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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
Utilities for requesting information for a gerrit server via https.
from __future__ import print_function
import base64
import contextlib
import cookielib
import httplib # Still used for its constants.
import json
import logging
import netrc
import os
import random
import re
import socket
import stat
import sys
import tempfile
import time
import urllib
import urlparse
from cStringIO import StringIO
from multiprocessing.pool import ThreadPool
import auth
import gclient_utils
import metrics
import metrics_utils
import subprocess2
from third_party import httplib2
LOGGER = logging.getLogger()
# With a starting sleep time of 1.5 seconds, 2^n exponential backoff, and seven
# total tries, the sleep time between the first and last tries will be 94.5 sec.
# TODO( Lower this when is fixed.
# Controls the transport protocol used to communicate with gerrit.
# This is parameterized primarily to enable GerritTestCase.
class GerritError(Exception):
"""Exception class for errors commuicating with the gerrit-on-borg service."""
def __init__(self, http_status, *args, **kwargs):
super(GerritError, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.http_status = http_status
self.message = '(%d) %s' % (self.http_status, self.message)
class GerritAuthenticationError(GerritError):
"""Exception class for authentication errors during Gerrit communication."""
def _QueryString(params, first_param=None):
"""Encodes query parameters in the key:val[+key:val...] format specified here:
q = [urllib.quote(first_param)] if first_param else []
q.extend(['%s:%s' % (key, val) for key, val in params])
return '+'.join(q)
def GetConnectionObject(protocol=None):
if protocol is None:
if protocol in ('http', 'https'):
return httplib2.Http()
raise RuntimeError(
"Don't know how to work with protocol '%s'" % protocol)
class Authenticator(object):
"""Base authenticator class for authenticator implementations to subclass."""
def get_auth_header(self, host):
raise NotImplementedError()
def get():
"""Returns: (Authenticator) The identified Authenticator to use.
Probes the local system and its environment and identifies the
Authenticator instance to use.
# LUCI Context takes priority since it's normally present only on bots,
# which then must use it.
if LuciContextAuthenticator.is_luci():
return LuciContextAuthenticator()
if GceAuthenticator.is_gce():
return GceAuthenticator()
return CookiesAuthenticator()
class CookiesAuthenticator(Authenticator):
"""Authenticator implementation that uses ".netrc" or ".gitcookies" for token.
Expected case for developer workstations.
_EMPTY = object()
def __init__(self):
# Credentials will be loaded lazily on first use. This ensures Authenticator
# get() can always construct an authenticator, even if something is broken.
# This allows 'creds-check' to proceed to actually checking creds later,
# rigorously (instead of blowing up with a cryptic error if they are wrong).
self._netrc = self._EMPTY
self._gitcookies = self._EMPTY
def netrc(self):
if self._netrc is self._EMPTY:
self._netrc = self._get_netrc()
return self._netrc
def gitcookies(self):
if self._gitcookies is self._EMPTY:
self._gitcookies = self._get_gitcookies()
return self._gitcookies
def get_new_password_url(cls, host):
assert not host.startswith('http')
# Assume * pattern.
parts = host.split('.')
if not parts[0].endswith('-review'):
parts[0] += '-review'
return 'https://%s/new-password' % ('.'.join(parts))
def get_new_password_message(cls, host):
if host is None:
return ('Git host for gerrit upload is unknown. Check your remote '
'and the branch your branch is tracking. This tool assumes '
'that you are using a git server at *')
assert not host.startswith('http')
# Assume * pattern.
parts = host.split('.')
if not parts[0].endswith('-review'):
parts[0] += '-review'
url = 'https://%s/new-password' % ('.'.join(parts))
return 'You can (re)generate your credentials by visiting %s' % url
def get_netrc_path(cls):
path = '_netrc' if sys.platform.startswith('win') else '.netrc'
return os.path.expanduser(os.path.join('~', path))
def _get_netrc(cls):
