cros_sdk: improve curl output parsing

Derived from CoreOS commit add4c2e24ca7e23bb3895fdea8fa58eab950f9dc

    Blindly searching for '200 OK' doesn't work with HTTP/2 which doesn't
    include a text description in the response. Match the status line by
    prefix instead. Seems less foolish anyway.

Might as well future-proof against HTTP revisions up to 9.9 ;)

BUG=chromium:541462, chromium:810207
TEST=`cros_sdk`; set up new chroot; trybots

Cherry picked from master. Conflicts:
* Removed call to logging

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Inspired-by: Michael Marineau <>
Signed-off-by: Brian Norris <>
Tested-by: Harry Pan <>
Reviewed-by: Mike Frysinger <>
Signed-off-by: Alexandru M Stan <>
Tested-by: Mike Frysinger <>
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