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The project-termina encompasses the majority of functionality for Termina. Architecture-dependent leaf overlays should inherit from this overlay. Currently, these are tatl (x86_64) and tael (arm64).



Installs files required for basic VM functionality.


Sets up PAM to allow root/chronos passwordless login. By default this is only installed by target-termina-os-dev, meaning that only dev or test images will get this functionality.


Installs convenience wrapper scripts for setting up the stateful disk image, lxd's initial configuration, and for starting a container with lxd.


These override the normal Chromium OS targets to either no-op (e.g. the factory shim) or depend on the corresponding termina equivalent.


The termina target ebuilds should depend on packages for the appropriate target. Release images will work with just target-termina-os, but developers will likely want to include target-termina-os-dev as well to enable serial console support and allow login.


Termina images are currently repacked from a normal Chromium OS disk image. An example invocation of the repacking script is below.

export BOARD=tatl
./build_packages --board=${BOARD} --nowithautotest
./build_image --board=${BOARD} --noenable_rootfs_verification test
sudo ../platform/container-guest-tools/termina/ \
  ../build/images/${BOARD}/latest/chromiumos_test_image.bin ${BOARD}

At this point, the output directory will have (among others), the following files:

  • vm_kernel - A kernel suitable booting with crosvm.
  • vm_rootfs.img - The rootfs for the VM.


Please refer to crosvm documentation on how to run the kernel and rootfs.

These images can also be started with concierge via concierge_client. This mirrors their usage in a production system. To use a custom image with concierge:

# Copy the rootfs and kernel to a working directory on the device, such as
# /usr/local/tatl.
# Then, make this visible to concierge.
mkdir /run/imageloader/cros-termina/99999.0.0
mount --bind /usr/local/tatl /run/imageloader/cros-termina/99999.0.0
restart vm_concierge