option_name) or
self.config_name and not self._build_config[self.config_name]):
self._PrintLoudly('Not running Stage %s' %
record = results_lib.Results.PreviouslyCompletedRecord(
if record:
self._PrintLoudly('Skipping Stage %s' %
results_lib.Results.Record(, results_lib.Results.SUCCESS, None,
start_time = time.time()
# Set default values
result = results_lib.Results.SUCCESS
description = None
except SystemExit as e:
if e.code != 0:
result, description = self._HandleStageException(e)
except Exception as e:
# Tell the build bot this step failed for the waterfall
result, description = self._HandleStageException(e)
if result not in (results_lib.Results.FORGIVEN,
raise NonBacktraceBuildException()
elapsed_time = time.time() - start_time
results_lib.Results.Record(, result, description,