lakitu: Enabled warmstarts for rpcbind

rpcbind package has a dependency when systemd flag
is enabled warmstarts flag has to be enabled.

TEST=equery-lakitu w rpcbind && emerge-lakitu rpcbind
RELEASE_NOTE=enabled warmstarts for rpcbind

Change-Id: I7eb448ce6ef2c4ed69bb6f3c6295d8ef730781fe
diff --git a/overlay-lakitu/profiles/base/package.use b/overlay-lakitu/profiles/base/package.use
index 7655748..4e462ea 100644
--- a/overlay-lakitu/profiles/base/package.use
+++ b/overlay-lakitu/profiles/base/package.use
@@ -56,6 +56,10 @@
 # HPN support in OpenSSH (b/64450408).
 net-misc/openssh -hpn
+# Enable warmstarts for rpcbind because if systemd is enabled it
+# requires warmstarts flag to be enabled
+net-nds/rpcbind warmstarts
 # Disable oobe_config to avoid surprising users (b/112722312).
 chromeos-base/chromeos-installer -oobe_config