grub-lakitu: CHROMIUM: hook "linux" command

The grub.cfg template of Chrome OS uses "linux" command. In order to
use that as is, and also in order to prevent the bootloader from
loading unsigned linux kernels,  we change "linux" command to
"linuxefi" command.


Change-Id: I57e952b96b2a45c554597920a6bf7da50cc98ad6
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diff --git a/grub-lakitu/include/grub/command.h b/grub-lakitu/include/grub/command.h
index eee4e84..9ba63af 100644
--- a/grub-lakitu/include/grub/command.h
+++ b/grub-lakitu/include/grub/command.h
@@ -109,6 +109,8 @@
 static inline grub_command_t
 grub_command_find (const char *name)
+  if (grub_strcmp ("linux", name) == 0)
+    name = "linuxefi";
   return grub_named_list_find (GRUB_AS_NAMED_LIST (grub_command_list), name);