cbuildbot_config: Freon updates for rambi & ivybridge

This squashes the following commits for M43:

  11ddbd "cbuildbot_config: Remove unused parrot_release_group."
  7ebaef "cbuildbot_config: Rambi board set freon transition"
  dd7785 "cbuildbot_config: Remove unused _freon_boards."
  55d73e "Move a few rambi boards to the rambi-freon-a group."
  624f70 "cbuildbot_config: Re-add cranky, rambi-b canary."

and adds an update to use "stout" and "quawks" in place of "stout_freon"
and "quawks_freon" since these are now freonized on the branch.

TEST=cbuildbot_config_unittest, binhost_test

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