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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Simplified cros_mark_as_stable script."""
from __future__ import print_function
import os
import sys
from chromite.lib import constants
from chromite.lib import commandline
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import cros_logging as logging
from chromite.lib import git
from chromite.lib import osutils
from chromite.lib import parallel
from chromite.lib import portage_util
from chromite.cbuildbot import manifest_version
assert sys.version_info >= (3, 6), 'This module requires Python 3.6+'
# Commit message subject for uprevving Portage packages.
GIT_COMMIT_SUBJECT = 'Marking set of ebuilds as stable'
# Commit message for uprevving Portage packages.
_GIT_COMMIT_MESSAGE = 'Marking 9999 ebuild for %s as stable.'
def GetParser():
"""Build the argument parser."""
parser = commandline.ArgumentParser(description=__doc__)
parser.add_argument('--all', action='store_true',
help='Mark all packages as stable.')
parser.add_argument('--boards', help='Colon-separated list of boards.')
parser.add_argument('--chroot', type='path', help='The chroot path.')
parser.add_argument('--force', action='store_true',
help='Force the stabilization of blacklisted packages. '
'(only compatible with -p)')
parser.add_argument('--overlay-type', required=True,
choices=['public', 'private', 'both'],
help='Populates --overlays based on "public", "private", '
'or "both".')
help='Colon separated list of packages to rev.')
parser.add_argument('--dump-files', action='store_true',
help='Dump the revved packages, new files list, and '
'removed files list files. This is mostly for'
'debugging right now.')
return parser
def _ParseArguments(argv):
"""Parse and validate arguments."""
parser = GetParser()
options = parser.parse_args(argv)
# Parse, cleanup, and populate options.
if options.packages:
options.packages = options.packages.split(':')
if options.boards:
options.boards = options.boards.split(':')
options.overlays = portage_util.FindOverlays(options.overlay_type)
# Verify options.
if not options.packages and not options.all:
parser.error('Please specify at least one package (--packages)')
if options.force and options.all:
parser.error('Cannot use --force with --all. You must specify a list of '
'packages you want to force uprev.')
return options
def main(argv):
options = _ParseArguments(argv)
if not options.boards:
overlays = portage_util.FindOverlays(options.overlay_type)
overlays = set()
for board in options.boards:
board_overlays = portage_util.FindOverlays(options.overlay_type,
overlays = overlays.union(board_overlays)
overlays = list(overlays)
manifest = git.ManifestCheckout.Cached(constants.SOURCE_ROOT)
_WorkOnCommit(options, overlays, manifest, options.packages or None)
def CleanStalePackages(boards, package_atoms, chroot):
"""Cleans up stale package info from a previous build.
boards: Boards to clean the packages from.
package_atoms: A list of package atoms to unmerge.
chroot (str): The chroot path.
if package_atoms:'Cleaning up stale packages %s.', package_atoms)
# First unmerge all the packages for a board, then eclean it.
# We need these two steps to run in order (unmerge/eclean),
# but we can let all the boards run in parallel.
def _CleanStalePackages(board):
if board:
suffix = '-' + board
runcmd =
suffix = ''
runcmd = cros_build_lib.sudo_run
chroot_args = ['--chroot', chroot] if chroot else None
emerge, eclean = 'emerge' + suffix, 'eclean' + suffix
if not osutils.FindMissingBinaries([emerge, eclean]):
if package_atoms:
# If nothing was found to be unmerged, emerge will exit(1).
result = runcmd([emerge, '-q', '--unmerge'] + list(package_atoms),
enter_chroot=True, chroot_args=chroot_args,
extra_env={'CLEAN_DELAY': '0'},
check=False, cwd=constants.SOURCE_ROOT)
if result.returncode not in (0, 1):
raise cros_build_lib.RunCommandError('unexpected error', result)
runcmd([eclean, '-d', 'packages'],
cwd=constants.SOURCE_ROOT, enter_chroot=True,
chroot_args=chroot_args, stdout=True,
tasks = []
for board in boards:
parallel.RunTasksInProcessPool(_CleanStalePackages, tasks)
def _WorkOnCommit(options, overlays, manifest, package_list):
"""Commit uprevs of overlays belonging to different git projects in parallel.
options: The options object returned by the argument parser.
overlays: A list of overlays to work on.
