update-osconfig-script: Added a temporary util to upgrade osconfig

Added a temporary util that allows us to upgrade osconfig with one
command.  This is something similar to what I have as part of my
personal set of tools.  I figured since osconfig is so arduous, it
might be better to have this so that maintainers can do all the steps
in one fell swoop.


cos-patch: bug
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  2. cos.json
  3. make_ova.sh
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  5. run_vmtests.sh
  6. template.ovf
  7. upgrade-osconfig-script.sh

This folder contains image utilities from Container-Optimized OS(COS) team to fullfill the functionalities to support image formwat convertion between different platfroms:

  • COS on vSphere
  • COS on AWS
  • COS on AZure
  • COS on Borg