# Buffer the '.netrc' path. Use an empty file if it doesn't exist.
path = cls.get_netrc_path()
if not os.path.exists(path):
return netrc.netrc(os.devnull)
st = os.stat(path)
if st.st_mode & (stat.S_IRWXG | stat.S_IRWXO):
'WARNING: netrc file %s cannot be used because its file '
'permissions are insecure. netrc file permissions should be '
'600.' % path, file=sys.stderr)
with open(path) as fd:
content =
# Load the '.netrc' file. We strip comments from it because processing them
# can trigger a bug in Windows. See
content = '\n'.join(l for l in content.splitlines()
if l.strip() and not l.strip().startswith('#'))
with tempdir() as tdir:
netrc_path = os.path.join(tdir, 'netrc')
with open(netrc_path, 'w') as fd:
os.chmod(netrc_path, (stat.S_IRUSR | stat.S_IWUSR))
return cls._get_netrc_from_path(netrc_path)
def _get_netrc_from_path(cls, path):
return netrc.netrc(path)
except IOError:
print('WARNING: Could not read netrc file %s' % path, file=sys.stderr)
return netrc.netrc(os.devnull)
except netrc.NetrcParseError as e:
print('ERROR: Cannot use netrc file %s due to a parsing error: %s' %
(path, e), file=sys.stderr)
return netrc.netrc(os.devnull)
def get_gitcookies_path(cls):
if os.getenv('GIT_COOKIES_PATH'):
return os.getenv('GIT_COOKIES_PATH')
return subprocess2.check_output(
['git', 'config', '--path', 'http.cookiefile']).strip()
except subprocess2.CalledProcessError:
return os.path.join(os.environ['HOME'], '.gitcookies')
def _get_gitcookies(cls):
gitcookies = {}
path = cls.get_gitcookies_path()
if not os.path.exists(path):
return gitcookies
f = open(path, 'rb')
except IOError:
return gitcookies
with f:
for line in f:
fields = line.strip().split('\t')
if line.strip().startswith('#') or len(fields) != 7:
domain, xpath, key, value = fields[0], fields[2], fields[5], fields[6]
if xpath == '/' and key == 'o':
if value.startswith('git-'):
login, secret_token = value.split('=', 1)
gitcookies[domain] = (login, secret_token)
gitcookies[domain] = ('', value)
except (IndexError, ValueError, TypeError) as exc:
return gitcookies
def _get_auth_for_host(self, host):
for domain, creds in self.gitcookies.iteritems():
if cookielib.domain_match(host, domain):
return (creds[0], None, creds[1])
return self.netrc.authenticators(host)
def get_auth_header(self, host):
a = self._get_auth_for_host(host)
if a:
if a[0]:
return 'Basic %s' % (base64.b64encode('%s:%s' % (a[0], a[2])))
return 'Bearer %s' % a[2]
return None
def get_auth_email(self, host):
"""Best effort parsing of email to be used for auth for the given host."""
a = self._get_auth_for_host(host)
if not a:
return None
login = a[0]
# login typically looks like ''
if not login.startswith('git-') or '.' not in login:
return None
username, domain = login[len('git-'):].split('.', 1)
return '%s@%s' % (username, domain)
# Backwards compatibility just in case somebody imports this outside of
# depot_tools.
NetrcAuthenticator = CookiesAuthenticator
class GceAuthenticator(Authenticator):
"""Authenticator implementation that uses GCE metadata service for token.
_INFO_URL = ''
_ACQUIRE_URL = ('%s/computeMetadata/v1/instance/'
'service-accounts/default/token' % _INFO_URL)
_ACQUIRE_HEADERS = {"Metadata-Flavor": "Google"}
_cache_is_gce = None
_token_cache = None
_token_expiration = None
def is_gce(cls):
if os.getenv('SKIP_GCE_AUTH_FOR_GIT'):
return False
if cls._cache_is_gce is None:
cls._cache_is_gce = cls._test_is_gce()
return cls._cache_is_gce
def _test_is_gce(cls):
# Based on
resp, _ = cls._get(cls._INFO_URL)
except (socket.error, httplib2.ServerNotFoundError,
# Could not resolve URL.
return False
return resp.get('metadata-flavor') == 'Google'
def _get(url, **kwargs):
next_delay_sec = 1
for i in xrange(TRY_LIMIT):
p = urlparse.urlparse(url)
c = GetConnectionObject(protocol=p.scheme)
resp, contents = c.request(url, 'GET', **kwargs)
LOGGER.debug('GET [%s] #%d/%d (%d)', url, i+1, TRY_LIMIT, resp.status)
if resp.status < httplib.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR:
return (resp, contents)