manifest: The manifest of the given source root.
package_list: A list of packages passed from commandline to work on.
overlay_ebuilds = _GetOverlayToEbuildsMap(overlays, package_list,
with parallel.Manager() as manager:
# Contains the array of packages we actually revved.
revved_packages = manager.list()
new_package_atoms = manager.list()
new_ebuild_files = manager.list()
removed_ebuild_files = manager.list()
inputs = [[manifest, [overlay], overlay_ebuilds, revved_packages,
new_package_atoms, new_ebuild_files, removed_ebuild_files]
for overlay in overlays]
parallel.RunTasksInProcessPool(_UprevOverlays, inputs)
if options.chroot and os.path.exists(options.chroot):
CleanStalePackages(options.boards or [], new_package_atoms,
if options.dump_files:
osutils.WriteFile('/tmp/revved_packages', '\n'.join(revved_packages))
osutils.WriteFile('/tmp/new_ebuild_files', '\n'.join(new_ebuild_files))
def _GetOverlayToEbuildsMap(overlays, package_list, force):
"""Get ebuilds for overlays.
overlays: A list of overlays to work on.
package_list: A list of packages passed from commandline to work on.
force (bool): Whether to use packages even if in blacklist.
A dict mapping each overlay to a list of ebuilds belonging to it.
root_version = manifest_version.VersionInfo.from_repo(constants.SOURCE_ROOT)
subdir_removal = manifest_version.VersionInfo('10363.0.0')
require_subdir_support = root_version < subdir_removal
use_all = not package_list
overlay_ebuilds = {}
inputs = [[overlay, use_all, package_list, force, require_subdir_support]
for overlay in overlays]
result = parallel.RunTasksInProcessPool(
portage_util.GetOverlayEBuilds, inputs)
for idx, ebuilds in enumerate(result):
overlay_ebuilds[overlays[idx]] = ebuilds
return overlay_ebuilds
def _UprevOverlays(manifest, overlays, overlay_ebuilds,
revved_packages, new_package_atoms, new_ebuild_files,
"""Execute uprevs for overlays in sequence.
manifest: The manifest of the given source root.
overlays: A list over overlays to commit.
overlay_ebuilds: A dict mapping overlays to their ebuilds.
revved_packages: A shared list of revved packages.
new_package_atoms: A shared list of new package atoms.
new_ebuild_files: New stable ebuild paths.
removed_ebuild_files: Old ebuild paths that were removed.
for overlay in overlays:
if not os.path.isdir(overlay):
logging.warning('Skipping %s, which is not a directory.', overlay)
ebuilds = overlay_ebuilds.get(overlay, [])
if not ebuilds:
with parallel.Manager() as manager:
# Contains the array of packages we actually revved.
messages = manager.list()
inputs = [[overlay, ebuild, manifest, new_ebuild_files,
removed_ebuild_files, messages, revved_packages,
new_package_atoms] for ebuild in ebuilds]
parallel.RunTasksInProcessPool(_WorkOnEbuild, inputs)
def _WorkOnEbuild(overlay, ebuild, manifest, new_ebuild_files,
removed_ebuild_files, messages, revved_packages,
"""Work on a single ebuild.
overlay: The overlay where the ebuild belongs to.
ebuild: The ebuild to work on.
manifest: The manifest of the given source root.
new_ebuild_files: New stable ebuild paths that were created.
removed_ebuild_files: Old ebuild paths that were removed.
messages: A share list of commit messages.
revved_packages: A shared list of revved packages.
new_package_atoms: A shared list of new package atoms.
logging.debug('Working on %s, info %s', ebuild.package,
result = ebuild.RevWorkOnEBuild(os.path.join(constants.SOURCE_ROOT, 'src'),
except portage_util.InvalidUprevSourceError as e:
logging.error('An error occurred while uprevving %s: %s',
ebuild.package, e)
except OSError:
'Cannot rev %s\n'
'Note you will have to go into %s '
'and reset the git repo yourself.', ebuild.package, overlay)
if result:
new_package, ebuild_path_to_add, ebuild_path_to_remove = result
if ebuild_path_to_add:
if ebuild_path_to_remove:
messages.append(_GIT_COMMIT_MESSAGE % ebuild.package)
new_package_atoms.append('=%s' % new_package)