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# Copyright (c) 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import itertools
import os
import random
import gerrit_util
import owners as owners_db
import scm
def _owner_combinations(owners, num_owners):
"""Iterate owners combinations by decrasing score.
The score of an owner is its position on the owners list.
The score of a set of owners is the maximum score of all owners on the set.
Returns all combinations of up to `num_owners` sorted by decreasing score:
_owner_combinations(['0', '1', '2', '3'], 2) == [
# score 1
('1', '0'),
# score 2
('2', '0'),
('2', '1'),
# score 3
('3', '0'),
('3', '1'),
('3', '2'),
return reversed(list(itertools.combinations(reversed(owners), num_owners)))
class InvalidOwnersConfig(Exception):
class OwnersClient(object):
"""Interact with OWNERS files in a repository.
This class allows you to interact with OWNERS files in a repository both the
Gerrit Code-Owners plugin REST API, and the owners database implemented by
Depot Tools in
- List all the owners for a change.
- Check if a change has been approved.
- Check if the OWNERS configuration in a change is valid.
All code should use this class to interact with OWNERS files instead of the
owners database in
def __init__(self, host):
self._host = host
def ListOwnersForFile(self, project, branch, path):
"""List all owners for a file.
The returned list is sorted so that better owners appear first.
raise Exception('Not implemented')
def GetChangeApprovalStatus(self, change_id):
"""Check the approval status for the latest revision_id in a change.
Returns a map of path to approval status, where the status can be one of:
- APPROVED: An owner of the file has reviewed the change.
- PENDING: An owner of the file has been added as a reviewer, but no owner
has approved.
- INSUFFICIENT_REVIEWERS: No owner of the file has been added as a reviewer.
raise Exception('Not implemented')
def ValidateOwnersConfig(self, change_id):
"""Check if the owners configuration in a change is valid."""
raise Exception('Not implemented')
def GetFilesApprovalStatus(
self, project, branch, paths, approvers, reviewers):
"""Check the approval status for the given paths.
Utility method to check for approval status when a change has not yet been
created, given reviewers and approvers.
See GetChangeApprovalStatus for description of the returned value.
approvers = set(approvers)
reviewers = set(reviewers)
status = {}
for path in paths:
path_owners = set(self.ListOwnersForFile(project, branch, path))
if path_owners.intersection(approvers):
status[path] = APPROVED
elif path_owners.intersection(reviewers):
status[path] = PENDING
return status
def SuggestOwners(self, project, branch, paths):
"""Suggest a set of owners for the given paths."""
paths_by_owner = {}
score_by_owner = {}
for path in paths:
owners = self.ListOwnersForFile(project, branch, path)
for i, owner in enumerate(owners):
paths_by_owner.setdefault(owner, set()).add(path)
# Gerrit API lists owners of a path sorted by an internal score, so
# owners that appear first should be prefered.
# We define the score of an owner to be their minimum position in all
# paths.
score_by_owner[owner] = min(i, score_by_owner.get(owner, i))
# Sort owners by their score.
owners = sorted(score_by_owner, key=lambda o: score_by_owner[o])
# Select the minimum number of owners that can approve all paths.
# We start at 2 to avoid sending all changes that require multiple reviewers
# to top-level owners.
if len(owners) < 2:
return owners
for num_owners in range(2, len(owners)):
# Iterate all combinations of `num_owners` by decreasing score, and select
# the first one that covers all paths.
for selected in _owner_combinations(owners, num_owners):
covered = set.union(*(paths_by_owner[o] for o in selected))
if len(covered) == len(paths):
return selected
class DepotToolsClient(OwnersClient):
"""Implement OwnersClient using Database."""
def __init__(self, host, root, branch, fopen=open, os_path=os.path):
super(DepotToolsClient, self).__init__(host)
self._root = root
self._fopen = fopen
self._os_path = os_path
self._branch = branch
self._db = owners_db.Database(root, fopen, os_path)
self._db.override_files = self._GetOriginalOwnersFiles()
def _GetOriginalOwnersFiles(self):
return {
f: scm.GIT.GetOldContents(self._root, f, self._branch).splitlines()
for _, f in scm.GIT.CaptureStatus(self._root, self._branch)
if os.path.basename(f) == 'OWNERS'
def ListOwnersForFile(self, _project, _branch, path):
# all_possible_owners returns a dict {owner: [(path, distance)]}. We want to
# return a list of owners sorted by increasing distance.
distance_by_owner = self._db.all_possible_owners([path], None)
# We add a small random number to the distance, so that owners at the same
# distance are returned in random order to avoid overloading those who would
# appear first.
return sorted(
key=lambda o: distance_by_owner[o][0][1] + random.random())
def GetChangeApprovalStatus(self, change_id):
data = gerrit_util.GetChange(
self._host, change_id,
reviewers = [r['email'] for r in data['reviewers']['REVIEWER']]
# Get reviewers that have approved this change
label = data['labels']['Code-Review']
max_value = max(int(v) for v in label['values'])
approvers = [v['email'] for v in label['all'] if v['value'] == max_value]
files = data['revisions'][data['current_revision']]['files']
return self.GetFilesApprovalStatus(None, None, files, approvers, reviewers)
def ValidateOwnersConfig(self, change_id):
data = gerrit_util.GetChange(
self._host, change_id,
files = data['revisions'][data['current_revision']]['files']
db = owners_db.Database(self._root, self._fopen, self._os_path)
[f for f in files if os.path.basename(f) == 'OWNERS'])
except Exception as e:
raise InvalidOwnersConfig('Error parsing OWNERS files:\n%s' % e)