# Retry server error status codes.
LOGGER.warn('Encountered server error')
if TRY_LIMIT - i > 1:'Will retry in %d seconds (%d more times)...',
next_delay_sec, TRY_LIMIT - i - 1)
next_delay_sec *= 2
def _get_token_dict(cls):
if cls._token_cache:
# If it expires within 25 seconds, refresh.
if cls._token_expiration < time.time() - 25:
return cls._token_cache
resp, contents = cls._get(cls._ACQUIRE_URL, headers=cls._ACQUIRE_HEADERS)
if resp.status != httplib.OK:
return None
cls._token_cache = json.loads(contents)
cls._token_expiration = cls._token_cache['expires_in'] + time.time()
return cls._token_cache
def get_auth_header(self, _host):
token_dict = self._get_token_dict()
if not token_dict:
return None
return '%(token_type)s %(access_token)s' % token_dict
class LuciContextAuthenticator(Authenticator):
"""Authenticator implementation that uses LUCI_CONTEXT ambient local auth.
def is_luci():
return auth.has_luci_context_local_auth()
def __init__(self):
self._access_token = None
def _ensure_fresh(self):
if not self._access_token or self._access_token.needs_refresh():
self._access_token = auth.get_luci_context_access_token(
scopes=' '.join([auth.OAUTH_SCOPE_EMAIL, auth.OAUTH_SCOPE_GERRIT]))
def get_auth_header(self, _host):
return 'Bearer %s' % self._access_token.token
def CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='GET', headers=None, body=None):
"""Opens an https connection to a gerrit service, and sends a request."""
headers = headers or {}
bare_host = host.partition(':')[0]
a = Authenticator.get().get_auth_header(bare_host)
if a:
headers.setdefault('Authorization', a)
LOGGER.debug('No authorization found for %s.' % bare_host)
url = path
if not url.startswith('/'):
url = '/' + url
if 'Authorization' in headers and not url.startswith('/a/'):
url = '/a%s' % url
if body:
body = json.JSONEncoder().encode(body)
headers.setdefault('Content-Type', 'application/json')
if LOGGER.isEnabledFor(logging.DEBUG):
LOGGER.debug('%s %s://%s%s' % (reqtype, GERRIT_PROTOCOL, host, url))
for key, val in headers.iteritems():
if key == 'Authorization':
val = 'HIDDEN'
LOGGER.debug('%s: %s' % (key, val))
if body:
conn = GetConnectionObject()
# HACK: httplib.Http has no such attribute; we store req_host here for later
# use in ReadHttpResponse.
conn.req_host = host
conn.req_params = {
'uri': urlparse.urljoin('%s://%s' % (GERRIT_PROTOCOL, host), url),
'method': reqtype,
'headers': headers,
'body': body,
return conn
def ReadHttpResponse(conn, accept_statuses=frozenset([200])):
"""Reads an http response from a connection into a string buffer.
conn: An Http object created by CreateHttpConn above.
accept_statuses: Treat any of these statuses as success. Default: [200]
Common additions include 204, 400, and 404.
Returns: A string buffer containing the connection's reply.
sleep_time = 1.5
for idx in range(TRY_LIMIT):
before_response = time.time()
response, contents = conn.request(**conn.req_params)
response_time = time.time() - before_response
conn.req_params['uri'], conn.req_params['method'], response.status,
# Check if this is an authentication issue.
www_authenticate = response.get('www-authenticate')
if (response.status in (httplib.UNAUTHORIZED, httplib.FOUND) and
auth_match ='realm="([^"]+)"', www_authenticate, re.I)
host = if auth_match else conn.req_host
reason = ('Authentication failed. Please make sure your .gitcookies file '
'has credentials for %s' % host)
raise GerritAuthenticationError(response.status, reason)
# If response.status < 500 then the result is final; break retry loop.
# If the response is 404/409, it might be because of replication lag, so
# keep trying anyway.
if ((response.status < 500 and response.status not in [404, 409])
or response.status in accept_statuses):
LOGGER.debug('got response %d for %s %s', response.status,
conn.req_params['method'], conn.req_params['uri'])
# If 404 was in accept_statuses, then it's expected that the file might
# not exist, so don't return the gitiles error page because that's not the
# "content" that was actually requested.
if response.status == 404:
contents = ''
# A status >=500 is assumed to be a possible transient error; retry.
http_version = 'HTTP/%s' % ('1.1' if response.version == 11 else '1.0')
LOGGER.warn('A transient error occurred while querying %s:\n'
'%s %s %s\n'
'%s %d %s',
conn.req_host, conn.req_params['method'],
http_version, http_version, response.status, response.reason)
if response.status == 404:
