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/* ieee1275.h - Access the Open Firmware client interface. */
* GRUB -- GRand Unified Bootloader
* Copyright (C) 2003,2004,2005,2007,2008,2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
* GRUB is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* GRUB is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with GRUB. If not, see <>.
#ifndef GRUB_IEEE1275_HEADER
#define GRUB_IEEE1275_HEADER 1
#include <grub/err.h>
#include <grub/types.h>
#include <grub/machine/ieee1275.h>
struct grub_ieee1275_mem_region
unsigned int start;
unsigned int size;
#define IEEE1275_MAX_PROP_LEN 8192
#define IEEE1275_MAX_PATH_LEN 256
#ifndef IEEE1275_CALL_ENTRY_FN
#define IEEE1275_CALL_ENTRY_FN(args) (*grub_ieee1275_entry_fn) (args)
/* All backcalls to the firmware is done by calling an entry function
which was passed to us from the bootloader. When doing the backcall,
a structure is passed which specifies what the firmware should do.
NAME is the requested service. NR_INS and NR_OUTS is the number of
passed arguments and the expected number of return values, resp. */
struct grub_ieee1275_common_hdr
grub_ieee1275_cell_t name;
grub_ieee1275_cell_t nr_ins;
grub_ieee1275_cell_t nr_outs;
#define INIT_IEEE1275_COMMON(p, xname, xins, xouts) \
(p)->name = (grub_ieee1275_cell_t) xname; \
(p)->nr_ins = (grub_ieee1275_cell_t) xins; \
(p)->nr_outs = (grub_ieee1275_cell_t) xouts
typedef grub_uint32_t grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t;
typedef grub_uint32_t grub_ieee1275_phandle_t;
#define GRUB_IEEE1275_PHANDLE_INVALID ((grub_ieee1275_phandle_t) -1)
struct grub_ieee1275_devalias
char *name;
char *path;
char *type;
char *parent_path;
grub_ieee1275_phandle_t phandle;
grub_ieee1275_phandle_t parent_dev;
extern void (*EXPORT_VAR(grub_ieee1275_net_config)) (const char *dev,
char **device,
char **path,
char *bootargs);
/* Maps a device alias to a pathname. */
extern grub_ieee1275_phandle_t EXPORT_VAR(grub_ieee1275_chosen);
extern grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t EXPORT_VAR(grub_ieee1275_mmu);
#ifdef __i386__
#define GRUB_IEEE1275_ENTRY_FN_ATTRIBUTE __attribute__ ((regparm(3)))
extern int (* EXPORT_VAR(grub_ieee1275_entry_fn)) (void *) GRUB_IEEE1275_ENTRY_FN_ATTRIBUTE;
/* Static heap, used only if FORCE_CLAIM is set,
happens on Open Hack'Ware. Should be in platform-specific
header but is used only on PPC anyway.
#define GRUB_IEEE1275_STATIC_HEAP_START 0x1000000
#define GRUB_IEEE1275_STATIC_HEAP_LEN 0x1000000
enum grub_ieee1275_flag
/* Old World Macintosh firmware fails seek when "dev:0" is opened. */
/* Apple firmware runs in translated mode and requires use of the "map"
method. Other firmware runs in untranslated mode and doesn't like "map"
calls. */
/* CHRP specifies partitions are numbered from 1 (partition 0 refers to the
whole disk). However, CodeGen firmware numbers partitions from 0. */
/* CodeGen firmware does not correctly implement "output-device output" */
/* OLPC / XO firmware hangs when accessing USB devices. */
/* Open Hack'Ware stops when trying to set colors */
/* Open Hack'Ware stops when grub_ieee1275_interpret is used. */
/* Open Hack'Ware has no memory map, just claim what we need. */
/* Open Hack'Ware don't support the ANSI sequence. */
/* OpenFirmware hangs on qemu if one requests any memory below 1.5 MiB. */
/* OLPC / XO firmware has the cursor ON/OFF routines. */
/* Some PowerMacs claim to use 2 address cells but in fact use only 1.
