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/* normal_parser.h */
* GRUB -- GRand Unified Bootloader
* Copyright (C) 2005,2007,2009,2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
* GRUB is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* GRUB is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with GRUB. If not, see <>.
#include <grub/types.h>
#include <grub/err.h>
#include <grub/parser.h>
#include <grub/command.h>
struct grub_script_mem;
/* The generic header for each scripting command or structure. */
struct grub_script_cmd
/* This function is called to execute the command. */
grub_err_t (*exec) (struct grub_script_cmd *cmd);
/* The next command. This can be used by the parent to form a chain
of commands. */
struct grub_script_cmd *next;
struct grub_script
unsigned refcnt;
struct grub_script_mem *mem;
struct grub_script_cmd *cmd;
/* grub_scripts from block arguments. */
struct grub_script *next_siblings;
struct grub_script *children;
typedef enum
} grub_script_arg_type_t;
/* A part of an argument. */
struct grub_script_arg
grub_script_arg_type_t type;
char *str;
/* Parsed block argument. */
struct grub_script *script;
/* Next argument part. */
struct grub_script_arg *next;
/* An argument vector. */
struct grub_script_argv
unsigned argc;
char **args;
struct grub_script *script;
/* Pluggable wildcard translator. */
struct grub_script_wildcard_translator
grub_err_t (*expand) (const char *str, char ***expansions);
extern struct grub_script_wildcard_translator *grub_wildcard_translator;
extern struct grub_script_wildcard_translator grub_filename_translator;
/* A complete argument. It consists of a list of one or more `struct
grub_script_arg's. */
struct grub_script_arglist
struct grub_script_arglist *next;
struct grub_script_arg *arg;
/* Only stored in the first link. */
int argcount;
/* A single command line. */
struct grub_script_cmdline
struct grub_script_cmd cmd;
/* The arguments for this command. */
struct grub_script_arglist *arglist;
/* An if statement. */
struct grub_script_cmdif
struct grub_script_cmd cmd;
/* The command used to check if the 'if' is true or false. */
struct grub_script_cmd *exec_to_evaluate;
/* The code executed in case the result of 'if' was true. */
struct grub_script_cmd *exec_on_true;
/* The code executed in case the result of 'if' was false. */
struct grub_script_cmd *exec_on_false;
/* A for statement. */
struct grub_script_cmdfor
struct grub_script_cmd cmd;
/* The name used as looping variable. */
struct grub_script_arg *name;
/* The words loop iterates over. */
struct grub_script_arglist *words;
/* The command list executed in each loop. */
struct grub_script_cmd *list;
/* A while/until command. */
struct grub_script_cmdwhile
struct grub_script_cmd cmd;
/* The command list used as condition. */
struct grub_script_cmd *cond;
/* The command list executed in each loop. */
struct grub_script_cmd *list;
/* The flag to indicate this as "until" loop. */
int until;
/* State of the lexer as passed to the lexer. */
struct grub_lexer_param
/* Function used by the lexer to get a new line when more input is
expected, but not available. */
grub_reader_getline_t getline;
/* Caller-supplied data passed to `getline'. */
void *getline_data;
/* A reference counter. If this is >0 it means that the parser
expects more tokens and `getline' should be called to fetch more.
Otherwise the lexer can stop processing if the current buffer is
depleted. */
int refs;
/* While walking through the databuffer, `record' the characters to
this other buffer. It can be used to edit the menu entry at a
later moment. */
/* If true, recording is enabled. */
int record;
/* Points to the recording. */
char *recording;
/* index in the RECORDING. */
int recordpos;
/* Size of RECORDING. */
int recordlen;
/* End of file reached. */
int eof;
/* Merge multiple word tokens. */
int merge_start;
int merge_end;
/* Part of a multi-part token. */
char *text;
unsigned used;
unsigned size;
/* Type of text. */
grub_script_arg_type_t type;
/* Flag to indicate resplit in progres. */
unsigned resplit;
/* Text that is unput. */
char *prefix;
/* Flex scanner. */
void *yyscanner;
/* Flex scanner buffer. */
void *buffer;
/* State of the parser as passes to the parser. */
struct grub_parser_param
/* Keep track of the memory allocated for this specific
function. */
struct grub_script_mem *func_mem;
/* When set to 0, no errors have occurred during parsing. */
int err;
/* The memory that was used while parsing and scanning. */
struct grub_script_mem *memused;
/* The block argument scripts. */
struct grub_script *scripts;
/* The result of the parser. */
struct grub_script_cmd *parsed;
struct grub_lexer_param *lexerstate;
void grub_script_init (void);
void grub_script_fini (void);
void grub_script_mem_free (struct grub_script_mem *mem);
void grub_script_argv_free (struct grub_script_argv *argv);
int grub_script_argv_make (struct grub_script_argv *argv, int argc, char **args);
int grub_script_argv_next (struct grub_script_argv *argv);
int grub_script_argv_append (struct grub_script_argv *argv, const char *s,
grub_size_t slen);
int grub_script_argv_split_append (struct grub_script_argv *argv, const char *s);