# TODO(crbug/881860): remove this hack.
# HACK: try different Gerrit mirror as a workaround for potentially
# out-of-date mirror hit through default routing.
if conn.req_host == '':
conn.req_params['uri'] = _UseGerritMirror(
conn.req_params['uri'], '')
# And don't increase sleep_time in this case, since we suspect we've
# just asked wrong git mirror before.
sleep_time /= 2.0
if TRY_LIMIT - idx > 1:'Will retry in %d seconds (%d more times)...',
sleep_time, TRY_LIMIT - idx - 1)
sleep_time = sleep_time * 2
# end of retries loop
if response.status not in accept_statuses:
if response.status in (401, 403):
print('Your Gerrit credentials might be misconfigured. Try: \n'
' git cl creds-check')
reason = '%s: %s' % (response.reason, contents)
raise GerritError(response.status, reason)
return StringIO(contents)
def ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn, accept_statuses=frozenset([200])):
"""Parses an https response as json."""
fh = ReadHttpResponse(conn, accept_statuses)
# The first line of the response should always be: )]}'
s = fh.readline()
if s and s.rstrip() != ")]}'":
raise GerritError(200, 'Unexpected json output: %s' % s)
s =
if not s:
return None
return json.loads(s)
def QueryChanges(host, params, first_param=None, limit=None, o_params=None,
Queries a gerrit-on-borg server for changes matching query terms.
params: A list of key:value pairs for search parameters, as documented
here (e.g. ('is', 'owner') for a parameter 'is:owner'):
first_param: A change identifier
limit: Maximum number of results to return.
start: how many changes to skip (starting with the most recent)
o_params: A list of additional output specifiers, as documented here:
A list of json-decoded query results.
# Note that no attempt is made to escape special characters; YMMV.
if not params and not first_param:
raise RuntimeError('QueryChanges requires search parameters')
path = 'changes/?q=%s' % _QueryString(params, first_param)
if start:
path = '%s&start=%s' % (path, start)
if limit:
path = '%s&n=%d' % (path, limit)
if o_params:
path = '%s&%s' % (path, '&'.join(['o=%s' % p for p in o_params]))
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def GenerateAllChanges(host, params, first_param=None, limit=500,
o_params=None, start=None):
Queries a gerrit-on-borg server for all the changes matching the query terms.
WARNING: this is unreliable if a change matching the query is modified while
this function is being called.
A single query to gerrit-on-borg is limited on the number of results by the
limit parameter on the request (see QueryChanges) and the server maximum
params, first_param: Refer to QueryChanges().
limit: Maximum number of requested changes per query.
o_params: Refer to QueryChanges().
start: Refer to QueryChanges().
A generator object to the list of returned changes.
already_returned = set()
def at_most_once(cls):
for cl in cls:
if cl['_number'] not in already_returned:
yield cl
start = start or 0
cur_start = start
more_changes = True
while more_changes:
# This will fetch changes[start..start+limit] sorted by most recently
# updated. Since the rank of any change in this list can be changed any time
# (say user posting comment), subsequent calls may overalp like this:
# > initial order ABCDEFGH
# query[0..3] => ABC
# > E get's updated. New order: EABCDFGH
# query[3..6] => CDF # C is a dup
# query[6..9] => GH # E is missed.
page = QueryChanges(host, params, first_param, limit, o_params,
for cl in at_most_once(page):
yield cl
more_changes = [cl for cl in page if '_more_changes' in cl]
if len(more_changes) > 1:
raise GerritError(
'Received %d changes with a _more_changes attribute set but should '
'receive at most one.' % len(more_changes))
if more_changes:
cur_start += len(page)
# If we paged through, query again the first page which in most circumstances
# will fetch all changes that were modified while this function was run.
if start != cur_start:
page = QueryChanges(host, params, first_param, limit, o_params, start)
for cl in at_most_once(page):
yield cl
def MultiQueryChanges(host, params, change_list, limit=None, o_params=None,
"""Initiate a query composed of multiple sets of query parameters."""