Other PowerMacs claim to use only 1 and really do so. Always assume
1 address cell is used on PowerMacs.
extern int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_test_flag) (enum grub_ieee1275_flag flag);
extern void EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_set_flag) (enum grub_ieee1275_flag flag);
void EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_init) (void);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_finddevice) (const char *name,
grub_ieee1275_phandle_t *phandlep);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_get_property) (grub_ieee1275_phandle_t phandle,
const char *property, void *buf,
grub_size_t size,
grub_ssize_t *actual);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_get_integer_property) (grub_ieee1275_phandle_t phandle,
const char *property, grub_uint32_t *buf,
grub_size_t size,
grub_ssize_t *actual);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_next_property) (grub_ieee1275_phandle_t phandle,
char *prev_prop, char *prop);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_get_property_length)
(grub_ieee1275_phandle_t phandle, const char *prop, grub_ssize_t *length);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_instance_to_package)
(grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle, grub_ieee1275_phandle_t *phandlep);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_package_to_path) (grub_ieee1275_phandle_t phandle,
char *path, grub_size_t len,
grub_ssize_t *actual);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_instance_to_path)
(grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle, char *path, grub_size_t len,
grub_ssize_t *actual);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_write) (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle,
const void *buffer, grub_size_t len,
grub_ssize_t *actualp);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_read) (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle,
void *buffer, grub_size_t len,
grub_ssize_t *actualp);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_seek) (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle,
grub_disk_addr_t pos,
grub_ssize_t *result);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_peer) (grub_ieee1275_phandle_t node,
grub_ieee1275_phandle_t *result);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_child) (grub_ieee1275_phandle_t node,
grub_ieee1275_phandle_t *result);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_parent) (grub_ieee1275_phandle_t node,
grub_ieee1275_phandle_t *result);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_interpret) (const char *command,
grub_ieee1275_cell_t *catch);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_enter) (void);
void EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_exit) (void) __attribute__ ((noreturn));
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_open) (const char *node,
grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t *result);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_close) (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_claim) (grub_addr_t addr, grub_size_t size,
unsigned int align, grub_addr_t *result);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_release) (grub_addr_t addr, grub_size_t size);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_set_property) (grub_ieee1275_phandle_t phandle,
const char *propname,
const void *buf,
grub_size_t size,
grub_ssize_t *actual);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_set_color) (grub_ieee1275_ihandle_t ihandle,
int index, int r, int g, int b);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_milliseconds) (grub_uint32_t *msecs);
grub_err_t EXPORT_FUNC(grub_claimmap) (grub_addr_t addr, grub_size_t size);
EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_map) (grub_addr_t phys, grub_addr_t virt,
grub_size_t size, grub_uint32_t mode);
char *EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_encode_devname) (const char *path);
char *EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_get_filename) (const char *path);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_devices_iterate) (int (*hook)
(struct grub_ieee1275_devalias *
char *EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_get_aliasdevname) (const char *path);
char *EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_canonicalise_devname) (const char *path);
char *EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_get_device_type) (const char *path);
char *EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_get_devname) (const char *path);
void EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_devalias_init_iterator) (struct grub_ieee1275_devalias *alias);
void EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_devalias_free) (struct grub_ieee1275_devalias *alias);
int EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_devalias_next) (struct grub_ieee1275_devalias *alias);
void EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_children_peer) (struct grub_ieee1275_devalias *alias);
void EXPORT_FUNC(grub_ieee1275_children_first) (const char *devpath,
struct grub_ieee1275_devalias *alias);
#define FOR_IEEE1275_DEVALIASES(alias) for (grub_ieee1275_devalias_init_iterator (&(alias)); grub_ieee1275_devalias_next (&(alias));)
#define FOR_IEEE1275_DEVCHILDREN(devpath, alias) for (grub_ieee1275_children_first ((devpath), &(alias)); \
(alias).name; \
grub_ieee1275_children_peer (&(alias)))
#endif /* ! GRUB_IEEE1275_HEADER */