Change options for EC projects

The EC codebase may legitimately use volatile, since it accesses
hardware registers:

  volatile int16_t *hword = (uint16_t *)(STM32_OPTB_BASE + byte);

It also has its own implementation of msleep().


With the current presubmit checks, these generate
warnings.  We've been getting around that with --no-verify, but that
means a number of other problems have crept in.  So, only disable
those two checks.

TEST=Create a dummy change which adds the two lines of code above.  Add
     trailing whitespace to another line.  Then 'repo upload .' and see
     that volatile and msleep don't generate warnings, but the trailing
     whitespace still does.  This confirms that checkpatch is still being
     called, but the keywords above no longer cause it to fail.

Change-Id: Ib6999adddbccfe513536f867d567a1a01256b4f2
Signed-off-by: Randall Spangler <>
Reviewed-by: Doug Anderson <>
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