if not change_list:
raise RuntimeError(
"MultiQueryChanges requires a list of change numbers/id's")
q = ['q=%s' % '+OR+'.join([urllib.quote(str(x)) for x in change_list])]
if params:
if limit:
q.append('n=%d' % limit)
if start:
q.append('S=%s' % start)
if o_params:
q.extend(['o=%s' % p for p in o_params])
path = 'changes/?%s' % '&'.join(q)
result = ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
except GerritError as e:
msg = '%s:\n%s' % (e.message, path)
raise GerritError(e.http_status, msg)
return result
def GetGerritFetchUrl(host):
"""Given a gerrit host name returns URL of a gerrit instance to fetch from."""
return '%s://%s/' % (GERRIT_PROTOCOL, host)
def GetCodeReviewTbrScore(host, project):
"""Given a gerrit host name and project, return the Code-Review score for TBR.
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, '/projects/%s' % urllib.quote(project, safe=''))
project = ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn)
if ('labels' not in project
or 'Code-Review' not in project['labels']
or 'values' not in project['labels']['Code-Review']):
return 1
return max([int(x) for x in project['labels']['Code-Review']['values']])
def GetChangePageUrl(host, change_number):
"""Given a gerrit host name and change number, return change page url."""
return '%s://%s/#/c/%d/' % (GERRIT_PROTOCOL, host, change_number)
def GetChangeUrl(host, change):
"""Given a gerrit host name and change id, return an url for the change."""
return '%s://%s/a/changes/%s' % (GERRIT_PROTOCOL, host, change)
def GetChange(host, change):
"""Query a gerrit server for information about a single change."""
path = 'changes/%s' % change
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def GetChangeDetail(host, change, o_params=None):
"""Query a gerrit server for extended information about a single change."""
path = 'changes/%s/detail' % change
if o_params:
path += '?%s' % '&'.join(['o=%s' % p for p in o_params])
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def GetChangeCommit(host, change, revision='current'):
"""Query a gerrit server for a revision associated with a change."""
path = 'changes/%s/revisions/%s/commit?links' % (change, revision)
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def GetChangeCurrentRevision(host, change):
"""Get information about the latest revision for a given change."""
return QueryChanges(host, [], change, o_params=('CURRENT_REVISION',))
def GetChangeRevisions(host, change):
"""Get information about all revisions associated with a change."""
return QueryChanges(host, [], change, o_params=('ALL_REVISIONS',))
def GetChangeReview(host, change, revision=None):
"""Get the current review information for a change."""
if not revision:
jmsg = GetChangeRevisions(host, change)
if not jmsg:
return None
elif len(jmsg) > 1:
raise GerritError(200, 'Multiple changes found for ChangeId %s.' % change)
revision = jmsg[0]['current_revision']
path = 'changes/%s/revisions/%s/review'
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def GetChangeComments(host, change):
"""Get the line- and file-level comments on a change."""
path = 'changes/%s/comments' % change
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def GetChangeRobotComments(host, change):
"""Get the line- and file-level robot comments on a change."""
path = 'changes/%s/robotcomments' % change
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def AbandonChange(host, change, msg=''):
"""Abandon a gerrit change."""
path = 'changes/%s/abandon' % change
body = {'message': msg} if msg else {}
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn)
def RestoreChange(host, change, msg=''):
"""Restore a previously abandoned change."""
path = 'changes/%s/restore' % change
body = {'message': msg} if msg else {}
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn)
def SubmitChange(host, change, wait_for_merge=True):
"""Submits a gerrit change via Gerrit."""
path = 'changes/%s/submit' % change
body = {'wait_for_merge': wait_for_merge}
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn)
def HasPendingChangeEdit(host, change):
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, 'changes/%s/edit' % change)
except GerritError as e:
# 204 No Content means no pending change.
if e.http_status == 204:
return False
return True
def DeletePendingChangeEdit(host, change):
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, 'changes/%s/edit' % change, reqtype='DELETE')
# On success, gerrit returns status 204; if the edit was already deleted it
# returns 404. Anything else is an error.
ReadHttpResponse(conn, accept_statuses=[204, 404])
def SetCommitMessage(host, change, description, notify='ALL'):
"""Updates a commit message."""