struct grub_script_arglist *
grub_script_create_arglist (struct grub_parser_param *state);
struct grub_script_arglist *
grub_script_add_arglist (struct grub_parser_param *state,
struct grub_script_arglist *list,
struct grub_script_arg *arg);
struct grub_script_cmd *
grub_script_create_cmdline (struct grub_parser_param *state,
struct grub_script_arglist *arglist);
struct grub_script_cmd *
grub_script_create_cmdif (struct grub_parser_param *state,
struct grub_script_cmd *exec_to_evaluate,
struct grub_script_cmd *exec_on_true,
struct grub_script_cmd *exec_on_false);
struct grub_script_cmd *
grub_script_create_cmdfor (struct grub_parser_param *state,
struct grub_script_arg *name,
struct grub_script_arglist *words,
struct grub_script_cmd *list);
struct grub_script_cmd *
grub_script_create_cmdwhile (struct grub_parser_param *state,
struct grub_script_cmd *cond,
struct grub_script_cmd *list,
int is_an_until_loop);
struct grub_script_cmd *
grub_script_append_cmd (struct grub_parser_param *state,
struct grub_script_cmd *list,
struct grub_script_cmd *last);
struct grub_script_arg *
grub_script_arg_add (struct grub_parser_param *state,
struct grub_script_arg *arg,
grub_script_arg_type_t type, char *str);
struct grub_script *grub_script_parse (char *script,
grub_reader_getline_t getline_func,
void *getline_func_data);
void grub_script_free (struct grub_script *script);
struct grub_script *grub_script_create (struct grub_script_cmd *cmd,
struct grub_script_mem *mem);
struct grub_lexer_param *grub_script_lexer_init (struct grub_parser_param *parser,
char *script,
grub_reader_getline_t getline_func,
void *getline_func_data);
void grub_script_lexer_fini (struct grub_lexer_param *);
void grub_script_lexer_ref (struct grub_lexer_param *);
void grub_script_lexer_deref (struct grub_lexer_param *);
unsigned grub_script_lexer_record_start (struct grub_parser_param *);
char *grub_script_lexer_record_stop (struct grub_parser_param *, unsigned);
int grub_script_lexer_yywrap (struct grub_parser_param *, const char *input);
void grub_script_lexer_record (struct grub_parser_param *, char *);
/* Functions to track allocated memory. */
struct grub_script_mem *grub_script_mem_record (struct grub_parser_param *state);
struct grub_script_mem *grub_script_mem_record_stop (struct grub_parser_param *state,
struct grub_script_mem *restore);
void *grub_script_malloc (struct grub_parser_param *state, grub_size_t size);
/* Functions used by bison. */
union YYSTYPE;
int grub_script_yylex (union YYSTYPE *, struct grub_parser_param *);
int grub_script_yyparse (struct grub_parser_param *);
void grub_script_yyerror (struct grub_parser_param *, char const *);
/* Commands to execute, don't use these directly. */
grub_err_t grub_script_execute_cmdline (struct grub_script_cmd *cmd);
grub_err_t grub_script_execute_cmdlist (struct grub_script_cmd *cmd);
grub_err_t grub_script_execute_cmdif (struct grub_script_cmd *cmd);
grub_err_t grub_script_execute_cmdfor (struct grub_script_cmd *cmd);
grub_err_t grub_script_execute_cmdwhile (struct grub_script_cmd *cmd);
/* Execute any GRUB pre-parsed command or script. */
grub_err_t grub_script_execute (struct grub_script *script);
grub_err_t grub_script_execute_sourcecode (const char *source);
grub_err_t grub_script_execute_new_scope (const char *source, int argc, char **args);
/* Break command for loops. */
grub_err_t grub_script_break (grub_command_t cmd, int argc, char *argv[]);
/* SHIFT command for GRUB script. */
grub_err_t grub_script_shift (grub_command_t cmd, int argc, char *argv[]);
/* SETPARAMS command for GRUB script functions. */
grub_err_t grub_script_setparams (grub_command_t cmd, int argc, char *argv[]);
/* RETURN command for functions. */
grub_err_t grub_script_return (grub_command_t cmd, int argc, char *argv[]);
/* This variable points to the parsed command. This is used to
communicate with the bison code. */
extern struct grub_script_cmd *grub_script_parsed;
/* The function description. */
struct grub_script_function
/* The name. */
char *name;
/* The script function. */
struct grub_script *func;
/* The flags. */
unsigned flags;
/* The next element. */
struct grub_script_function *next;
int references;
typedef struct grub_script_function *grub_script_function_t;
extern grub_script_function_t grub_script_function_list;
#define FOR_SCRIPT_FUNCTIONS(var) for((var) = grub_script_function_list; \
(var); (var) = (var)->next)
grub_script_function_t grub_script_function_create (struct grub_script_arg *functionname,
struct grub_script *cmd);
void grub_script_function_remove (const char *name);
grub_script_function_t grub_script_function_find (char *functionname);
grub_err_t grub_script_function_call (grub_script_function_t func,
int argc, char **args);
char **
grub_script_execute_arglist_to_argv (struct grub_script_arglist *arglist, int *count);
grub_normal_parse_line (char *line,
grub_reader_getline_t getline_func,
void *getline_func_data);
static inline struct grub_script *
grub_script_ref (struct grub_script *script)
if (script)
return script;
static inline void
grub_script_unref (struct grub_script *script)
if (! script)
if (script->refcnt == 0)
grub_script_free (script);