cloud-init: Increase /var/lib/cloud max size

GCE supports metadata values up to 256K in size. This means that
user-data cloud-configs are technically allowed by GCE to be up to 256K
in size. 1MB isn't large enough to contain all cloud-init data when
using such a large cloud-config; roughly 1.5MB is needed. Let's increase
/var/lib/cloud size to 2MB to allow for large cloud-configs.

The tmpfs size here does not increase passive memory usage, so users
will not pay for this additional memory unless they use a large

TEST=presubmit, boot on GCE with large cloud-config
RELEASE_NOTE=Fixed an issue that prevented large cloud-configs (~256KB)
from working properly.

cos-patch: bug
Change-Id: I8741265ffa69ef1b20cdc8c1e7ed065ef53e0a2c
(cherry picked from commit f85acf901a4ad899c9b5925d86795ed3c2f46262)
Reviewed-by: Dexter Rivera <>
Tested-by: Cusky Presubmit Bot <>
Main-Branch-Verified: Cusky Presubmit Bot <>
diff --git a/overlay-lakitu/app-emulation/cloud-init/cloud-init-19.4-r3.ebuild b/overlay-lakitu/app-emulation/cloud-init/cloud-init-19.4-r4.ebuild
similarity index 100%
rename from overlay-lakitu/app-emulation/cloud-init/cloud-init-19.4-r3.ebuild
rename to overlay-lakitu/app-emulation/cloud-init/cloud-init-19.4-r4.ebuild
diff --git a/overlay-lakitu/app-emulation/cloud-init/files/var-lib-cloud.mount b/overlay-lakitu/app-emulation/cloud-init/files/var-lib-cloud.mount
index b9f409b..0779fe8 100644
--- a/overlay-lakitu/app-emulation/cloud-init/files/var-lib-cloud.mount
+++ b/overlay-lakitu/app-emulation/cloud-init/files/var-lib-cloud.mount
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@