assert notify in ('ALL', 'NONE')
path = 'changes/%s/message' % change
body = {'message': description, 'notify': notify}
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='PUT', body=body)
ReadHttpResponse(conn, accept_statuses=[200, 204])
except GerritError as e:
raise GerritError(
'Received unexpected http status while editing message '
'in change %s' % change)
def GetReviewers(host, change):
"""Get information about all reviewers attached to a change."""
path = 'changes/%s/reviewers' % change
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def GetReview(host, change, revision):
"""Get review information about a specific revision of a change."""
path = 'changes/%s/revisions/%s/review' % (change, revision)
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(CreateHttpConn(host, path))
def AddReviewers(host, change, reviewers=None, ccs=None, notify=True,
accept_statuses=frozenset([200, 400, 422])):
"""Add reviewers to a change."""
if not reviewers and not ccs:
return None
if not change:
return None
reviewers = frozenset(reviewers or [])
ccs = frozenset(ccs or [])
path = 'changes/%s/revisions/current/review' % change
body = {
'drafts': 'KEEP',
'reviewers': [],
'notify': 'ALL' if notify else 'NONE',
for r in sorted(reviewers | ccs):
state = 'REVIEWER' if r in reviewers else 'CC'
'reviewer': r,
'state': state,
'notify': 'NONE', # We handled `notify` argument above.
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
# Gerrit will return 400 if one or more of the requested reviewers are
# unprocessable. We read the response object to see which were rejected,
# warn about them, and retry with the remainder.
resp = ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn, accept_statuses=accept_statuses)
errored = set()
for result in resp.get('reviewers', {}).itervalues():
r = result.get('input')
state = 'REVIEWER' if r in reviewers else 'CC'
if result.get('error'):
LOGGER.warn('Note: "%s" not added as a %s' % (r, state.lower()))
if errored:
# Try again, adding only those that didn't fail, and only accepting 200.
AddReviewers(host, change, reviewers=(reviewers-errored),
ccs=(ccs-errored), notify=notify, accept_statuses=[200])
def RemoveReviewers(host, change, remove=None):
"""Remove reveiewers from a change."""
if not remove:
if isinstance(remove, basestring):
remove = (remove,)
for r in remove:
path = 'changes/%s/reviewers/%s' % (change, r)
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='DELETE')
ReadHttpResponse(conn, accept_statuses=[204])
except GerritError as e:
raise GerritError(
'Received unexpected http status while deleting reviewer "%s" '
'from change %s' % (r, change))
def SetReview(host, change, msg=None, labels=None, notify=None, ready=None):
"""Set labels and/or add a message to a code review."""
if not msg and not labels:
path = 'changes/%s/revisions/current/review' % change
body = {'drafts': 'KEEP'}
if msg:
body['message'] = msg
if labels:
body['labels'] = labels
if notify is not None:
body['notify'] = 'ALL' if notify else 'NONE'
if ready:
body['ready'] = True
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
response = ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn)
if labels:
for key, val in labels.iteritems():
if ('labels' not in response or key not in response['labels'] or
int(response['labels'][key] != int(val))):
raise GerritError(200, 'Unable to set "%s" label on change %s.' % (
key, change))
def ResetReviewLabels(host, change, label, value='0', message=None,
"""Reset the value of a given label for all reviewers on a change."""
