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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
inherit cros-audio-configs
inherit appid
inherit udev
DESCRIPTION="Ebuild which pulls in any necessary ebuilds as dependencies
or portage actions."
KEYWORDS="-* amd64 x86"
IUSE="eve-arcnext eve-arm64 eve-campfire eve-kvm eve-lacros eve-swap eve-userdebug eve-kernelnext"
# Add dependencies on other ebuilds from within this board overlay
src_install() {
if use eve-userdebug; then
doappid "{20C53672-DEE7-4824-A131-D9547AB409ED}" "CHROMEBOOK"
elif use eve-kernelnext; then
doappid "{A114D05C-9537-11EA-B8FB-DF3BBDF917E8}" "CHROMEBOOK"
elif use eve-kvm; then
doappid "{75563B98-6669-53BA-9A12-D48141DA0C14}" "CHROMEBOOK"
elif use eve-arcnext; then
doappid "{12E4F4E4-4482-2F56-F445-7EDA56433A9A}" "CHROMEBOOK"
elif use eve-arm64; then
doappid "{AD912019-11B6-4239-8937-AF902C074065}" "CHROMEBOOK"
elif use eve-campfire; then
doappid "{BF8505B6-AF41-4F34-8F6D-1768FEF18753}" "CHROMEBOOK"
elif use eve-swap; then
doappid "{10DF45F1-19D4-4045-B254-10B37180262A}" "CHROMEBOOK"
elif use eve-lacros; then
doappid "{4804541E-21B7-4857-951C-84668BF10104}" "CHROMEBOOK"
doappid "{01906EA2-3EB2-41F1-8F62-F0B7120EFD2E}" "CHROMEBOOK"
# Install platform specific config files for power_manager.
insinto "/usr/share/power_manager/board_specific"
doins "${FILESDIR}"/powerd_prefs/*
# Install audio config files
local audio_config_dir="${FILESDIR}/audio-config"
install_audio_configs eve "${audio_config_dir}"
# Install platform-specific internal keyboard keymap.
# It should probbaly go into /lib/udev/hwdb.d but
# unfortunately udevadm on 64 bit boxes does not check
# that directory (it wants to look in /lib64/udev).
insinto "${EPREFIX}/etc/udev/hwdb.d"
doins "${FILESDIR}/61-eve-keyboard.hwdb"
# Intall a rule tagging keyboard as having updated layout
udev_dorules "${FILESDIR}/61-eve-keyboard.rules"
# Install device-specific automatic brightness model parameters.
insinto "/usr/share/chromeos-assets/autobrightness"
doins "${FILESDIR}/autobrightness/model_params.json"