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# The top level settings are used as module
# and system configuration.
# If this is set, 'root' will not be able to ssh in and they
# will get a message to login instead as the above $user (ubuntu)
disable_root: true
# This will cause the set+update hostname module to not operate (if true)
preserve_hostname: true
# Example datasource config
# datasource:
# Ec2:
# metadata_urls: [ '' ]
# timeout: 5 # (defaults to 50 seconds)
# max_wait: 10 # (defaults to 120 seconds)
set_hostname: True
agent_command: __builtin__
# Disable network-config because Lakitu doesn't support any network renders
# of cloud-init (eni, netplan, sysconfig).
config: disabled
# Lakitu specific: Lakitu has a "stateless" cloud-init, so the following modules
# are all executed upon reboot. Therefore, the concept of module run frequency
# in lakitu is different from Ubuntu. There are only two run frequencies "always"
# and "once" in lakitu. If we rerun cloud-init without rebooting the instance,
# modules with "always" frequency will be rerun, while modules with "once"
# frequency will not.
# The modules that run in the 'init' stage
- [bootcmd, once]
- [update_etc_hosts, always]
- [users-groups, once]
- [write-files, always]
- [ssh, once]
# The modules that run in the 'config' stage
- [mounts, once]
- [ssh-import-id, once]
- [timezone, once]
- [disable-ec2-metadata, always]
- [set_hostname, always]
- [runcmd, always]
# The modules that run in the 'final' stage
- [rightscale_userdata, once]
- [scripts-vendor, once]
- [scripts-per-once, once]
- [scripts-per-boot, once]
- [scripts-per-instance, once]
- [scripts-user, always]
- [ssh-authkey-fingerprints, once]
- [keys-to-console, once]
- [phone-home, once]
- [final-message, always]
# System and/or distro specific settings
# (not accessible to handlers/transforms)
cloud_dir: /var/lib/cloud/
templates_dir: /etc/cloud/templates/
# By default, cloud-init on Azure mounts an NTFS disk to /mnt which clobbers
# the COS stateful_partition at /mnt/stateful_partition.
# /mnt/empty is not used by cos on azure.
- [ ephemeral0, /mnt/empty ]