Why am I seeing this message?

We're starting to collect metrics about how developers use gclient and other tools in depot_tools to better understand the performance and failure modes of the tools, as well of the pain points and workflows of depot_tools users.

We will collect metrics only if you're a Googler on the corp network: If you can access https://cit-cli-metrics.appspot.com/should-upload, then we will collect metrics from you.

The first ten executions of depot_tools commands will print large warnings counting down to zero. When the counter hits zero, metrics collection will automatically begin, and depot_tools will display large warning messages informing you of it. These messages will continue until you explicitly opt in or opt out.

You can run gclient metrics --opt-in or gclient metrics --opt-out to do so. And you can opt-in or out at any time.

Please consider opting in. It will allow us to know what features are the most important, what features can we deprecate, and what features should we develop to better cover your use case.

What metrics are you collecting?

First, some words about what data we are NOT collecting:

The metrics we're collecting are:

  • The time when the command was run.
  • The age of your depot_tools checkout.
  • Your version of Python (in the format major.minor.micro).
  • Your version of Git (in the format major.minor.micro).
  • The OS of your machine (i.e. win, linux or mac).
  • The arch of your machine (e.g. x64, arm, etc).
  • The command that you ran (e.g. gclient sync).
  • The flag names (but not their values) that you passed to the command (e.g. --force, --revision).
  • The execution time.
  • The exit code.
  • The project you‘re working on. We only record data about projects you can fetch using depot_tools’ fetch command (e.g. Chromium, WebRTC, V8, etc)
  • The age of your project checkout.
  • What features are you using in your DEPS and .gclient files. For example:
    • Are you setting use_relative_paths=True?
    • Are you using recursedeps?
  • Information about the http requests that depot_tools makes:
    • What host are we making the request to? Only collected for well known hosts like chromium-review.googlesource.com.
    • What path did we access on the server? We map the path to an enum to make sure we're not collecting personally identifiable information. i.e. we report ‘changes/’ instead of ‘changes/12345’
    • What arguments were used on the request? We collect only known argument names, but not their values.
    • What known headers were present or absent?
    • How long did the execution take?
    • What was the response code?
    • What HTTP method was used? (i.e. GET, PUT, POST, etc.)
  • Information about the commands that depot_tools runs:
    • What command was executed? (i.e. git or cipd)
    • How long did the command execute for?
    • What argument names (but not values) were passed to the program. (e.g. --checkout but not the branch name).
    • What was the exit code?

The list of all known strings we collect can be found at https://chromium.googlesource.com/infra/infra/+/master/go/src/infra/appengine/depot_tools_metrics/metrics/metrics_schema.json#45

Why am I seeing this message again?

We might want to collect additional metrics, and if so we will ask you for permission again.

Opting in or out explicitly will stop the messages from being displayed.

How can I check if metrics are being collected?

You can run gclient metrics and it will report if you have opted in, out, or not chosen for metrics collection.

If you have not yet explicitly opted in or out you will see a message after each time we collect metrics.

How can I stop seeing this message?

You will stop seeing it once you have explicitly opted in or out of depot_tools metrics collection.

You can run gclient metrics --opt-in or gclient metrics --opt-out to do so. And you can opt-in or out at any time.