# This is tricky, because we want to work on the "current revision", but
# there's always the risk that "current revision" will change in between
# API calls. So, we check "current revision" at the beginning and end; if
# it has changed, raise an exception.
jmsg = GetChangeCurrentRevision(host, change)
if not jmsg:
raise GerritError(
200, 'Could not get review information for change "%s"' % change)
value = str(value)
revision = jmsg[0]['current_revision']
path = 'changes/%s/revisions/%s/review' % (change, revision)
message = message or (
'%s label set to %s programmatically.' % (label, value))
jmsg = GetReview(host, change, revision)
if not jmsg:
raise GerritError(200, 'Could not get review information for revison %s '
'of change %s' % (revision, change))
for review in jmsg.get('labels', {}).get(label, {}).get('all', []):
if str(review.get('value', value)) != value:
body = {
'drafts': 'KEEP',
'message': message,
'labels': {label: value},
'on_behalf_of': review['_account_id'],
if notify:
body['notify'] = notify
conn = CreateHttpConn(
host, path, reqtype='POST', body=body)
response = ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn)
if str(response['labels'][label]) != value:
username = review.get('email', jmsg.get('name', ''))
raise GerritError(200, 'Unable to set %s label for user "%s"'
' on change %s.' % (label, username, change))
jmsg = GetChangeCurrentRevision(host, change)
if not jmsg:
raise GerritError(
200, 'Could not get review information for change "%s"' % change)
elif jmsg[0]['current_revision'] != revision:
raise GerritError(200, 'While resetting labels on change "%s", '
'a new patchset was uploaded.' % change)
def CreateGerritBranch(host, project, branch, commit):
Create a new branch from given project and commit
A JSON with 'ref' key
path = 'projects/%s/branches/%s' % (project, branch)
body = {'revision': commit}
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='PUT', body=body)
response = ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn, accept_statuses=[201])
if response:
return response
raise GerritError(200, 'Unable to create gerrit branch')
def GetGerritBranch(host, project, branch):
Get a branch from given project and commit
A JSON object with 'revision' key
path = 'projects/%s/branches/%s' % (project, branch)
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, path, reqtype='GET')
response = ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn)
if response:
return response
raise GerritError(200, 'Unable to get gerrit branch')
def GetAccountDetails(host, account_id='self'):
"""Returns details of the account.
If account_id is not given, uses magic value 'self' which corresponds to
whichever account user is authenticating as.
Returns None if account is not found (i.e., Gerrit returned 404).
conn = CreateHttpConn(host, '/accounts/%s' % account_id)
return ReadHttpJsonResponse(conn, accept_statuses=[200, 404])
def ValidAccounts(host, accounts, max_threads=10):
"""Returns a mapping from valid account to its details.
Invalid accounts, either not existing or without unique match,
are not present as returned dictionary keys.
assert not isinstance(accounts, basestring), type(accounts)
accounts = list(set(accounts))
if not accounts:
return {}
def get_one(account):
return account, GetAccountDetails(host, account)
except GerritError:
return None, None
valid = {}
with contextlib.closing(ThreadPool(min(max_threads, len(accounts)))) as pool:
for account, details in, accounts):
if account and details:
valid[account] = details
return valid
def PercentEncodeForGitRef(original):
"""Apply percent-encoding for strings sent to gerrit via git ref metadata.
The encoding used is based on but stricter than URL encoding (Section 2.1
of RFC 3986). The only non-escaped characters are alphanumerics, and
'SPACE' (U+0020) can be represented as 'LOW LINE' (U+005F) or
'PLUS SIGN' (U+002B).
For more information, see the Gerrit docs here:
safe = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 '
encoded = ''.join(c if c in safe else '%%%02X' % ord(c) for c in original)
# spaces are not allowed in git refs; gerrit will interpret either '_' or
# '+' (or '%20') as space. Use '_' since that has been supported the longest.
return encoded.replace(' ', '_')
def tempdir():
tdir = None
tdir = tempfile.mkdtemp(suffix='gerrit_util')
yield tdir
if tdir:
def ChangeIdentifier(project, change_number):
"""Returns change identifier "project~number" suitable for |change| arg of
this module API.
Such format is allows for more efficient Gerrit routing of HTTP requests,
comparing to specifying just change_number.
assert int(change_number)
return '%s~%s' % (urllib.quote(project, safe=''), change_number)
# TODO(crbug/881860): remove this hack.
_GERRIT_MIRROR_PREFIXES = ['us1', 'us2', 'us3', 'eu1']
assert all(3 == len(p) for p in _GERRIT_MIRROR_PREFIXES)
def _UseGerritMirror(url, host):
"""Returns new url which uses randomly selected mirror for a gerrit host.
url's host should be for a given host or a result of prior call to this
Assumes url has a single occurence of the host substring.
assert host in url
suffix = '-mirror-' + host
prefix_len = len(_GERRIT_MIRROR_PREFIXES[0])
st = url.find(suffix)
if st == -1:
actual_host = host
# Already uses some mirror.
assert st >= prefix_len, (uri, host, st, prefix_len)
actual_host = url[st-prefix_len:st+len(suffix)]
return url.replace(actual_host, random.choice(list(prefixes)) + suffix)